#82 The Jump On It Dance Is Better Than Anything Done Today.

Is it just me or is this the greatest dance ever? You can “Crank Dat” Soulja Boy, Toot It and Boot It, teach someone how to Dougie or do the two step but no matter what, The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air created something that has yet to be topped.  The “Jump On It” dance. This dance is a phenomenon to this day! If you ever hear “Jump On It” played in a club, I guarantee you that you’ll see a minimum of 94% of the dance floor bust out a synchronized performance of it. It’s remarkable how Will and Carlton created a dance move back in the 90s that has maintained its popularity to this day. Not only is it an easy dance that anyone can do, it’s HI-LARIOUS. The angry face and pelvic thrusting followed by a happy jumping, skipping in a circle motion with a finger in the air will always remain a classic. In addition, the Fresh Prince created the Carlton dance that always gave us a good laugh. While it did look ridiculous it is still constantly reenacted by folks today, even in touchdown celebrations. If you live under a rock or were just born and have somehow managed to not see the Jump On It Dance, then CLICK HERE.


8 responses to “#82 The Jump On It Dance Is Better Than Anything Done Today.

  1. OMG I thought that was the ACTUAL dance for the song….I’ve seen the video/episode before, but I thought they were just doing the dance. Wow you learn something new every day. 🙂

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  3. The song is called “Apache” and it’s by The Sugar Hill Gang. One summer as a camp counselor I got my entire age group so hooked on the dance that it’s apparently still a staple around the camp 10 years later

  4. Hung out with Carlton in Saratoga, NY. Asked him to do the “Jump On It” dance and he walked away. Not cool Carlton, not cool. (http://bit.ly/fESvI6)

  5. Im in the marching band at my school, we play this song at football games and everyone dances to it!!! The drumline even gets in front of the band stands with their drums and cymbals to dance to it, while playing at the same time! Soo fun! I LOVE it. It will never grow old.

  6. I have this theory that whenever you’re at a social gathering of 90s kids, if you start reciting the Fresh Prince theme song, at least one other person, if not a group, will join you. I guess this is also true for the Carlton/Jump on It!

  7. They have the song on Just Dance 3… I never score very high because I opt to do the Fresh Prince version every time lol

  8. I’d like to see bloopers of this scene.

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