#80 Pete & Pete Are Two Cool Gingers.

I personally don’t judge folks based on the color of their hair and I find it very unfair when I do see hair discrimination take place. Gingers aka red heads are one group of people that I’ve observed constantly being given a bad rap. Whether it be “Kick A Ginger Day” or calling someone a “red-headed step child”, Gingers around the world are being treated very unfairly. If you’re a 90s kid who watched The Adventures Of Pete & Pete then surely, you aren’t one of the perpetrators. The show about two brothers who share a name was one of those underrated shows that few people really appreciate. Topics on the show were relatable for many of us. It had a unique way of delivering funny stories but more importantly it captured the true essence of the 90s. The episodes featured issues that we as kids dealt with at that age, like oblivious parents who didn’t understand things and other general kid problems. These guys provided a ton of humor and are one of many pieces of evidence that prove red heads are awesome people. The first two seasons were released on DVD through Paramount back in 2005 so if you don’t believe me then watch ‘em and at the very least, you’ll appreciate Pete’s epically awesome, moving tattoo named “Petunia”.


14 responses to “#80 Pete & Pete Are Two Cool Gingers.

  1. I’ll go a bit farther and say that this was one of the most brilliantly written television series of all time. Having watched the entire series recently (I’m now 27), I was dumbstruck by how smart and witty it was. Also, many of the show’s writers went on to pen scripts for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and That 70’s Show, among others. Truly ahead of its time.

  2. I did and still do love this show.

  3. Haha, definitely. Younger Pete was one of my first crushes. 😛

  4. I have fond memories of this show. I specifically remember one episode where the family was competing with another family for who could have the most stuff on top of their car (was it for a camping trip?) and in order to win the entire family was sitting in the car in the buff so their clothes could add to the pile on top of the car. Haha! Awkward… Anyway that’s a memory from seeing the show when I was a kid, so I may have some details incorrect. Also the mom had a metal plate in her head, right? Maybe?

  5. Jacquelyn – you remember correctly. 🙂 That’s “King of the Road” iirc.

  6. This show was great but not many folks remember it, unfortunately. What was the name of the older dude that was “the strongest man, in the world?” That dude was so funny. He once tried to move a whole house. I really can’t remember any of the episodes but I remember it being a great show.

  7. Artie! The strongest man…In the worllllddd! And he did move the house, but just by an inch, enough to throw off the persons daily routine (I don’t remember much of what happened in that episode. I want season 3 on DVD, it took me forever to find those episodes online. I really liked introducing my younger brother to it recently cause it was a little before his time and he loved it.

  8. no such thing as cute gingers

  9. this show is one of the best ever produced. It’s a trip to a surreal town where everything is Krebstar. The soundtrack is also one of the best. There are some really great tunes.

  10. I loved this show. It’s crazy to think now that Michelle Trachtenberg was on it and Selma Blair was in an episode. Whatever happened to any of the other actors?

    • Big Pete was in the movie Slackers. Artie has been in tons of stuff, what sticks out for me was an episode of Seinfeld and his recurring character on Reno 911! Little Pete I remember being on All That and sometimes appearing on that show Figure It Out. Not sure about everybody else, I’m sure many of them went off to attend college and have left acting behind, and are as normal as any of us, except much cooler in the sense that they can say they were part of one of the greatest shows of a generation.

  11. by the way you forgot one other ginger insult
    “Gingers don’t have souls.”

  12. Pete & Pete was one of the smartest television shows I ever watched, and I didn’t even know back then how brilliant it really was.

  13. My favorite episode is when Artie lost a fight to a bowling ball

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