#93 T.J. Detweiler Was A Spectacular Leader.

The cartoon, Recess is an accurate but exaggerated depiction of the fourth grade that all of us knew and loved. We had a tightly knit group of friends, full of unique individuals who had certain tendencies. The society of kids on the cartoon had their own  little government system (led by the infamous, “King Bob”) with unwritten laws, much like the higher authorities (better known as popular and/or rich kids) that we had. It’s exactly how things ran back in the day. Sure, we didn’t literally have a “king” but there were kids who ran the show even though they had no title. On the show each character played a specific role:

Vince: The athlete/token black friend.
Spinelli: The tomboy/future lesbian.
Gretchen: The nerd/smart girl.
Mikey: The fat kid/goalie by default.
Gus: The new kid/ the naive one.

Those characters were all important but without the leadership of T.J. Detweiler, they would’ve been wandering around the school grounds aimlessly. T.J. was the glue that kept the group together and got them into shenanigans. What made him a spectacular ringleader was his capability of rallying other students outside of his core group for the greater good as well. The relatable experiences of T.J. and company actually taught us a thing or two that could be translated to our daily lives, which is rare for a kids cartoon. While the combination of characters was cohesive, T.J. stood out as the leader of the average guy and all of us average kids admired him for that.  Besides Tommy Pickles, who was a better 90s cartoon leader?


9 responses to “#93 T.J. Detweiler Was A Spectacular Leader.

  1. Who was a better 90’s cartoon leader? Leonardo.

    TJ rules though, as does Tommy.

  2. Interesting that you name Tommy Pickles as another great leader of the 90’s, Paul Germain co created both Rugrats and Recess and Tommy is named after his own son.

  3. Arnold from Hey Arnold was excellent. He had people’s respect and would do his best to do the right things and to lead his friends to the best way.

  4. i was waiting for you to write something about Recess, i absolutely loved that show!!!! next you should talk about….. ummmm, ARTHUR!!!

  5. typical 90's kid

    zach morris = t.j. detweiler in high school

  6. Recess seemed to be the only show I couldn’t agree on with the rest of my friends. I used to love that show.


    So was Leonardo.

  8. I love Recess! I bought all the DVD’s for my 2 year old kids and they love it!

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