#90 The Contestants On Nick Arcade Were Terrible At Video Games.

I don’t know who did the casting for Nick Arcade but whoever it was sure had a knack for finding the most incapable gamers. This show was spectacular in the early 90s and it would be interesting to see it done in modern times with all of the new video games and improved technology. Anyway, I’m not sure if it was multiple cases of unsteady hands or if being horrible at the Sega Genesis was a requirement for all contestants, either way; almost every episode features someone so incompetent that it was frustrating to watch. I don’t want to be tough on these kids but it was 1991 and the controllers probably had two buttons and an arrow pad! How hard can that be to handle? Typically those who sucked at video games also sucked in the final part of the show called “The Video Zone”, which was a live action video game. This three level course required climbing, running, ducking and dodging which is asking a lot from an uncoordinated kid who can’t use a basic controller to collect rings on Sonic the Hedgehog. As bad as some of these kids were, the show never failed to entertain me and besides Legends Of The Hidden Temple – it looked like the most fun game show to participate in.


15 responses to “#90 The Contestants On Nick Arcade Were Terrible At Video Games.

  1. Not only were they terrible, but many of us were so young at the time we thought they actually were inside a video game during The Video Zone. Was a real kick in the balls when I finally turned 5 and realized it was a green screen.

  2. Second Rider Sixth Ranger

    A few years ago, I was watching reruns on Nick GAS (RIP, such a great channel…) and I couldn’t believe that anyone could be THAT bad at Sonic the Hedgehog.

  3. King of the Monsters was one of the greatest games ever and they played that on this show.

  4. If you gave a Genesis controller to a dog so he could sit and chew on it for awhile, I’m pretty sure that the dog would be able to collect 25 rings in the first level of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Come on, kids. Step up your game!

  5. Wow what a good idea for bringing current gen games into the television. it would be fun to watch because you’d be watching people competing in some kind of game tailored to fit well with the expectations of the TV audience of which I’m not one of them.

  6. That and kids were dumbshits at putting together the Silver Monkey in Legends of the Hidden Temple.

  7. Lol @ the golden monkey joke! I cannot believe they got rid of that nick gas channel that brought back memories.

  8. I always got the impression that the Video Zone was ridiculously hard. I mean you got a bunch of little kids who have never even seen or heard of the green screen before, and they have to awkwardly simulate a video game by staring straight ahead at a monitor and trying to figure out where they are on the map.

    It would be hard. Good point about those dumbasses who could never put together the Golden Monkey though.

  9. man that would be fuckin sweet to see a new version of Nick Arcade, they’d probably just use it to promote new games for the xbox kinect tho

  10. I remember I was in the audience for one of those shows. I was so disappointed that I wasn’t picked, especially when the game they were playing was Sonic 2. It was embarrassing how bad those kids were. I know I would’ve finished in less than half the time those kids did.


  12. heh, Nick Arcade was always my favorite game show on nick, and I do remember watching both times Sonic 2 was played. I had always been confused as to why it had Star Light Zone music in Emerald Hill Zone, until I found out many years later that they were using a prototype version of the game.

  13. Getting on this show was one of my top of the top childhood dreams.

  14. As a contestant, they would sit all four players selected in a trailer filled with all the latest games. (Along with all the soda and snacks you would ever want as a kid.) The PAs would ask us who was good at games. When I told them I was, they asked that we let our partners go first. I never understood why, but you will noticed that both teams on average only played one game per episode. Normally the person who actually could play games never had a chance.

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