#73 DJ’s Boyfriend Is Aladdin.

Aladdin claimed he could show “a whole new world” and he was NOT lying. Remember the character Steve Hale from Full House? He was DJ’s refrigerator raiding, not so bright but still lovable, alpha male boyfriend played by actor Scott Weinger. Well, that guy also played the role of none other than Aladdin in the 1992 Disney classic. Weird, right? I mean, he was such a tool bag on Full House. Constantly he’d say foolish things or make a fool of himself like a stereotypical meathead and you’d wonder how he was able to keep DJ Tanner as his girlfriend. Then, years later we come to realize that not only did he have DJ’s full affection and commitment – he was also riding magic carpets with the beautiful (in a sexy cartoon kind of way) Princess Jasmine which is truly remarkable if you ask me. Aladdin is one of the most awesome Disney characters of all time and the fact that Scott Weinger was able to be him while dealing with the Tanner family simultaneously is incredible. No longer will I see Scott Weinger’s face and relate it to the idiotic Steve Hale. Now, all I see is a ridiculously skilled multi-tasker who was juggling a human and a cartoon girlfriend. (If I could date one human and one cartoon character from the 90s at the same time it’d be Kimberly, The Pink Ranger and Hello Nurse…Or the Lola Bunny.)


20 responses to “#73 DJ’s Boyfriend Is Aladdin.

  1. He was Aladdin but not the singing voice. Apparently he can’t hold a tune! Thought I would share that tidbit :o)

  2. And how fun is the disney episode where DJ sees Steve everywhere, including as Aladdin. Har har.

  3. wat an awesome webpage!

    damn… the last post, now i have to get back to finals….

  4. Haha, now I get that episode where Steve is Aladdin. Touche’, Full House…Touche’.

  5. He was… holy crud! I’d never have equated Steve with Aladdin, ever. Holy cow, that’s some talented acting right there.

  6. He went to my Hebrew school (well, probably a couple of years before I was born, but still)

  7. dang! never knew that

  8. I think he actually wore an Aladdin costume in the Disney episode at some point. I vaguely remember him wearing the outfit.

  9. Um, need we also forget that he uttered those unforgettable and almost inaudible words “good teenagers take off their clothes” under his breathe between reciting Aladdin movie dialog? Did you not rewind and fast-forward that segment dozens and dozens of times, just to confirm he was a perve? Yep, it happened.

  10. OMG this blew my mind. I had no idea! The even more mind blowing one was Uncle Phil! This stuff is crazy, I love it!

  11. always knew that.. his voice is very distinctive. and i LOVE both aladdin and full house!

  12. I was watching a Full House re-run one day after school several years ago (but long after childhood) and Steve came on and I thought, “Dang, that sounds a heck of a lot like Aladdin!” And sure enough, it was. And yeah, Steve did wear the Aladdin costume in the Full House Disney episode, when D.J. was missing him or something and she kept “seeing” him everywhere.

  13. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS UNTIL NOW?! Wow. This site is awesome, even for an ’80s kid. (I was born in 1982. But my little brother was born in ’87, so kid stuff lasted longer around our house. Then again, I still watch cartoons and play video games, so maybe that’s not much of an excuse…)

  14. Jasmine was an upgrade. DJ’s got crazy in the blood. (Kirk Cameron… EEK!)

  15. Thank god someone has the same appreciation for the pink ranger. When I was like 5 or 6 years old, my god she got my hormones a raging…Probably my first gay crush.

  16. Lol. i know that guy’s brother

  17. Next you’ll be telling me that Sally from Charlie Brown is played by Fergie.

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