#64 Super Mario Bros. Is The Worst Thing We Ever Loved.

So this movie is titled Super Mario Brothers which would indicate that it’s based off of the video game franchise that we all know, right? Wrong. I’ve watched this flick multiple times and to this day I am uncertain what the hell I sat through. I mean, there are two plumber brothers but beyond that, there’s not too much that coincides with the game’s characters. One issue was that they had the Italian brothers be played by John Leguizamo, who was a Puerto Rican/Columbian Luigi and an English Bob Hoskins covering the role of Mario. Then, President Coopa (Bowser) is like a half human, half dinosaur thingamajig as opposed to the fire breathing turtle monster he typically is. Overall the movie lacks any type of plot and its just 104 minutes of WTF? That all being said, I LOVE IT. It’s not just me though, this movie is somewhat of a cult classic with a group of fans that, like myself, love it for no apparent reason. Perhaps it’s the nostalgia or it’s just so damn bad that it’s actually kind of entertaining. Who knows really, all I can say is that it’s the best, worst movie I’ve ever seen.


21 responses to “#64 Super Mario Bros. Is The Worst Thing We Ever Loved.

  1. That movie is super creepy. I liked the part when they rode a mattress down a tunnel for some reason.

  2. I loved and still do love this movie so much, even though it makes no fucking sense and barely has a damn thing to do with Mario.

  3. Completely agree. I haven’t seen it in years and now I want to watch it.

  4. i love this movie! so stupid and fun!

  5. i read somewhere that, according to leguizamo, pretty much everyone involved said it was the low point of their careers, and he and bob hoskins were both so pissed about the entire movie that they remained wasted for pretty much the entirety of filming.

    which in retrospect might explain that “they’re not necessarily sweaty, but they’re definitely shinier and greasier looking than a normal person should be” look they had going on.

    and hopper… friggin’ dennis hopper… who knows what he was on, or if he even had any clue what was happened after they were done shooting.

    needless to say, great movie. keep it right next to Starship Troopers, Street Fighter, and TMNT3, on my movie shelf.

  6. I still to this day want the sequel they obviously set up at the end. People say the movie was strange, off mark, and made no sense… but i think that sort of typifies the humor and trends of our generation.

  7. That movie actually had a lot more references to the game than you might think. Yoshi, Bob-Ombs, pipe warping (the mattress scene), Toad (they SHOULD have thrown a hat on his head that looked like Toad’s actual head), Kuribo’s boot (called Thwomp Stompers and the sound they make when activated is the sound when Mario dies in the game), Bullet Bills and Thwomps Bars, the final battle with monster Koopa on the bridge, the mushrooms, the desert (from super mario 3), Koopa calls his city the “Mushroom Kingdom”, the Junkyard workers are called Snifts and have the mask, The Fungus Patrol is referred to as Shy Guys, Big Bertha with the red dress with the spikes was based on the giant fish, The boom boom bar is named after the enemy of the fortresses in SMB3, Iggy, Hammer Bros. Tatoos, Ostro, Wiggler Taxi’s, The King Fungus turns back into his normal self like in SMB3, and the sound of the 1-Up Mushroom when the Devo Guns are used.

  8. Funny I found this site today and just yesterday I bought this movie at WalMart for 5 dollars. Best 5 bucks I ever spent

  9. The movie was based in some part of super Mario land.

  10. Kelly Explains it all

    I been on a lot of websites that say that movie was an atrocity and one of the worst video game adaptions, but I loved it too.


  12. What a horrible movie, but I loved it simply because it was based on Super Mario Bros. I remember constantly asking my parents to rent the VHS.

  13. “Overall the movie lacks any type of plot and its just 104 minutes of WTF?”

    Because the video game had such an intricate plot… As for WTF, did anyone ever question the fact that some worlds had enormous enemies or just pipes?

  14. I still love this movie to this day. I don’t care if it was so bad..it was amazing!

  15. I own this movie on DVD I love it so much. It’s like a train wreck that I can’t stop watching.

  16. Watched this movie soooo many times as a kid with my bro. We were seriously convinced it was the greatest thing ever. Today I consider it in the “so bad it’s good” genre along with films like “Plan 9” or “The Room” It makes up an amazing half of a double feature with “The Wizard!!!”

  17. I loved this movie as bad as it was if that makes sense *shrugs* those men with the little heads lol I might buy it from amazon it’s only like $7 on there 🙂

  18. We bought this movie last year after thinking about how cool it was as kids, Watching it at this age, i’m thinking “what the hell?” Imao, but i also found s strange love for the Walk the Dinosaur song. :3 Lol. If you don’t remember it, you will! Watch the music video at Youtube here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYKupOsaJmk

  19. I absolutely loved that movie! Especially the mattress with the tunnel scene, it reminded of the world in Yoshi’s island where you could slide on the snow floor. So many memories.

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