#81 We Produced The Worlds Most Elite Pog Players.

I think it’s safe to say at least 90% of 90s kids were owners of pogs and slammers. Even the kids who didn’t play Pogs collected them for the hell of it.  There were the mediocre performers who were hesitant to play and then there were the certified assassins who would boldly challenge you for keeps and typically exit with a good chunk of your collection in hand. The casual players like me were the best because we just played for the love of the game. If you were smart you’d only play your legit WWF or Power Rangers pogs in “just for fun” games – without the risk of losing them permanently. Then you’d recklessly play for keeps with the American Wildlife Association Pog collection that Grandma gave you for Christmas. Sorry, but I wasn’t willing to put my favorite pogs at stake against a generation that had so many efficient, skilled players around. Unfortunately this game really died down and I have yet to see anybody play it in the 2000s. Maybe we should start a revolution and get the current youth to give pogs and slammers a chance. Good luck convincing them that it’s more fun than their Xbox 360 though.


27 responses to “#81 We Produced The Worlds Most Elite Pog Players.

  1. Oh my God!!! Pog was the best! My older cousins all started me playing and it was ridiculous because they’d give me a good amount of their collection to play with and then win it all back. Once I got the hang of the game I actually racked up a goodly portion of them. Too bad I was never good at keeping track of my stuff as a kid or I’d still have some around! Lol.

  2. I remember they got banned from my school because so many kids were stealing others kids pogs!! Haha…I even remember playing at recess once and this kid literally just walked over, scooped up the pogs we had been playing with, and ran away. CRAZINESS!!

  3. Maybe they could do Pogs for the WII!

  4. I never played the game, but I’m pretty sure I still have my collection somewhere around here. I love this blog. So many awesome memories.

  5. I loved POGS and playing for keeps. There were definitely some that I just never bet with, like my 8 ball and skull ones. The NASA collection was always in play though, haha.

    I even remember having two different kinds of slammers for different floor surfaces. One was plastic and the other was an aluminum slammer because you never knew how receptive the floor/carpet were going to be!

  6. sanochiprojects

    I only played a couple times with my sister, but we both collected them for as long as we could, even the McDonalds ones and the ones from the quarter machines. Then we both lost them, just like most great things from when we were young…Good times :).

  7. YES!! I remember playing with pogs back in my elementary school latchkey. when all of us kids were waiting for our parents to get off work to pick us up, I was over there with the assassins playing for keeps. My dad even made me a custom steal slammer that could smash the hell out of any pile… good times.

  8. Pogs!! Your totally right that EVERYONE had these. I grew up broke and in a bad neighborhood and still had some of the higher end slammers. Kinda sucks that I never kept any of them. And for some reason, I don’t know anyone my age who kept their pogs either.

  9. I would like to say 2 words: Beer Pogz. Yes, they exist. A drinking game with Pogs only a 90s kid could enjoy. They used to have them on amazon and I am devastated that they no longer do haha.

  10. I used to collect these,
    but didn’t know what they were for. hah x)

  11. I never played but I did collect. I had Beverly Hills 90210 pogs. Seriously.

  12. My brother an i had a blast with these sometimes when we would get in trouble our grounding included taking our POGs away

  13. I remember I had a pog maker. It gave you a blank sticky pog and you would cut out a picture and then put it in this thing and it would cut the picture and attach it to the pog. I had so many customer Power Rangers and Batman pogs because of this thing. It was tight.

  14. what about crazy bones

  15. I’m still waiting for pogs to make a comeback. I’m about as optimistic as people who started collecting beanie babies “because the limited edition one’s will be worth a fortune in the future”. It’ll happen.

  16. Pogs are making a huge comeback. Unfortunately it is in Kazakhstan. I was there the past 2 years and all my students were playing and they weren’t half bad.

  17. the dollar store near my house still sells pogs,
    they’re not as good as the ones we grew up with but I bought a bunch,
    I bought like 50 packs of them,
    I handed them out to some of the neighborhood kids and taught them how to play.
    They love it,
    I think there’s hope that some day pogs will make a comeback.

    this was all yesterday,
    we’ll see what happens.

  18. My brothers and I collected Pogs. Well, I collected them without playing, they played each other. We kept them in those plastic tubes they made for them.

  19. oh man your site is just the right dose of nostalgia! and pogs are high on the list of awesome 90’s memories.

    i am thrilled to report that i still have a massive pog collection, which i now really want to go back through after reading this 🙂 here’s hoping they become popular again!

  20. I went the Penny Arcade Expo this past weekend and BEGGED my b/f to let me bring my Pogs. I still have them in my attic and the lines for different events there are LONG. People are always playing dice games and Magic. I really wanted to make a Pog comeback. Too bad he hates being embarrassed, even though I thought we would have been respected.

  21. I f*in loved pog’s. I had a serious collection back then. I remember this one store I use to go to that had bins filled with pogs. Would take hours to look through them all.
    But when I moved they either were left at my old house or thrown away. *twitches*

  22. pogs were the best! i had a really good collection didn’t play the game to much tho.

  23. Pogs were crack back when i was in first grade. My teacher would give some out every once in a while. I remember when my friends and i found out where she kept her stash, and snuck in the classroom after school and took them. Later that year they banned them after a kid got beat up for his collection

  24. I still have some of my pog collection and a couple slammers. I’ve introduced my little sibs to the game, and they were all skeptical at first ’cause I pulled them away from their video games. Then…it got annoying because they went through a phase where they never stopped asking to play. Rofl. They were amazed that pogs used to be a type of currency in and of itself.

  25. Pog kids, I have a new version of pogs game that promises to provide endless hrs of fun for all ages. I need help getting it on the market. My email is soccer12130@aol.com located in austin,texas

  26. I don’t think I ever played them, but I collected the hell out of them. God have mercy on whoever took my McDonald’s Power Rangers pogs.

  27. I remember these :3 my bro and I were just collectors though ;o we probably sold it or something. bad idea… now I’m dying to know what we had in our collections o:

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