#83 150 Pokémon Was More Than Enough.

So 90s kids were the original embracers of Ash Ketchum, Pikachu and the other 149 pocket monsters. I remember the popularity of Pokémon in my school and looking back, it was pretty remarkable. Pokémon cards were like drugs, there were kids spending their lunch money on cards or stealing from Mom’s purse for a holographic Charizard (in case you don’t remember, holographic cards were running for crack prices — or so it seemed that way). There was so much Pokémon every which way you turned that it consumed you. Before school you could watch the cartoon, during school you played and/or traded the cards and after school you could watch some more while playing the video games on your Gameboy. I recall a point where a good portion of my classmates were able to list all 150 Pokémon with ease, yet they couldn’t fathom the thought of learning 10 new words for a spelling test. All of the 150 original Pokémon were LEGIT but of course, they had to expand and create more and more until it was damn near impossible to keep track. If you’re a 90s kid then it’s likely that the names Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle mean a lot more to you than Darkrai, Shaymin and Arceus (the three newest Pokémon). Now there are 400-something odd Pokémon so don’t bother trying to catch ‘em all. The original 150 will always hold a special place in our hearts and our Pokéballs.


32 responses to “#83 150 Pokémon Was More Than Enough.

  1. Pokemon was the best thinig ever! I just sold my collection of games (pokemon red, blue and yellow) and my binder with all 150 cards (including 26 holos!) for some serious money.

  2. I remember walking around with my special pokœ∑´®†¥¨ˆˆøøπ¬˚∆˙˙˙©ƒ∂ßåΩ≈çç√∫˜µ≤≥≠ºª¶§∞ß∑mon

    • Oooops… I was looking for that special pokemon ‘e’ …. couldnt find it….. anyway, I remember walking around school and standing in the lunch line with my special pokemon binder full of all of the original cards!! I had all 150, and even Mew! the special card u got when you saw the original movie in the theater!! ooh, goodtimes.

  3. I was Pikachu for this halloween! And I still have my gameboy, so I still play it. And my roommate has the DVDs so we have marathons =D POKEMON IS STILL EPIC

  4. Hey! I think it should be the original hundred and fifty ONE pokemon. Mew was 151 and was the basis of the first movie. I’m just saying.

    After all he is one of the rarest Pokemon and If I remember his card is pretty rare as well. I also remember doing the little hack to get him in the original Pokemon Gameboy game. Good times.

    – J

  5. I never stopped playing, heh. The newer games are actually pretty good, and despite the lack of imagination in new Pokés (there is a chandelier pokémon in the new game. Seriously. A FREAKING CHANDELIER.), I still love it.

    The Girl With Two Pokémon Tattoos

  6. Amen!!!! I loved pokemon and I still do, but the original was the best!!! @Elyse, I saw the chandelier pokemon in the new game, and I knew then and there that I was done with the new pokemon. The games are still fun though.

  7. Really? You are a loser.

  8. I still play poke’mon on plane rides.

  9. As an 82er, I can’t relate to this one. Now I feel too old for this blog!

  10. ’87 says hells yes to pokemon.

  11. I concur. There were and always should have been 151 (including Mew).

  12. Definitely remember Bulbosaur, Charmander and Squirtle. I know nothing of the new pokemon. Life was good when I had all the time I wanted to sit and play Pokemon Blue on my yellow Gameboy Color. My brother and I were so stoked when we got Pokemon Gold and Silver.

  13. dallas melendez

    Hey, I love all pokemon equally. I mean, having a banana split pokemon is a little weird (as compared to a ball, like Voltorb), But I love pokemon. All 649 of them. And i’ll never stop loving them.

  14. I remember trading those 90s cards back in elementary school..
    pokemon was the coolest at the time. were i lived.

  15. I still enjoy the Pokemon games, but they certainly don’t have the same magic as the original Red/Blue did when I was young. Collecting and trading the cards, plowing through the game with just a single ‘mon since I didn’t really know any better… Also, since the internet was still relatively young back then, the games still had some mystery to them. I remember trying to push that truck.

  16. I remember that here in my country, you got pokemon pogs in potato chips, and there was always a line at school that was almost the size of the play ground just to buy those thing and collect the pogs. I didn’t collect the cards because I kept on losing them.
    And my family still teases me because when Ash turned to stone in the movie I yelled “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!” and cried alonh with Pikachu ._. gahhh I miss my childhood

  17. If the episode “Bye-Bye Butterfree” didn’t atleast bring a tear to your eye you don’t have a soul. That should have gotten an emmy

  18. Pokémon, my small arctic town was taken over. I remember when we swapped tag, red rover, football, and the swings (which everyone raced to) for the trading card game, and later on arguing about which version of the game was better (yellow, represent). there was one kid, a grade above me who knew everything about every version. he’d grab your gameboy, hand it back with 100 extra poké balls, or (if you had just started playing) a bicycle, and if you had pikachu as a starter, he’d advise against evolving “because its stupid”. Ah the memories, im finishing up my year as a graphic design student, and the kid who knew everything about pokémon is now the town drunk. I miss the 90’s

  19. My friend Jared has caught them all. And I mean all of them.

    I think that if people want to start selling safe sex to kids, they should rename STDs “Anti-Pokemon.” You do not want to catch any of them, and their names are not cute.

  20. The originals were AWESOME I remember playing those games ALL SUMMMER LONG growing up I had all 3 (Blue,Red,Yellow) and loved them! I loved yellow the most because you could get all three of the starters. On my Yellow I had… 147 of them… then I lost it =( but I still play on copy my friend game me, and I had Pokemon Stadiums 1&2 for N64. ANyways, like I was saying the original 151 were awesome the next 100 (Silver & Gold versions) were still pretty cool then it got out of hand with too many knockoffs and lame looking pokemon.

  21. To be fair, the FIRST time that a new generation of Pokemon came out, it was phenomenal because I had just finished Blue and was looking for more to do. I picked up Pokemon Gold and to this day still is my favorite Pokemon game to date because it isn’t all up in your face with new pokemon and forgetting the old ones. There was a good mix of both generations in Gold/Silver/Crystal.

  22. i’m telling he said poke balls

  23. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of any Pokemon game that cannot be played on a grape Gameboy Color.

  24. Pokemon: the fad that came out two years before the end of a decade, and still kicked the ass of every other fad of the 90s.

  25. i loved Pokemon growing up, me and my best friend of the time would pretend we were Pokemon lol, he was Charmander, and i was Vulpix. 😛 My favorite Pokemon was Pikachu, i know, overrated lol, but i loved the cute relationship between Ash and him, So sweet! I actually still have all my original Pokemon cards in a binder safely put away in the closet.<3 Long live classic Pokemon!!!

  26. I remember how you were cool if you liked pokemon at my school. Me and my best freind at the time would pretend we were pokemon trainers on the playground. I had pokemon blue and my siblings and i every friday would go to the dollar store to buy another pack of cards with our allowance money. Good times! I tried to play the new games but i did not like them. Still play my pokemon blue game!

  27. The original Pokemon was one of the greatest parts of my childhood. Finding a rare holographic card in your pack was better than Christmas morning. I’m 24 now and I still have some of my more rare holographic cards. I had them priced by a collector and one of them is actually worth over $300. Makes me wish I would have hung on to more of them.

  28. fucking genwunners i still play pokémon because its amazing and the new pokémon are as good if not better than the old ones… charizard is still my favorite though

  29. The new Pokemon are nothing like the original generation of Pokemon. They seem generic, dopey, and marketed to young children.

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