#77 Inception Stole It’s Plot From Ducktales.

So there’s a Ducktales comic titled “Dream Of A Lifetime” that is remarkably similar to the new, widely popular Chris Nolan movie, Inception. While the comic came out in 2004, Ducktales is a 90s phenomenon so this topic is worth being discussed here. Now, in said comic, the Beagle Boys (a gang of criminals), use some type of contraption to enter the dreams of Scrooge  and steal the secret combination to McDuck’s vault of riches. The nephews of McDuck use that same contraption to enter his dreams and foil the criminal’s plans. I’ve seen the comparisons in a panel by panel breakdown and Good Lord they look alike. Ducktales was a personal favorite of mine growing up so I find this extremely fascinating. If that greedy bastard Scrooge McDuck were real I bet he wouldn’t hesitate to sue Chris Nolan and try to make a quick buck. I don’t know if this is true but how awesome would it be if one of the highest grossing movies of 2010 was based off of a 2000s comic, that was based off of a 90s cartoon? Ok, now I’m getting complex and confusing like Inception, so I’ll let that thought sink in.
CLICK HERE for a link to the comic if you’d like to check it out for yourselves.


9 responses to “#77 Inception Stole It’s Plot From Ducktales.

  1. Nosedive Flashbalde

    Maybe. But there’s this article:


    And it says this:

    “He came up with the idea 10 years ago and then, shortly after finishing Insomnia and long before Batman Begins and The Dark Knight made him one of Hollywood’s hottest directors, he wrote an 80-page treatment about dream-stealers.”

    • he wrote the treatise on dream-stealing “shortly after finishing Insomnia,” which came out in 2002, and the comic was written in 2004 … so a ducktales comic writer read the 80-page treatise and distilled the concept to be understood by children?

      possible. and a very awesome.

  2. An episode of ducktales that deals with a time traveling watch where instead of actually time traveling it speeds you up way faster than everyone else, the brothers foil a few plots using it. This has been used in several movies in the early-mid 2000’s

  3. A time-traveling watch that speeds you up in relation to everyone else? They stole *that* from a John D. McDonald novel!

    … At least, that’s the first thought I had after reading the description. I know at least one episode with the time-traveling watch you’re talking about, so I’m not entirely sure I’m right, but still. Maybe part of the idea was borrowed, but tailored to Ducktales? *shrugs*

  4. I love how the criminals have the priceless technology to enter someone’s dreams and they are worried about money

  5. The Simpsons did it first… lol jk, but it really does go back to the whole concept of “someone has thought of it before”… it’s almost impossible to be truly original


  7. They both stole the idea from the anime movie Paprika (the book it is based on was released in 1993). Check it out. There are scenes in Inception that are recreated EXACTLY.

  8. Read something about this in Cracked.com

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