#79 Dunkaroos Are The Greatest After School Treat Ever.

This isn’t really up for debate but since taste is opinion based, I encourage those with retarded taste buds to pitch a case for anything better than a Dunk-A-Mother-F’N-Roo. These things were little kangaroo shaped cookies which were flavored cinnamon, honey graham or chocolate chip. There were only about 10 cookies in the package along with 1 cubic inch of the most scrumdiddlyumptious icing ever used for cookie dipping. The flavors of the frosting were chocolate and vanilla – sometimes even vanilla with rainbow sprinkles. These things are extremely rare nowadays so if you’ve tasted the amazingness recently, consider yourself very fortunate. If there’s anyone out there who knows of a good place to get them, please inform the rest of the 90s kids so we can have a mouthgasm. Costco is the only place I know of that carries them but if you’re poor like me and can’t afford a membership, you’re probably still Jonesing for a taste. I’ve tried other snacks but none can fill the role of greatest treat ever. I wish I could quit you Dunkaroos… I wish I could quit you.


61 responses to “#79 Dunkaroos Are The Greatest After School Treat Ever.

  1. I just checked, and you can totally buy them on Amazon. And now I really want some!

  2. Oh my god, I know! These are the most amazing cookies ever and I literally called my brother just the other day to ask him if he remembers them, haha. I want them again sooo badly!

  3. yea I got them recently!!! I love them to be honest I bought them at the dollar store 🙂 lol they didn’t taste stale or anything so it was a win for the day 🙂

  4. graham crackers + vanilla or chocolate frosting = dunkaroos without the Costco membership. The best snack ever.

  5. I can consistently get these at any Dollar General in Louisiana… and I do, all the time

  6. my dollar general sells them all the time, there still amazing

  7. i work at ShopRite in Jersey. they sell them there.

  8. They’re available in bulk on amazon.com!

  9. I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THESE! I could go through a box a day when my mom was not looking!

  10. Dunk a Roos , dunk a Roos, you don’t just eat you dunk a roo

  11. they sell them at the Dollar General in town. Cinnamon & vanilla with sprinkles.

  12. Maybe it was just me but…I would eat all of the cookie/cracker things first, except for one of the big round ones with the “D” on it. Then I would plunge that sucker into the icing and try to get all of it in one swoop. It was the best bite ever.

  13. SODA-LICIOUS!!! Especially the root beers.

  14. So my brother told me a story of a kid in his high school who discovered Dunk-a-roos in bulk at BJ’s (a wholesale club). The kid would buy them in bulk and re-sell them to his fellow students for $1 per pack and was making a mint until the principal shut his operation down.

    Also, Teddy Grahams in cream cheese icing is a close alternative. 🙂

  15. Check your local Dollar General. I buy them there all the time, my 3 year old is part of the new generation of Dunkaroo lovers.

  16. Felica Gonzalez

    Um, if I remember right there is a site where you can literally type in the name of any old snack, such as dunk-a-roos, and there is a list of where you can find them in your area. Of course, I can’t find them now, but I know of many places in Maine :]


  18. They sell them in Canada too, but it’s probably easier to sneak into Costco.

  19. If you live in the north east, the supermarket chain Shoprite carries them…dunk on, my friends. :]

  20. If you live in the Metro Detroit area, check your local Meijer…I’ve found them there before on the top shelf in the cereal/snack aisle!

  21. I found an almost exact replica of dunkaroos if you can’t find them in your area. Buy a jar of Betty Crocker rainbow chip frosting and a bag of honey teddy grahams. You get a lot more and they taste the same.

  22. You can get dunkaroos at any “Dollar General” store for about $1.25 a box 😀

  23. I live in Arkansas and I get them from dollar general!

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  25. You can totally buy them at the dollar general market!!!!!

  26. they sell them on my college campus in the convenience stores. AMAZING.

  27. I get them from Dollar General. Only two bucks a box ^_^



  30. I live in australia and we can still get them in the supermarket

    • I also live in Australia. What supermarker? as I cant seem to find them!!!!! I miss them and would LOVE to eat them again 🙂

  31. You can totally get these at Wal-Mart for $2.00 a box! They do exist people!

  32. These things were amazing. A very rare treat for my poor family growing up though hahah. We definitely didn’t buy a lot of non-essential food items.

  33. I remember these. They were really good. If you live in Canada, You can still buy them at Safeway. They even have the ones with sprinkles.

  34. They totally sell those at my local supermarket. I just got a monster craving for them too. For some reason we don’t get them. But whenever I do…holy crap.

  35. My Mom never bought them so I’d steal them off kids at lunch time. Trust me, they tasted better that way.

  36. You can find these at Family Dollar and Dollar General in NC but only the rainbow jimmy icing…. I’m not sure why. They are still the shit.

  37. Wal mart, safeway, sobeys, pretty much everywhere that sells kids snacks sells them, that said, i live in canada. mmm dunkaroos. I’ma go get some tonight!

  38. the doller general has them 🙂

  39. i bought some cinnamon with vanilla & rainbow sprinkle at walmart a couple weeks ago(:

  40. I just bought some recently but they weren’t as good as I remember. However, I do still appreciate the nostalgia of them because they’re awesome!

  41. I totally found them at Big Lots this past summer but the icing was all separated and they did NOT taste like they used to. I was so so so sad.

  42. Dunkaroos aren’s so rare. I live in Toronto and they are on my weekly grocery list.

  43. Hilarie Noes

    You can get them at Big Lots/ Odd Lots…I LOVE Dunkaroos and was so stoked when I found them there!

  44. I had a friend in high school whose Mom put them in his lunch. One day I got into a fight with a close friend of mine for em. Literally, a fight and he bit my arm. Left some teeth marks, I cried a little. In the end I won the Dunk A Roos, totally worth it.
    Also I saw them at Wal Mart the other day.

  45. Walmart does now sell them… i think they realized its an amazing product that they can make a ton of money off so now they seel it.

  46. Save-a-lot has some GREATTTTT 90’s goodies, even Dunk-a-roo’s!

  47. They still have them at Walmart! I buy me a couple of boxes occasionally and revel in the nostalgia and deliciousness.

  48. If you’re ever in Ohio or Michigan, Marc’s grocery stores carry them most of the time as well as classic 90’s fruit snacks.

  49. I know sometimes you can request WalMart to carry them in stock. And I have even seen them in Dollar General stores recently! 🙂

  50. Most dollar generals carry a limited supply of dunkaroos! Definitely worth checking out if you’re craving some!

  51. My sister bought a whole crate of these when she found them online someplace. To be honest, I never really liked them, but I still went just as crazy as her when she found them, haha.

  52. BJ’s sells them in bulk. It’s wonderful :).

  53. If you know what a Meijer is, I have seen these sold there. Still amazing after all these years!

  54. Dollar General carries them if you have one in your area.

  55. The frosting with the sprinkle things was the best!!

  56. So I definitely just went on a mass search for these like a week ago. I live in New York and I found them in Walmart. Best snack everrrr

  57. I normally like chocolate over vanilla over everything, but I always seemed to get bummed out when I didn’t get that amazing cinnamon flavored cookie with that vanilla dip with those sprinkles.

  58. You can buy them at the Dollar General.

  59. just wanted to say that Canada is awesome and I buy them all the time.. also kinder surprises and smarties… just saying…

  60. I LOVE those, I’ll have to look the next time Im at walmart to see if they are still being sold.

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