#91 Luke Skywalker Is The Joker.

So if some older people decided to start a blog called “Things 70s Kids Realize” that boasted about all of their cool pop culture, Star Wars would certainly be in the discussion. Unfortunately a lot of folks from the 70s were too high to remember what the hell was going on back then, so that’s not likely to happen. While 90s kids can’t take credit for Star Wars, we can say that we got to experience Luke Skywalker for ourselves. That’s because Mark Hamill who played Luke was also the voice of Joker on our beloved Batman The Animated Series. Mark was great in Star Wars as Luke and about 15 years later he truly joined the dark side when he took on the role of the Joker. I know there are constant debates about who performed the best Joker but if you’re talking about who captured the greatest “Joker laugh” then the rankings look a little something like this:
1.) Mark Hamill
2.) Heath Ledger
3.) Jack Nicholson
Personally, I think Mark Hamill is the best overall Joker of ever but my “90s loving opinion” is probably a bias one. Regardless we should all be able to appreciate the fact that two of the most iconic fiction characters of all time were played by the same man. Here’s to Mark Hamill and his awesomeness.


17 responses to “#91 Luke Skywalker Is The Joker.


  2. You know what was really amazing with him as the Joker? They brought him to do the voice for the Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum, which was essentially Batman the Animated series in video game form, developed for our more adult maturity level!

  3. Dude, That’s no 90’s bias, that’s a fact. Ledger and Nicholson were great but Mark Hamill’s Joker voice is THE Joker voice.

  4. Red5 was… holy crap! I had no idea! I’ll never be able to think of a certain farm boy from a galaxy long ago and far away the same way again. Eep!

  5. Hammil’s actually made quite a name for himself in Voice acting. He’s mostly well known for his Joker voice, but he’s done a lot of work in that field, including a lot of videogame work (although ironically, he’s never portrayed Luke Skywalker in any of the Star Wars Videogames out there).

  6. WOAH! I had no idea.

    Ok, I’m listening to this laugh and it’s blowing my mind.


  8. Not only did Hamill absolutely nail the Joker part, but Batman The Animated Series is still the definitive Batman show/movie in my opinion. It “got” the tone and feel in a way no other Batman show has.

  9. He was also the voice of the Hobgoblin on the Spiderman cartoon series.

  10. He was also the Fire Lord in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

  11. I want to see something on Hypercolor shirts! Unless I missed the boat on that conversation…

  12. I have to disagree on the order personally. I would put Nicholson over Ledger.

    With that said, here’s something else some may not know. There was a short-lived live-action series in the early 90’s called “The Flash” based off of the DC character. I loved this series. Starred John Wesley Shipp.

    My point is that there was a villain that made a few appearances called The Trickster, and he was played by THE Mark Hamill! What’s more, he played that character EXACTLY like the Joker! In both voice and mannerisms. It was the best live-action representation of the Joker I’ve ever seen. Check it out sometime!

  13. aw man I remember the Trickster…. he was so terrible lol

  14. Even though I think Ledger’s performance in The Dark Knight really defined the character perfectly, and even though I love it to the brink of obsession, every SINGLE time I read a comic with the Joker, I hear Mr. Hamill’s voice. It’s just a part of my brain. I’ll never forget my dad telling me “you know that’s Luke Skywalker doing the Joker’s voice.” It was like all the geek stars aligned in that moment.

  15. Mark Hamill totally set the bar for the Joker, and I think you’re Joker laugh ranking is actually the same as I would put straight-up all-around Joker ranking.

    Question: Am I to believe that kids in the 90s weren’t too high to remember the 90s?

  16. Vader: No. I am your father.
    Luke: That’s not… hahahahaha… that’s… haha…. That’s HILARIOUS! *Joker laugh*

  17. here here

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