#94 Bobby’s World Had Some Very… “Unique” Characters.

Little Bobby Generic had quite a childhood on a show that ran for 80 episodes worth of entertainment. Bobby’s World had a variety of characters, all worthy of a mention but a few in particular stood out. When you look back, Bobby’s Uncle Ted immediately comes to mind. From the looks of things, Uncle Ted was bumming off of his sister and her husband, living and breathing on their dime. On top of being deadweight, the man gave off a very creepy vibe. No grown man should find that much joy in constantly giving a little boy noogies, it’s just not normal. Then there was Bobby’s mother, Martha Generic who had the heaviest North Central American English accent you’ve ever heard. Many have noticed the fact that she is basically the cartoon version of Sarah Palin. Really, it’s remarkable how much Martha’s gee gollys, gosh darns, and don’t ‘cha knows sound just like Mrs. Palin herself. On top of having interesting characters, the show had Howie Mandel! Howie has changed a lot visually since the 1990s. The long, curly locks that he used to wear have ceased to exist. Many didn’t know that he hosted Deal or No Deal because now he has a shiny, bald head. Those who watched Bobby’s World tend to appreciate everything Howie & company had to offer. A few years ago there were even talks of a comeback; but being that there are no new episodes, it seems as if there was no deal.


7 responses to “#94 Bobby’s World Had Some Very… “Unique” Characters.

  1. Yeah I just had to YouTube Bobby’s World to refresh my memory on it. The only thing I really remember about it was how the intro reminded me of that scene from The Shining – where hes riding his trike down hallways and running into weird crap.

    It sucks that kids today don’t have quality cartoons. If you can say one thing about the 90s, we had some of the best children’s entertainment ever. From Saved by the Bell to Rocko’s Modern Life to Arthur to the whole SNICK line-up. Goddamn I miss those days.

  2. I watched the intro to Bobby’s World recently and I forgot how trippy it was. And I agree with Braggis, we did have the best cartoons, they were so full of life and imagination.

  3. Oh to be a kid again… Man I’d give anything..

  4. “What time is it?”

    “Time for noogies!”

    “Uncle Ted…”

  5. OMGaaaah I’d totally forgotten about Bobby’s World! I feel so guilty. I LOVED that show!

  6. Omg atleast some people remmember this show. Me and my bro used to watch this show like crazy and when ever we mention it no one has a clue makes me soo mad. and agree with all of u our generation had the best shows every now the shows idk just not the same so gla they brought back some 90s cuz i just wanna go back to being a kid and watching saturday cartoons yeah!

  7. i freaking loved this show i wish they would play it again they should have one channel and name it the 90s shows and play them all every last one of them all day everyday! i miss my childhood

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