#86 South Park & The WWF Attitude Era Corrupted Us.

We were good kids. We were really good kids. But somewhere along the way, something happened and it changed us. We started hearing cuss words and seeing middle fingers and we felt the need to adapt those things into our everyday lives. South Park, which began its run in 1997 was not something that all of us were allowed to watch, yet many of us snuck a peek at the crude humor of Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny. Parents thought it was a bad influence and in many ways it was. That being said, those of us in possession of a fully functional brain grasped the concept that it was only a cartoon and took strictly the vulgar words and crude jokes – not violence, from the show. However, WWF’s attitude era was a different story – it made us use cuss words AND be violent, but how could we resist? It was so hard to not flip people off and open a can of whoop ass after watching Stone Cold Steve Austin do it on Monday nights. Hell, if we were of age we probably would’ve downed a 12 pack of beer immediately after. Then, we had to watch Degeneration X rampaging around the WWF with their disrespectful shenanigans which made us want to defy all forms of authority in the most sarcastic, rebellious ways possible – and then tell them to “suck it”. If that wasn’t enough we got our cocky, douchebag tendencies from The Rock and his electrifying personality. When you look back and remember being innocent, well behaved children, just know that South Park and WWF circa 1997 are the reason you’re so vulgar and disrespectful to your peers in present day. And that’s the bottom line, because I said so. Smell what I’m cookin’?


10 responses to “#86 South Park & The WWF Attitude Era Corrupted Us.

  1. And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for ya!

  2. The rock made a return appearance on WWE Raw on Valentine’s day…you can watch it in all its epicness on youtube.

  3. This is probably what led to my sixteen-year old sister being such a brat. My older sister and I were angels, but once shows like this were on the air, all hell broke loose. Now kids watch Gossip Girl and think two 15-year olds having sex on a table is the norm. I love South Park, but it’s probably the root of today’s terrible teenagers. 😀

  4. Haha Alicia, that is funny. But yea those were great times, I was going into high school, and loved both South Park and pro wrestling. The Rock’s recent comeback has been really cool, but I can’t imagine wrestling or South Park being as great as it was back then.

  5. I don’t think I’ll ever find anything as entertaining as 90’s pro wrestling. WWF attitude and the WCW/NWO feud. Both epic. I still watch WWE when I can and it definitely has its moments but its all family friendly now. Kinda lame. I still watch south park. Unlike every other show that has been around since the 90’s, It only seems to get better. The movie Baseketball was also the shit

  6. The world wants retrospective posts surrounding the changing career of Dwayne Johnson (from the Rock to action hero) and Justin Timberlake (from N’Sync to solo career and acting). That’s what the world wants from Things 90s Kids Realize.

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  8. Man this is bring me back! I loooved Shawn Micheals! When I was in middle school the faculty banned students from wearing DX shirts because they thought DX were a bad influence, since they had 12-year-old boys running around crossing their arms over their hips and telling people to ‘suck it’, and all that. They so were, but we loved it.

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