#87 The X-Men Cartoon Was Better Than The Movies.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a cartoon with more entertaining storylines than X-Men. They made a conscious effort to incorporate the comics into the TV series and it was undoubtedly successful. Don’t get me wrong, the movies were really entertaining but they still couldn’t top this — mainly because they went a little bit off track. This animated series was so well balanced because it provided a little bit of everything. You had the brilliant stories, plenty of action through the fight sequences and a good amount of humor – especially when Wolverine and Cyclops got into it. Not to mention Rogue was pretty much as attractive as a cartoon character can possibly be, with her form fitting yellow and green uniform and that raspy, southern accent spoken ever so sexily (yeah, I said “sexily”) by Lenore Zann. Then, there was Gambit who was the feces. Constantly Gambit was pissing off his fellow X-Men by doing whatever he damn well pleased and it was the most badass thing we had ever seen. I think a combination of these things makes it obvious that the X-Men cartoon we grew up watching was the best. If you disagree and prefer the movies, then at the very least we can agree on ONE thing that translates to every form of X-Men: Cyclops is a dick. If Wolverine hates you then so does everyone else. Plus, his own freaking girlfriend killed him so that should speak volumes as to just how big of a douche Cyclops is.


25 responses to “#87 The X-Men Cartoon Was Better Than The Movies.

  1. I agree with you there! X-Men was one of my favorite shows to watch as a kid, and I eagerly awaited every new episode each Saturday morning. I enjoyed the reruns that played early in the morning during the week, as well.

    Now if Marvel and FOX could only work out their differences and release this amazing series on DVD, my nostalgia would be complete.

  2. This show is already on DVD and has been for years and not as a complete series but they sell them in volumes.

  3. I don’t think you could have described Rogue’s character in any better way.

  4. Thanks for the info, Kat. I didn’t know that. Well, now I can buy them and complete my collection of nostalgic television series!

  5. Gambit was my childhood crush…don’t ask questions.

  6. I had to sneak watching the show at first because my mom thought it was too violent.

  7. So glad I found this site. I’m a total X-Men fangirl and you’re right: If Wolverine hates you, you suck.

    I adored Gambit. He had that smooth, drawling voice and laid back attitude that could shift when things got rough. I wasn’t too impressed with the movie casting of his character. Then again, it would be difficult to cast someone as awesome as the cartoon version.

    The movies screwed up the Dark Phoenix character in my opinion; she wasn’t anywhere near as kick-butt as the cartoon Dark Phoenix who, lest we forget, destroyed GALAXIES.

    Can you tell how much I miss this show?

  8. So true! In Canada they showed them all out of order and usually kept showing the same episodes but it was such a good series. Still loved it though.

  9. I just wrote about this in my own blog the other day!

    Rogue and Gambit were two of my favorite characters in the cartoon. They were bad ass! Gambit got shafted big time in the movies. And Rogue’s character in the movie was kinda boring.

    Loved Xmen as a kid and still do.

  10. Loved the X-Men Cartoon! Saturdays were the best because you’d wake up and eat cereal and then watch X-Men.

  11. X-Men was easily my favorite show as a kid and I was so happy when they released them on DVD.

  12. This show was amazing. My brothers and I had a VHS of a few episodes that contained the Storm being stuck underground with the Morlocks story arc. I even had some books that went along with the series. For some reason, Cyclops was my favorite. I dressed up as him for Halloween one year. I also liked Gambit.

  13. the theme song was bad ass too

  14. Let’s face it. No one will do Xmen as well as that cartoon did. I mean, have you seen the trailer for Xmen: First Class?

  15. The same is true of Batman: The Animated Series (also on FOX). Better than any movie. Two cartoons that were so well-done they cannot be out-done. ❤

  16. Its a shame really when you think about it the movies could have been sooo much better if they had remained closer to the comic and the tv series. Hollywood really does have a knack for destroying good stories lines. I’ve never seen a movie based off anything (comic book, tv show, anime, or videogame) that has been able to surpass or even equal the source material. I really miss Saturday mornings and being able to watch X-men, Ninja Turtles and Beast Wars. Kids nowadays don’t even know what a awesome cartoon is!

  17. My absolute favorite Saturday morning cartoon. I remember accidentally stumbling onto it one morning, and the rest was history. I still like to catch the reruns on Disney XD, but I really should just buy the DVDs.

  18. 1. Both the cartoon and the TV show misrepresented Cyclops. In the comics, he’s probably one of the most well-rounded characters, but because everyone’s obsessed with Wolverine and the two of them are always at odds, Cyclops is depicted as a douche bag when he’s much more than that.
    2. I stand behind the belief that most of us went through puberty early because of the cartoon’s depiction of Rogue. I’m not a fan of censorship, but that body should be illegal! I think that’s why she was always wearing that jacket. Otherwise, she would have looked to naked and perfect.
    3. I straight up cried while watching the last episode of the X-Men animated series and the thing about that is that I watched it just over a year ago. (I missed the last two or three episodes on the original run. Probably for a Saturday morning soccer game or something.)

  19. The movies disappointed me so much

  20. X-Men was my favorite show!!! Gambit is my favorite character….I still want to marry him….*swoons. And I HATED the movie Gambit…after waiting through 3 movies I get this pussy?! Anyways, Rogue and Gambit… absolute faves. I dressed up as Storm one year and I’m thinking about doing it again next year (i’ll be 26 haha….)

    X-Men the cartoon for LIFE

  21. The theme songs were better than the movies.

  22. They have all the episodes up on Netflix now. My favorites were Rogue and Gambit.

  23. Ah! The Xmen so we meet again Xavier! Foolish humans! Mutants shall rule!

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