#72 Summers With Stick Stickly Were Some Of The Best.

Nick in the Afternoon during the summertime was something that kids went
curr-razy for. To the untrained eye Stick Stickly might not seem like something to get amped up about; you have a Popsicle stick host with a somewhat obnoxious voice and he plays reruns of Nicktoons and TV shows – but that wasn’t the case for us. This WAS NOT your average Popsicle stick. Mr. Stickly was willing to participate in shenanigans for the sake of our being entertained. For example, in the “U-Dip” segment, Stick Stickly allowed the viewers, to vote for which substance he would be hilariously dipped into. Then when he was done entertaining the hell out of us, he’d show an episode of a show that WE voted for. So it wasn’t just any old rerun, it was a rerun that would keep our short attention spans occupied. I felt like Stick really cared about us, he even gave us his address constantly reciting the rhyme: “Write to me, Stick Stickly, PO Box 963, New York City, New York State, 10108.” In my opinion Stick Stickly is the Michael Jackson of non-human hosts… The King of POP-cicle sticks.


27 responses to “#72 Summers With Stick Stickly Were Some Of The Best.

  1. I forgot all about Stick Stickly, but just reading this post made me remember his voice, the segments, and the exact way he said the address rhyme. Thank you for allowing me to remember those few summers so long ago.

  2. the only way I can remember a New York zip code

  3. Oh Stick Stickly.

    I wonder what that precocious popsicle stick is up to these days.

    Probably recycled. Damn hippies.

  4. I just found this site from a friend and I read every entry in one sitting. (Is that weird?)

    I love it. Thanks for being awesome.

  5. Dude! Stick Stickly was the shizznit. U Pick was awesome too. “You can pick a rose, you can pick your nose!”

    lol. watching Salute Your Shorts on Nick in the Afternoon. good times.

  6. Muscular Beaver

    I was going to quote the song, but classic beat me to it. Although I’ll finish it: “But only Nick (and Stick!) let’s you pick the shooooows.” Anywho…

  7. I could have Alzheimer’s in 50 years and I think I’d remember his address in that song.

    Alternatively I think I could get amnesia and remember that, it’s probably restore my damn memory.

  8. A friend and I recently wrote Stick Stickly a letter at his memorable address. Alas, the letter was returned to sender, unopened. The PO Box is closed.

    • ….That makes me so sad.

      Creepy enough, under ‘Possibly related posts’ it says ‘Pslam 11: Write to the ones you love…while you still can.”

      Not a christian but fucking hell, it applies.

  9. Oh gosh, Stick Stickly! I remember him well. And where there’s Stick, there’s Holly B. Wood – mustn’t forget the B, or she’ll call you on it! And how he’d go all goofy and dreamy every time she turned up–good times!

    Anybody else remember the special about Stick trying to find his brother Woodknot?

    • Yes! When the whole Sep. 11 thing happened, call me ridiculous but my 11 year-old self instantly thought, oh no! That’s where Stick Stickley found his bro 😦

  10. Whoa, this just flooded my memory with cartoons, jingles and long afternoons. I wasn’t ready!

  11. Ha. So good. Can you imagine the guy who had to pitch this idea.

    -“So your a kid. It’s summer. What do you do?”
    “Hmm.. Well.. I guess I’d be eating popsicles.”
    -“Exactly. But, what happens when you run out of popsicles?”
    “Well I… Well I never even imagined…”
    -“Exactly. Nobody has. Okay… I want you to imagine.. Your a kid, its summer, you sitting on your porch next to a pile bomb pop rappers and popsicles sticks.. Here’s the critical moment. WHAT… are you gonna do now?”
    “Well I suppose I would….” (pause) “My God… Get me a bottle of elmers glue, some googly eyes, and box of bomb pops! We’ve got a show to shoot!”

  12. Did you guys know that the guy who made Stick Stickly is the same guy who makes a ton of other famous puppets like the Crank Yankers characters? His name is Rick Lyon and he is awesome.

  13. So the thing I think I remember best about Stick Stickly and Nick in the Afternoon was the contest to make Stick friends… I think my sisters and I spent a good many days trying to come up with the best and bad-assedest Stick friends we could think of and create.

    … and then we never even sent them in.

  14. This makes me want to make a stick stickly just for the memories. Stick Stickly was awesome!

  15. has anyone noticed the moose on noggin sounds just like Stick? I miss Stick very much.

  16. What’s amazing is that even before reading this post I had and always will have his address memorized thanks to that jingle. Often times I’d recite it just to impress my friends! haha

  17. and I thought I was the only person who remembered his address after all these years!

  18. I didn’t remember anything about Stick Stickly until you mentioned the U-Dip thing. I totally remember now.

  19. yes! this post just made my day! i brought up good ol’ Mr. Stickly to my husband awhile ago and he had no idea who Stick was! i cried a little inside. i’m so glad that stick stickly will forever live on in the blog world, thanks! 🙂

  20. Stick stickly was a little before my time. I was born in 92 and didin’t start watching tv regularly until I was 5 or so. I actually found out about stick stickly cuz thats the name of one of my favorite band’s(attack attack) songs lol but I looked him up on YouTube and fell in love with it. I feel sorry for kids these days

  21. My girlfriend and I found that we could both sing the Stick Stickly address theme, and so we decided it was love.

  22. I just recently told my 8 yr old niece about the 90s shows. I told herabout this talking popsicle stick who gave out his address. In which she replied

    *blank stare*

  23. i remember he was in alice’s place on the brady bunch intro

  24. I have his 1997 run on tape.

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