#68 Chuckie Finster Is A P*ssy.

Plain and simple, Chuckie is the most easily frightened character in cartoon history. His list of fears includes but isn’t limited to clowns, the dark, adventures and the “guy on the oatmeal box with the scary hat.” He should feel quite fortunate to be allowed to roll with a group as cool as Tommy and company. Every time he’d say, “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea”, we wanted to tell him to stop acting like a beeotch. I recall a few occasions where he had legitimate reasons to be scared – but when you’re constantly frightened by things, even in broad daylight, you need to take your skirt off and man up. When one episode revealed that Chuckie’s mother died of an unnamed illness shortly after his birth, I felt REALLY bad for the guy. So bad that there was a brief period where I didn’t dislike him… Then, he yelled his obnoxious line, “We’re doomed, doomed I tell ya!” and I immediately went back to hating the little Finster kid.


16 responses to “#68 Chuckie Finster Is A P*ssy.

  1. Yeah he was a real wet blanket and don’t give me the “he was a baby” excuse. If the show was supposed to be realistic somebody would have already called Social Services on them criminally negligent parents by the third episode. I’d swear goldfish are more responsible parents.

  2. I would think that Wade the duck would get the reward for ‘most scared’ cartoon character. He was afraid of absolutely everything.

  3. He’s still a pussy when he’s “All Grown Up.”

  4. Chuckie is voiced by “Christine Cavanaugh” A WOMEN so he/she has an excuse LMAO!!!

  5. Im willing to bet that Chuckie grew up to be very reminiscent of Mort from Family Guy

  6. @Matt
    Um…pretty sure Tommy was voiced by a chick, too. Most young male cartoon characters are.

  7. I don’t know. Wade the Duck on “Garfield and Friends” was a pretty big scaredy puss.

  8. I loved Chuckie. He was the sweetest character and was a great foil to Tommy.

  9. Monk is the grownup version of Chuckie

  10. Oh come on, Chuckie was hilarious! And he did man up in the Rugrats movies, even though he was still scared while he did it.

  11. I still cried for chuckie when I found out his mom died.

  12. I think Arnold from the magic school bus has to be a serious contender. Granted, I’d probably be a little nervous with the Friz as a teacher, too.

  13. Chuckie and Sam Tarly from Song of Ice and Fire are basically the same character in that they believe they are weak but when push comes to shove are the rock everybody can depend on. Honestly, I think that takes more guts than just being a Tommy or a Jon Snow.

  14. He ain’t pussy, he’s a boy genius!

  15. In Chuckie’s defense, the guy on the oatmeal box is pretty effin’ scary. If he doesn’t scream PEDOPHILE, I don’t know what does.

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