#89 Tiger Handheld Games Were Not Da Bomb.

Let’s be honest, there were a lot of things in the 90s that SUCKED, yet we still have love for them. Tiger handheld games are a prime example of one of those sucky, beloved items. Simple controls, bad graphics and repetitive gameplay isn’t much BUT it was enough to get by on those painfully long summer trips. Basically the only logical reason for owning these things was that you were too poor to afford a Gameboy (like me). There wasn’t a kid in the world who CHOSE to play Tiger handhelds over a Nintendo Gameboy. These were simply a last resort for the less fortunate gamers. Not to sound ungrateful but these just weren’t the most appealing form of video games. Sure the first three minutes in was enjoyable but after that, you were stuck playing a different game called “try to keep interest in this shitty handheld thing”. However, credit should be given where it is due and there were a few games in their selection that had decent replay value. It was just hard to play Paperboy over and over again when the kid next to you was switching between Mario, Zelda, Tetris and every other game under the sun on his big blocky Gameboy. Anyway, here’s to Tiger handheld games – the FruitStripe Gum of the video game world.