#71 We Spent Countless Hours Searching For Waldo & Carmen.

If you were a 90s kid then undoubtedly you spent hours scanning Where’s Waldo books, not only searching for Waldo but also enjoying the detailed shenanigans going on all around him in each picture. The other on the move character we dealt with was Carmen San Diego who had a game show which featured kids trying to solve her location. She also had a cartoon revolving around her, in which two teens tried to stop the kleptomaniac San Diego from stealing artifacts around the world. The most awesome thing was the fact that her sole reason for stealing was not monetary gains but for the challenge of getting away with it. She even dropped hints daring people to find her yet they couldn’t. The shifty Waldo and Carmen were the most sought after people of the 90s and personally I think they’d make a great couple. Can you imagine the elusive babies they’d produce?


28 responses to “#71 We Spent Countless Hours Searching For Waldo & Carmen.

  1. wow this brings back memories! carmen and waldo were fun to find and watch there show. I miss this type of stuff 😦

  2. Haha…I’ve always said that would be an amazing couples Halloween costume. Waldo & Carmen together!! Hehe

  3. I remember reading a comic at one point with that exact concept. The baby escaped asshe gave birth and the doctor couldn’t find it.

  4. Oh wow this brings back good memories ha ha wish i could find the Carmen game show and cartoon online, but all of the videos i find are either horrible quality, or not the full length versions.

  5. There child would have to be named Amber Alert!

  6. I find it funny that no one could ever find Carmen, although she was in a red trenchcoat and hat – she should have been the easiest person to pick out!!

  7. If Carmen and Waldo procreated, they wouldn’t even know it. Think about that!

  8. Anyone remember the Where’s Waldo cartoon on Saturday mornings?

    • I remember how during two parts of the episode it would be like. Ok, now lets pause and view this image. Can u find Waldo? Then it would slowly pan in on him or whatever. Loved it, for some reason I was obsessed. You’re cute.

  9. Downloaded the “Where’s Waldo” app for my iphone….if that shit didn’t eat my battery, I’d play is 24hrs a day

  10. More posts, please!

  11. Of course my favorite was when Carmen’s airplane gets shot down and the police exclaim “we have finally captured Carmen Sandi-huh?!” realising that she escaped.

  12. I’ll never forget that the first pair of tits I ever saw was when I was 7 years old and stumbled across the Beach page in my Waldo book.

  13. Don’t forget the other Carmen Sandiego game show where you had to search freaking time for her. That lady was damn elusive.

  14. I never cared about Where’s Waldo much, mainly because my vision was bad enough that the searching-through-a-picture part of the equation was lost on me. I remember the cartoon, though it was the different worlds that interested me. But ooh gosh, I was craaaazy for Carmen San Diego anything when I was a kid! I used to watch the PBS game show religiously, from about six years old on, and I remember being eternally upset that just when ACME Bugnet intercepted a phone call between Carmen and the villain of the day, my parents would call us for dinner. And when you’re six, dark-haired and your favorite color is red, you’re going to end up wanting to look just like Carmen. … If you’re me, anyway. The fact she was a criminal mastermind sank in later. XD

    When I got older, I was forever, forever playing the associated computer games, world-hopping and time-hopping alike. I still would, if I had copies. *geeks* And to this day, every time I spot a certain actress elsewhere, I squeak ‘Eek, that’s the chief!’

  15. Man, I semi-still love that stuff, I still have my old cd-rom where in the world is carmen and all my wheres waldo books. To be honest I was going through them yesterday, and was thinking to myself.

    “I wonder, when I do have children, will they actually look at this? Or just throw it aside like garbage?”

  16. Not afraid to admit I bought the Carmen app for my blackberry. I relish lunch breaks I spend searching for her. Waldo pissed me off because it seemed any time I got a chance to look for him in the book, some a$$ had already circled him.

  17. I recently went through an Apple IIe game withdrawal… for those of you who played the Carmen Sandiego computer games go to http://www.virtualapple.org
    Almost EVERY Apple game from the 80’s and 90’s are there for your FREE enjoyment 🙂

  18. that baby would disappear faster than the lindberg baby

  19. We had the Carmen San Diego computer game! Gosh, I wiled away so many hours on that.

  20. Carmen Sandiego + Waldo = invisible babies

  21. Lmao @ Katie H.–I can’t resist—Where in the world… is Carmen San Diego????

  22. There is now a game on facebook called Where In the World is Carmen San Diego where we 90s kids can try and stop Carmen and V.I.L.E. (her group of bad guys and gals). They are some ugly bad guys but we can relive trying to find Ms. San Diego.

  23. Eartha Brute HUH! ‘s in jail.

  24. they where america’s most wanted.

  25. Ya’ll too young to kno’ about that Carmen San Diego computer game on floppy disk… Huh?

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