#69 The Beets Are The Greatest Fiction Band Ever.

The fictional band named The Beets consisted of members Monroe Yoder (bass, vocals), Wendy Nespot (keyboard), Flounder (guitar), and Clyde “Chap” Lipman (drums). For good reason, they were Doug Funny’s favorite. The Beets hailed from Liverpool and were clearly a parody of the massively famous British rock bands in real life. Throughout seasons of Doug we got to hear some of their sweet tunes like “Shout Your Lungs Out”, “I Need More Allowance”, and my personal favorite – “Killer Tofu”. If you’ve heard these songs, you understand how CATCHY/AWESOME/EPIC The Beets were. They even inspired Doug to make a song of his own called “Bangin’ On A Trash Can” which is better than 90% of the current mainstream music. Search far and wide but I assure you The Beets are the best fiction band of all time and if the “Killer Tofu Tour” were a real event, we’d splurge for front row seats.


24 responses to “#69 The Beets Are The Greatest Fiction Band Ever.

  1. vicente villanueva

    you damm right that song about the trash can is way better than all the crap we hear in the radio these days, and yes killer tofu is rad

  2. greatest animated band maybe, but no fictional band will ever be as great as Spinal Tap!!!

  3. The Beets were the greatest fictional band ever until a boy named Scott Pilgrim brought us the glory of Sex Bob-omb

  4. Yeah, right. The 90’s had the Beets, the 00’s had ENOZ.

  5. I actually have a “Beets Killer Tofu Tour ’96” shirt! The people that “get it” absolutely love it.

  6. I constantly get Bangin’ On A Trashcan stuck in my head. Why can’t I download *THAT* on iTunes?

    Bangin’ on a trashcan…
    Drummin’ on a streetlight…

  7. Jem & The Holograms and The Misfits win this for me. 😀

  8. I have to agree with Jess, at least part of the way: The Beets and Jem and the Holograms are tied for greatest fictional band ever for me. Awesomeness all around.

  9. Jem & the Holograms will never be in the same category as The Beets. They would probably end up going on tour with Justin Bieber. (BTW, I gagged just typing that)

  10. Desi_starryeyeddisaster

    Lmfao Oh yes! I was just thinking about “Bangin’ On A Trashcan.” I remember when I first saw it with my sister when we were supposed to be cleaning the house ahaha.

  11. Wow. The Beets. There are no words.

    “Killer Tofuuuu!”

    “Bangin’ on a trashcan,
    Drummin’ on a streetlight
    One little voice is callin’ me, callin’ me!”

    I wonder who wrote and performed those songs.

  12. Don’t forget “Where’s My Sock?” !!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgpWKszr5W4

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  14. They rocked so hard that they changed the physical properties of things!

  15. The Beets rock! Talented and famous enough to make my friends and I start a Beets cover band in middle school. Playing strictly in basements we became known as the WannaBeets, and yes, “Killer Tofu” was our best song.

  16. Now we have Love Händel from Phineas and Ferb.

  17. The only band I’d buy tickets for.

  18. Yes, there will never be a better fake band than Spinal Tap.
    However, The Electric Mayhem was pretty groovy back in the day

  19. The Beets are by far one of the greatest fictional bands of all time. I’d be lying if I said their big hits weren’t on my itunes top 100. Not to mention I won a Fantasy Football championship last year with my fantasy team named Killer Tofu!!! Coincidence? I Think Not…

  20. Bangin’ On a Trashcan was that song that got stuck in your head for days! I do agree with the Scott Pilgrim references Sex Bob-omb and I will admit that although I’m past legal now I watch Phineas and Ferb and love the band Love Handel.

  21. If the band that recorded the original Beets songs had a concert, you bet your sweet pattoot I’d be getting tickets. I’d be shouting my lungs the f out.

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