#97 More Reptar Would Have Been Awesome.

On Rugrats, the babies were fans of a big, green dinosaur named Reptar who was an obvious play on Godzilla. It wasn’t really clear if he was friend or foe because sometimes he looked to be a hero while other times it seemed the opposite. Apparently he was the most marketable character in the Rugrats’ little world because he’s seen on cereal boxes, movies, ice skating shows, TV shows, action figures, amusement parks and other merchandise. On multiple occasions, The Rugrats met Reptar, or someone dressed like him at public events, such as “Reptar On Ice!” It kind of made us envy the babies because most of us wouldn’t have minded an entire market of Reptar stuff in our reality. It seems as if we knew Reptar was made up and we only got him in small doses, so we wanted to see more of him. It was a typical case of wanting what we can’t have. There were plenty of forms of entertainment available to us, yet we couldn’t resist the animated Godzilla rip off. Being shown all those tiny snippets of Reptar was like watching an awesome movie trailer for a film that isn’t ever going to be made. Besides The Beets, Reptar was the greatest form of fiction, toon entertainment. If “The Beets Killer Tofu Tour and “Reptar On Ice” were in town on the same night at the same time, which one would you go to?


17 responses to “#97 More Reptar Would Have Been Awesome.

  1. The Beets. No contest.

  2. Reptar on Ice… obvi. I still remember “Uh… there’s some kids… on the ice! What’s a dinosaur to do… when there’s kids… on the ice?! Somebody call their mom!!!” Cracked my ish up when he sang that haha

  3. Killer Tofu Tour, hands down.

  4. Totally the beets lol i mean come on who doesn’t love killer tofu ha ha

  5. I have head explody from this question.

  6. Reptar on Ice with musical score by The Beets!

  7. The Beets. Hands down.

  8. Uff… That’s a difficult question. I suppose it would be The Beets, although Reptar on Ice would be pretty sick…

  9. The Beats! Ooh-eee-oooo…killler tofu!

  10. Don’t make me choose man….Don’t make me choose!!!!!

  11. THE BEETS!!!!!!! duh.

  12. The freaking Beets, man! Play “Where’s My Sock”!

  13. DamascusRibbon

    The Beets, definitely.
    Also, Reptar Bars ftw.

  14. The Beets while wearing a Reptar shirt.

  15. I’d watch The Beets while singing along into a Reptar bar.

  16. Reptar on Ice *There’s some kids… on the ice! What’s a dinosaur to do… when there’s kids… on the ice! Somebody call their MOOOOOM!* >> best song ever.

  17. I answered this twice apparently… in the same way…. because I’m passionate about Reptar.

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