#67 Bill Nye The Science Guy Taught Us Half Of What We Know.

Bill Nye’s show was one of the few things we were able to look forward to in school. Even the kids who didn’t pay attention would pipe down and watch the fun, educational teachings of Mr. Nye. Rarely do you find something that teaches you and manages to entertain you simultaneously, especially when you’re younger. Also, this show had a ridiculously awesome intro with a catchy song (BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL! BILL!) that I remember to this day. I guarantee a large portion of past, current and future science majors are a result of Bill Nye. I’d like to see The Science Guy return to do a special episode in which he concocts an explanation for his uncanny resemblance to Bob Saget.


35 responses to “#67 Bill Nye The Science Guy Taught Us Half Of What We Know.

  1. FFFF I LOVE BILL NYE! The other day I saw he was giving a lecture and collapsed and my heart stopped, thankfully he was okay.

  2. I watched this show all of first grade. i could honestly say that it helped me pass science that year. lol

  3. Bill Nye is AWESOME!! And Miami University of Ohio will be hosting him January 31st. For REAL. Look it up.

  4. Bill Nye was most definitely a favorite show of mine, along with Magic School Bus!

  5. I homeschool my kids and we watch Bill Nye episodes all the time. He’s awesome at making complex (or kind of dry) topics interesting. And I’m sure Bill Nye had something to do with my eventual pursuit of a Zoology B.S. and MS. :o)

  6. UH, Yes and YES. I even had my summer day campers watch Bill Nye and they thought it was awesome (3rd graders!). Bill Nye lives on, my friends.

  7. We watched Bill Nye up until I was a senior in High School in 2007. In 8th grade, for the science fair, I took Bill Nye’s water purification experiment and made it into a project… I got first place in Earth Science. Bill Nye, I miss you. You came on after Captain Planet, before Pokemon, and before Sailor Moon.

  8. bill nye was the ish!!! i went to HS with Chase from that show!!!

  9. wat an awesome webpage!

    I will never forget that inertia is a property of matter

  10. @ Emily, don’t get your hopes up, he came to my school a few years ago… he’s not nearly as entertaining live as he was on the show. All he did was talk about Mars…

  11. OOoooooh, the rain forest!

    The RAIN forest, the tropical RAIN forest!

    And that is why I will always love Bill Nye

  12. Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!

  13. Let us not forget the awesome music videos at the end! of course at the time, i didn’t realize they were using such popular songs (nyevana’s “air pressure”?!!! check it out on youtube)

    Thanks Bill

  14. Every now and then CNN brings him in as an expert, always hilarious.

  15. IvyLeagueElitist

    I go to Cornell University, where Bill Nye went for his undergrad education….I always feel a wave of nostalgia when he visits the campus…which is more often than you’d think. Bill Nye is the Sh*t!

  16. Oh hell yes. I’m a 1st grade teacher and I own all of the Bill Nye episodes. I show them whenever I get a chance. I feel it’s my DUTY to show those kids what they would be otherwise oblivious to. And it helps them pass Science. Thank you, Bill Nye.

  17. True Story: Bill Nye the science guy actually has top secret government clearance to work on stealth bomber jets. Tell me doesn’t make him just that much more awesome??

  18. Okay, I remember watching this all through high-school, my teacher’s always said, it actually kept our attention even for a bunch of rowdy teenagers. But we’d always get into trouble for singing the theme song…. but we learned none the less. It was great.

    The other day my friend and I were walking down the street then randomly began singing the theme song.. We both stopped looked at each other then continued, we didn’t care what people thought.

  19. It’s true I learned all of my science knowledge from Bill Nye. Just like I learned all the finer points of literature from Wishbone 🙂

  20. Our teacher played this in my Jr. year in high school in AP bio, and the entire classroom started to sing the song. Never gets old.

  21. Bill Nye did indeed teach us half of what we know.

    As for the other half, we learned that from Beakman. 🙂

  22. I also went to Cornell; Bill Nye is an aerospace engineering alum of Cornell and comes back regularly. I embarrassed myself with excitement in a photo op with him. He IS as funny as his show – just grown-up funny. He was a stand-up comic contemporaneously with his first engineering job. And I LOVE it when CNN uses him as their expert – what a great straightforward debunker and explainer. And yes, he was the only science TV show I ever remember that had actual science – taught be an actual engineer (the guys who make, do and fix stuff, rather than just think about stuff).

  23. lets put it this way, I watched Bill Nye as a child, and in my later years, My teacher showed us episodes for ELEVENTH GRADE PHYSICS classes.

  24. This made sceince in elementary school f-ing awesome and also 7th and 8th grade too. No kidding my 7th/8th grade science teacher had i think the whole series on tape and we would watch it all the time! So thanks middle school science teacher for brining back memories

  25. I got my ecology teacher to let us watch bill at the end of the year! He was dancing to the theme song

  26. NAKED *shreek* MOLE RATS!

  27. The Bill Nye theme was a lot like the David Bowie song “Fame.” Has anyone else ever noticed that?

  28. Inertia is a property of matter. A friend of mine tried using that in science class, and the teacher got upset when he didn’t elaborate. Maybe he should have watched the rest of the episode, and not just the theme song.

  29. Bill began as Doc Brown’s live action assistant on the BTTF cartoon. If you used to watch that it’s interesting to go back and wonder why you never spotted him before.

    Oh, and I might be the minority on this site, but I was just a wee bit more of a Beakman’s World fan over Bill Nye.

  30. Did people realize how awesome their songs at the end of the show were. I always thought they were stupid and lame and wouldn’t watch them. Of course i realized recently now that they were all spoofs and real songs, for example they had “Neyvana-Smells like Air Pressure” which is actually a pretty bomb song.

  31. Am I the only one who freaked out when he guest starred on “Stargate: Atlantis” in the fifth season?! Easily one of the best episodes that season.

  32. O.O I once saw Bill Nye LIVE! My grandfather met him when he was filming a show about planes (grandpa works at the airport). I want this show back for when I have kids!

  33. I majored in Biology. Inspired by Bill Nye, Ms. Frizzle… Ok and a girl I dated.

  34. I know this is odd but we watched this in like 7th and 8th grade!! Of course for me that was like 1-2 years ago but still I do agree it made the class shut up lol 🙂

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