#74 Bowl Cut + Bad Dad = Box Office Gold.

I don’t know why but apparently during the 90s you could throw a kid with a bowl cut in a movie alongside a terrible father and you were going to profit tremendously from it. Don’t believe me? Jim Carrey’s performance as a work obsessed father with a bowl cut donning son in in Liar Liar, was the 4th highest grossing movie of 1997 racking up $181,410,615. Then there was The Santa Clause where Tim Allen played the role of not so great parent with a bad haircut wearing son and what was the result? $144,833,357 and two more future films. Even Home Alone must be mentioned because it was a huge success and Macaulay Culkin didn’t even have a bowl cut –he did, however have two terrible parents. It’s hard to believe that this type of movie could have so much appeal but the numbers don’t lie. I personally would love to see them try doing this type of movie now. Sure, the bowl cuts are dead but maybe we could get a kid with the Justin Bieber hairdo and a bad father played by Macaulay Culkin’s real life dad, Kit who mastered the art of shitty parenting.


5 responses to “#74 Bowl Cut + Bad Dad = Box Office Gold.

  1. You forgot the biggest bowl cut + bad father combination of them all: the one that was actually both AT THE SAME TIME.

    Yes, Star Wars: Episode One. Oh, Anakin.

  2. must comment that also, home alone 3 came out about a half year after the santa clause did , WITH the bowl cut and bad parentin and sold for $5,085,482 the first weekend, ending up with $30,672,357 after half a year.

  3. Oh come on… You can’t forget Jigle all the way! Or Kindergarten Cop! It’s ARNOLD!

  4. OMFG Liar Liar is one of my favorite Jim Carrey movies of all time. He was so dam funny in it.

  5. Loved Liar, Liar. I had a bowl cut when I was that age.

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