#70 We All Know Disney Ballads.

One thing a lot of 90s kids still own to this day is a collection of VHS tapes — most of which are Disney movies. The stuff put out by Disney during the 90s is arguably the most memorable part of growing up for us. Some people watched all of them, some only saw certain ones, but we all had our favorites. And when it comes to the classic Disney ballads, WE ALL KNOW AT LEAST ONE BY HEART. I remember running around like a spaz performing my butchered rendition of “Hakuna Matata” on a daily basis for a year straight. The lasting effects these ballads have had on me will be evident throughout my life. For example, I’d like to play “A Whole New World” at my wedding and “The Circle Of Life” at my funeral. Yeah, we refuse to grow out of it completely and many of these songs are permanently embedded in our brains. Everybody has their favorites and if you think of yours right now, I’m sure you can recall every single detail in the tune, high pitches, low pitches, jingles, jangles and most importantly, every single lyric verbatim.


29 responses to “#70 We All Know Disney Ballads.


  2. Remember that?

    Remember when animated films had their own original soundtrack? Those were the days…

    (By the way, has anyone told you lately that your blog simply ROCKS?)

  3. the first dance at my wedding was “A Whole New World.” 🙂

  4. haha Today at Thanksgiving with the family, my mom and aunt started singing some rendition of Hakuna Matata. Funny.

  5. I DID play “A Whole New World” at my wedding, it was the acoustic version, and the song that our attendants walked down the aisle to. While our wedding party was being announced at the reception hall, we had “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” from Toy Story playing. And our honeymoon? Disney World, of course!

  6. The moment you started this – “A Whole New World” with imagines of Aladdin and Jasmine popped up hahaha!

  7. I didn’t have a ballad (OK, well, maybe Hakuna Matata…) but the Disney thing I did was take a bite out of an apple, say “I feel strange…” and then collapse, letting the perfectly good apple roll on the floor collecting dirt.

    I also put my legs in a pillow case and pretended I was a merboy that was BFFs with Ariel…

  8. We were just talking about this earlier today. We decided the oldies are much better than the new ones! http://on.fb.me/epH9tf

  9. Like some others who commented…I also had my first dance at my wedding to A Whole New World. The Pebo Bryce* version not the movie version.

    *did I spell that correctly?

  10. This is very true. My family actually played “Circle of Life” at my grandmother’s funeral a couple years ago. I thought it was quite cheesy, to be honest, but then I realized playing any song at a funeral is cheesy, so just be thankful it wasn’t “Three Times a Lady.”

  11. We also know that the singer for Mulan and Jasmine are the same 😮

  12. The summer I was eight, my entire cabin of kids at summer camp went *goofy* over A Whole New World… and basically everything Aladdin besides, but especially the song. We could sing the entire thing, though not necessarily in the right order, and I remember us stopping everything on departure day and putting on a one-song concert for my mother when she turned up. I can probably sing it today, though I’m not trying now.

  13. kiss the girl anyone?

  14. i mean…it’s all about, “prince ali, fabulous he ali ababwa”

  15. this blog is awesome! My brother and I know the entire Lion King soundtrack by heart. Our summer theme song this year was Hakuna Matata! 🙂 So many good songs from Disney then

  16. When I go on road trips with friends in college now, when there’s that argument about what music to play, I whip out the Disney music, and everyone starts to sing-along at the top of their lungs. Works like magic.

  17. “Up where they walk, up where they run,
    Up where they stay all day in the sun,
    Wandering free
    Wish I could be
    Part of that Wooooorrrrrllllldddddd!”

    lol favorite disney song ever!

  18. Oh man! We do an annual ‘drunken Disney night’ where we watch a classic disney movie and drunkenly wail our way through the whole movie word for word! Amazing 🙂

  19. A whole new world was the song played at my wedding as I was walking down the isle 🙂

  20. Absolutely love all these Disney movies. I know so many of the songs, and some of them are among my all-time favorite songs. So much of my childhood right here.
    Lilypad- I do the same thing! My two best friends and I, pretty much any time we’re all in the car together, you can guarantee some 90’s Disney songs are going to get played. One of my favorite memories with them is singing along to A Whole New World and I’ll Make a Man out of You driving along a country road one night. It’s great that childhood favorites can still make for great memories after you’ve grown.

  21. Be Our Guest, ftw

  22. Don’t you dare close your eyes.

  23. Ehehe…I seem to remember a year when I would go around singing nothing but Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid ballads in public. But I sounded pretty good for a kid, if I do say so myself. 😀

  24. I have so many of these songs in my iPod.

  25. yup so true i have every Disney movie on VHS. I know every song to this day well i still watch them lol

  26. Hell fireeee, dark fiiree. Now gypsy, it’s your turn. Choose me or your pyre. Be mine or you will BURN.

  27. I had The Little Mermaid soundtrack on cassette tape and made a copy of it, so I could have it at my dad’s, too lol

  28. “When I was a lad, I ate 4 dozen eggs, every moooorrrrning to help me get laaaaaarge!”

    “Now, that I’m grown, I eat 5 dozen eggs, so I’m rough-ly, the size of aaaaa baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarge!”

    “Nooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnne…”

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