#95 We Had An Abundance Of Fruit Snacks.

Apparently if something had a sweet taste resembling that of a fruit, it was eligible to be called a “fruit snack”. Realistically, very little real fruit goes into Fruit By The Foot, Fruit Roll-ups, Fruit Gushers, Shark Bites or any of those scrumptious little treats. While they don’t provide many vitamins or nutrients, they are extremely tasty which is why we ate the hell out of them for the entire decade and beyond. Perhaps parents believed the word “fruit” meant “healthy” because they bought masses of these for their kids and filled our lunch boxes and after school snack menus with ‘em. Credit your constant sugar highs and first cavities to these bad boys but realize that they were well worth it. They all provided something unique that made each one special in its own way, for example:

Fruit Roll-ups: Punch out shapes on the fruit rolls and temporary tongue tattoos.
Fruit By The Foot: It’s 3 feet worth of candy. Even if it tasted like crap, the fact that it’s 3 feet worth of crap would make it acceptable.
Fruit Gushers: Its hexagon shaped, chewy and full of juice that tastes like heaven in your mouth.
Shark Bites: Candy shaped like sharks. ‘Nuff Said.

These things were so delectable that they’ve managed to remain popular to this day. The best part is now that you’re grown and have your own jobs, funds and independence, you can buy as many fruit snacks as you please. The sky is the limit… Well the sky and your blood sugar levels are the limits.


16 responses to “#95 We Had An Abundance Of Fruit Snacks.

  1. I love this post! My favorite “fruit” snack was String Thing!

  2. I liked to crunch up a fruit roll up and stuff the whole thing in my mouth. Teeth be damned!

  3. The Shark Bites totally came with stickers! And why don’t fruit snacks now taste like they used to? They’re all sticky and gross!

  4. Gushers were the holy grail of fruit snacks… mom almost never let me have them, but when she did, I would always have at least two packs before we even got home from the store!

  5. GUSHERS for liiiiiife!!

  6. You forgot the best snack ever, Dunkaroos.

  7. Mathieu Gagnon

    Yo, what about Soda Licious? Awesome!

  8. Gushers were my thing. Does anyone know of any stores that still sell gushers?

  9. Never… insult… Fruit by the Foot… in front of me.

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  11. I was gonna mention String Thing! I’m glad someone else remembers that.

  12. Does ANYONE remember the gummy snacks that were shaped like birthday cake? I have such distinct memories of them but have yet to find another soul who remembers them and haven’t been able to find anything online.

    • Yes! I loved those!!!! I remember they were pink and white and may have came with little pegasus in the pack too, they were the best!!!!

  13. LOONEY TUNE FRUIT SNACKS! all the characters were shaped in fruity colors except for Bugs Bunny.. who was still grey. which made it a tad awkward to eat. but he tasted awesome

  14. Remember Fruit String Things?

  15. Sometimes I have to buy Gushers to relive my childhood lol.

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