#84 Stoop Kid Had A Really F’d Up Life.

If Stoop Kid were real, his life story is the type of thing Oprah would dedicate a full episode to. First he was abandoned on a stoop as a baby and that alone is pretty damn bad. It gets worse though, he raises himself on the previously mentioned stoop eating apples from a nearby tree and basically loving and protecting the stoop as if it were his family. His obsession gets out of control as he aggressively shoos away and harasses each and every passerby. When Arnold exposes Stoop Kids fear of leaving the stoop to the general public, kids torture him with a very public, massive verbal lashing. This is all HORRIBLE. I mean, sure in the end Arnold kind of helps him become comfortable leaving his stoop and that’s sort of redemption but that doesn’t change the cold hard facts that follow:
1.) He was abandoned as a baby and nobody found and/or took care of him.
2.) Nobody loves him. Hell, nobody even likes him besides Arnold.
3.) Nearly all of his life has taken place on a stoop.
4.) He has a ridiculously thick unibrow. Seriously. Look at him.
Now, we can all look past these things and be satisfied that Stoop Kid is no longer afraid to leave his stoop but if you’re a decent person then surely the conclusion of that episode wasn’t adequate for you. If you’re a cold-hearted person and that ending was sufficient – you probably related well to cartoon characters like Angelica Pickles.


12 responses to “#84 Stoop Kid Had A Really F’d Up Life.

  1. Cold Hard Fact #5: Stoop Kid was voiced by Danny Cooksey, of “Salute Your Shorts” and “Tiny Toon Adventures” fame.


  3. Easily one of my favorite Hey Arnold! episodes…but yeah. His life did suck.

  4. Stoop Kid deserved it. He’s crazy.

    • Nah. Him being crazy is a symptom of his problems not the cause of it. How’d he go for so long without anyone taking him away is anybody’s guess. 🙂

  5. What’s worse is that the parents that abandoned him were Helga’s rents.

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  7. I already think this is one of the best 90s related blogs ever, but including this post made me love it so much more. I always wondered if I was the only one bothered by this as a kid. I wasn’t even 9 when this came out, and I just new it was sad. Episodes and odd characters like this are why all of us are still so obsessed with the 90s, and why nothing can touch that decade.

  8. really no one is going to chyme in then i will say it….”STOOP KID’S AFRAID TO LEAVE HIS STOP” “STOOP KID’S AFRAID TO LEAVE HIS STOOP”

  9. AND he couldn’t read!

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