#88 TaleSpin Had The Full Package.

This cartoon was one of the most well written animated series’ of its time. The adventures of Baloo the bear and his orphan kid sidekick, Kit Cloudkicker were always entertaining – so much so that I considered joining the Air Force to fly planes until I was informed that it was nothing like TaleSpin. There was the all work, no play Rebecca Cunningham who was constantly up Baloo’s ass because of his laidback (by laidback, I mean LAZY) work ethic. However, Rebecca’s daughter, Molly Cunningham was a six year old thrill seeker who joined Baloo and Kit on their adventures and provided a good amount of humor. The show really was fantastic, offering interesting storylines combined with great action scenes in the sky. In addition, TaleSpin had one of the greatest intros of all time. That theme song is still embedded in the mind of many 90s kids to this day. There was a compilation of cool clips combined with an extremely catchy tune which made it a classic. The best part of the song is when they break it down and spit hot fire with the following lyrics:
Spin it, let’s begin it, bear and grin it, when you’re in it. You can win it, in a minute, when you spin it, spin it, spin it!
Am I the only one who found it odd that Baloo wore a shirt but no pants, just leaving his bare bear ass out there for the world to see? I mean, c’mon dude, surely you can afford a pair of Wranglers.



17 responses to “#88 TaleSpin Had The Full Package.

  1. Sure, TaleSpin was awesome! It was my fave Disney series, and still is 🙂

  2. Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants as well!

  3. Just the “bear” necessities!

  4. How cool was it that Kit sometimes got to “surf” behind the plane on that silver disk of his. I always wanted to do that!

  5. I don’t remember many of the episodes, but I do remember the night the show premiered (yes, night) and a commercial for McDonalds featuring toys from the show.

  6. Ooooh hello good memories! 🙂 Teeny!me always thought Kit Cloudkicker was the coolest character on that show. What teeny!me didn’t realize were all the parallels with the 1930’s going on in the series. Years later, I found out that two friends of mine had once worked on a fic chronicling the Tail Spin ‘verse’s arrival at World War II, and to this day I desperately want to read that story!

  7. God bless the disney afternoon!

  8. It seems like a lot of cartoons go pantless- Rocko from Rocko’s Modern Life, Donald Duck as someone stated above… Squidward from Spongebob! It’s a conspiracy 😉

  9. Nice article. The Disney Afternoons were great! Darkwing Duck was hillarious, Duck Tails was memorable… but you are write, niether was as well written as TailSpin.

    • Uh, I agree with you on most of that except your forgetting about Rescue Rangers. For me my favorites of the Disney afternoons were always Tailspin, Rescue Rangers, Duck Tales, and Aladdin. I just finished watching the theme songs for all those old shows and I still can remember like 80% of the words…weird

  10. I was at work about 6 months ago trying everything I could to remember that song. sad to say, I had to look it up. On a side note, when a character from any series ever, including live action people, where a shirt and no pants, it’s called: Pooh Bearing. like – Baloo was totally pooh bearing it in Tailspin. 😀

  11. That was one of my favorites back then along with Ducktales. I honestly never realized the show was supposed to be set in the 1930s until about a year ago.

  12. I loved how it had characters from The Jungle Book – Baloo, Louie (who were now friends) and Shere Kahn.

  13. Tail Spin created the plot for Disneys The Rocketeer. There was an episode in which Baloo became “Bullet Head” a super hero in a jet pack. Almost the exact same thing.

  14. God, that theme song is addicting. In the opening and the end credits. O-E-A! TaleSpin! O-E-O! TaleSpin!

  15. I can’t even begin to explain how Rebecca Cunningham somehow managed to start my puberty at the age of 7. You think I’m kidding.

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