#89 Tiger Handheld Games Were Not Da Bomb.

Let’s be honest, there were a lot of things in the 90s that SUCKED, yet we still have love for them. Tiger handheld games are a prime example of one of those sucky, beloved items. Simple controls, bad graphics and repetitive gameplay isn’t much BUT it was enough to get by on those painfully long summer trips. Basically the only logical reason for owning these things was that you were too poor to afford a Gameboy (like me). There wasn’t a kid in the world who CHOSE to play Tiger handhelds over a Nintendo Gameboy. These were simply a last resort for the less fortunate gamers. Not to sound ungrateful but these just weren’t the most appealing form of video games. Sure the first three minutes in was enjoyable but after that, you were stuck playing a different game called “try to keep interest in this shitty handheld thing”. However, credit should be given where it is due and there were a few games in their selection that had decent replay value. It was just hard to play Paperboy over and over again when the kid next to you was switching between Mario, Zelda, Tetris and every other game under the sun on his big blocky Gameboy. Anyway, here’s to Tiger handheld games – the FruitStripe Gum of the video game world.


26 responses to “#89 Tiger Handheld Games Were Not Da Bomb.

  1. Ha the Mortal Kombat one wasn’t too bad at all but you’re absolutely right about everything.

  2. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl & loved my Beauty & the Beast Tiger Handheld…but I never remember wanting a Gameboy growing up. I was pretty happy with my one game (while, two games…I had a Kermit the Frog skateboarding one too). Maybe I was just oblivious to what I was missing out on by not having a Gameboy…


    • I had the Beauty and the Beast game! I loved it.
      I was always too poor to afford video games at all. (Recently, I found out we were almost too poor to afford freaking food! That’s something else I realized about the 90s.) I remember being on a field trip in 5th grade (which was 2000 or so?) and all the kids had the GBA, and I was in awe, because they let me borrow theirs for a few minutes, and it was the first time I ever touched one.

  3. I forgot all about these till I read this, I used to love my darkwing duck one.

  4. haha! I remember I had a Snow White one and the day I got my Gameboy Color (with Pokemon Yellow) I got rid of it. Gotta love the 90s. 🙂

  5. Tiger Electronics Baseball. I STILL play it.

    Nuff said.

  6. “The Little Mermaid” handheld game was the sh*t.

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  8. Oh man, just stumbled uponyour blog. I totally forgot about these games – my brother had the X-men one, and I had Sonic 2 (both in your graphic). I bet they’re still lying around somewhere in a box in the attic. Strange thing is, we also both had blocky gameboys. Not sure how these handhelds were thrown into our gaming mix…

  9. I had the Shaq dunking game. I played that thing for a while, and was equally frustrated by it every single time I played.

  10. My parents couldn’t afford a Gameboy for me so these things were my saving grace!!! Al Unsers racing is a personal fav…..along with Skate or Die. I must’ve had like 50 of these

  11. This is so true. I had the X-Men one, and I don’t think I even knew what I was doing on it…just pressing buttons. I suppose it entertained me. But I was very happy the Christmas I finally got a Gameboy.

  12. My parents couldn’t afford a Gameboy either, I had the X-Men one, it was challenging but I liked it better than some Nintendo games.

  13. I always got hand me down consoles from my brothers when they upgraded to the latest and greatest, and when I begged for a game boy, my dad just bought me a bunch of these. While they weren’t very challenging i LOVED them. They kept my ADD in check. I still have the Aladdin, Lion King, GI Joe and a few others.

  14. ya but you could play them anywhere, even in the car

  15. Holy shit I totally forgot about these until I saw this post, lmfao! I remember I had the Sonic one and I loved it to death! Made long flights super entertaining…until Gameboy Colour came along.

  16. I totally had that sonic 2 handheld…good times

  17. I had the Lion king one it was fun until you beat the final fourth level. After that it was never played with ever again. I was also too poor to own a Gameboy. 😦

  18. Double Dragon II

    I got the Double Dragon II one from class one day. We had a system where you get fake money for good behaviour in elementary school and you could save up your money to buy toys at the end of the week. In hindsight, the toys were probably just discarded things from the teachers’ children, but I saved hardcore for that game. I don’t think I ever beat though.

    Fortunately, I got a gameboy color some years later.

  19. I had Sonic 1 or 2.

  20. I have the Little Mermaid one, but I can never win the game, and I don’t understand why. Anyone care to share the secrets to winning? I’d appreciate it very much! 🙂

  21. Shinobi was so awesome

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