#75 Gel Pens Made School Work A Smidgen More Fun.

So one summer I was doing routine back to school supply shopping and I was probably moments away from dying of boredom when I came across something that caught my eye, something that grabbed my attention and drew me straight to it… The Power Rangers action figure section. But my Mom quickly reminded me that I was shopping for learning instruments, not Megazords. It was shortly after this happened that I discovered Gel Pens. Now, they aren’t as exciting as toys and I think they were mostly used by girls — but I was artsy and couldn’t pass on such festive pens. These things looked awesome which was an incentive to write notes AND made the boring classwork a little less dull. It took my ADHD down to regular old ADD. All was well at school for a short period, then the backlash came along. These pens had smeary gel or hard to read colors which would eventually take their toll on the patience of our educators. Teachers turned into Gel Pen Nazis who refused to let you and your peers do certain assignments and tests in anything other than blue or black ink and pencil.


28 responses to “#75 Gel Pens Made School Work A Smidgen More Fun.

  1. I remember we used them more to write on our hands. And if you were “dating” someone (you remember what elementary school boyfriend/girlfriends were like), you ALWAYS had a I ❤ (insert name here) on your hand! Haha

  2. I remember trading gel pens was big in my middle school. I definitely had a big collection 😀

  3. I still have some of my old gel pens that work. They’re the really awful neon ones nobody wants to read. Sadly, my awesome rainbow colored ones died a long time ago though.

  4. I’m with Lyndsay! But I used to write not just on my hands, but on my arms too! I’d come home sometimes with everything up to my elbows pretty much covered!

  5. Being left-handed is normally awesome, but back in middle school it caused so many headaches when it came to taking notes with gel pens! I wanted to be able to use fun colors just like everyone else, but it usually led to the pinky side of my left hand being covered in gel ink and my notebook pages just turning into big smudges 😦

  6. Gel-Pens were the bomb!

  7. I used to do tattoos for my friends with gel pens. All the girls wanted multicolored butterflies on their hands or arms. 😀

  8. Gel Pens were/are awesome, to this day nearly ten years later I still use them, for arts or designing tattoo’s on my friends arms or bodies, even my own. I still have all of my old gel pens, and am collecting the new ones. I still enjoy them, just not the smudge parts of it. It’s quite irritating the smudginess… but at nearly 20 yrs of age, I can’t get enough of them.

  9. I remember when I was a kid we would get the silver/metallic ones and then if you erased the silver part, you would just see the color!

  10. at my elementary school, we would buy and sell gel pens off each other, and sometimes, you could trade the really cool rainbow ones for pokemon cards 😀

  11. Oh my gosh! Just two weeks ago I was going through my boxes and I found my gel pens collection. I’ve been using them all over my planner now! xD
    They sold them at my elementary school for $1.75. They were the high sellers at the store, and probably paid for our school lunches.

  12. hahaha i loved gel pens ! there were the smelly ones which were the best ones, the grape one was always the best 🙂 loool nostalgia 😉

  13. OMG! I remember during elementary I just had to have ALL the different kinds and colors and it was kind of a collect em all competition at school. Till this day I have some of the same ones I used during elementary that I keep in in those colored pens/pencil boxes everyone kept on top of their desks at that time with the bumps on top.

  14. Just found an old diary with black pages. Who buys these things but a seven year old me; the pages were written in gel pen ink. The mood indicated by the color.

  15. Metallic gel pens were (still are) the shit!!

  16. I remember making those little guys into air powered pop guns! Just pull out the ink and stuff a wet piece of tissue into it and the end goes flying when you push it down with the ink. If you taped a bunch of them together you could get a shotgun like effect or a revolver depending on how many you fired at once. So much fun!

  17. I always had milky pens and gel pens, but I was also one of those kids who wound up chewing the ends to pieces. I’m pretty sure my tongue and teeth have been just about every color in the spectrum at this point.

  18. MILKY pens were the shit! they were best for hand art and were also only available in a few pastel colors, so really, anything written on paper was very hard to read…. gel pens came out right after and had a lot more colors to choose from, including sparkly ones. they were much better for note-taking/note-writing (to friends).

    yeah, standard black and blue ink was quickly reinforced for any written assignments/tests.

  19. I remember teachers saying, “Don’t do your work in gel pens,” when gel pens were all the rage. Sad…you don’t hear that anymore.

  20. AH Milky Pens!! They were different than gel pens too. They were SO much better. And I had a black binder that you could write on with Milky Pens…..so great.

  21. I remember one of my friends opened up the chocolate colored one and ate some of the gel, he was very disappointed that it in fact tasted like ink and not chocolate, and it stained his tongue and lips, good times

  22. I used to hear that a lot in grade 4.
    I still love gel pens. Last year in Geography, I did my notes in bright orange and my teacher could hardly read it. That and the fact that I have really small hand writing.

  23. Rorschachinstein

    sweet jesus holy monkey ass crackers. If you brought one of those around the park, your my friend, were the shit.

  24. I used to steal them from people’s desks in in second grade. That same year my crush gave my sister and I milky pens of the Pokemon variety. Best of Both Worlds.

  25. Remember those huge mega pens with like 10 different colors -you just had to slide down the colored peg you wanted to write with

  26. I remember drawing on friend’s hands with these! Remember ZAP! lol

  27. I had a huge collection of gel pens, that all got stolen one day. I was devastated. I never bought gel pens again.

  28. I loved gel pens and I still use them to write hand written letters.

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