Mike Posner Questionnaire.

Yo, fellow 90s lovers – here is a little special something for y’all. The singer, song writer, producer MIKE POSNER who is a 90s kid himself, was kind enough to answer some 90s related question for the site! This is the coolest thing to happen for Things 90s Kids Realize to date so enjoy it! And believe it or not Mike Posner does visit the site so show him some love and leave your answers to the questions in the comment section, folks!

What animated 90s character would you like to chill with?:
 King Bob.
What is your proudest video game accomplishment?: I was ill with the Duck Hunt gun.
What 90s show or cartoon would people be surprised to know that you watched?: Recess all day. They never released the seasons on DVD, only the movie. I played a show at St. Bonaventure University and a kid named Mike brought me bootlegs of all the episodes. I’ve been watching them on the bus every night before bed lol.
Who is the sexiest female cartoon character and why?: The chick from Scooby Doo that wore purple. I dno if Scooby Doo was from the 90s or earlier but she was my number one.
Who is your childhood crush?: This chick that played on my big sister’s soccer team named Sabrina Bourqouist. Blonde hair and goals on the reg. For some reason I don’t think she reads this site.
What 90s videogame has robbed you of the most hours of your life?: That’s going to be a tie between Mega Man and NBA Jam (my team was the Seattle Super Sonics….Detlef Schrempf on that asssssssssss).
What is your favorite 90s sports moment?: Mike Vernon beating the shit out of Patrick Roy. I’m from Detroit.
Which 90s one-hit wonders can be found on your iPod?: Eagle Eye Cherry – Save Tonight (classic), All 4 One – I Swear
What 90s music artist(s) inspired you most? Nirvana, OutKast, The Roots, Tupac Afeni Shakur, Pearl Jam, Reflection Eternal
What 90s cartoon character is most like Mike Posner and why? Night Crawler. Actually….we have no similarities whatsoever but he was dope. This guy would disappear and reappear in a different spot. So ill.
How did you handle Mufasa’s death? Years of denial and occasional violent outbursts on my sister.  Sorry.
What was your signature cereal and cartoon on Saturday mornings?: Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch and sorry to repetitive but RECESS.
When was the last time you felt nostalgic?: Every morning when I go to this website.

90s Cartoon:
90s TV Show: Family Matters/ Home Improvement
90s Movie: Major League I and Major League II. WILD THING DUHHH DUHHH. YOU MAKE MY HEART SING. DUHH DUHHH. #Winning
90s Musician: Nirvana.
90s Song: 2Pac – Changes
90s Toy: K’NEX. Remember those? They were like Legos for elitists.
90s Shoes or Clothing: Lee Pipes. By the way, I’d like to point out that in the late 90’s/early 2000’s it was a social norm for girls to wear BIG ASS BELL-BOTTOMS. WTF!?!?!?!?
90s Book: I can’t name one book written in the 90s lol. I prefer to wait until the writer dies and the book is accepted by the literary community as a classic. That way I know I’m not wasting 2-4 weeks of my life on some amateur that thought of a cool title.

Patty Mayonnaise or Topanga Lawrence?

Both of those chicks are ridiculously overrated.
Topanga – 6.2
Patty Mayonnaise – 3.6
X-Men or Ninja Turtles? Turtles. Btw, Donatello is smarter than Professor X. Don’t underestimate his intelligence just because he can walk.
Batman or Spiderman? Spiderman. Batman can’t even do anything.
Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis? C’mon man. Sega. No question.
WWF or WCW? WWF! Undertaker was that dude. They used to bring him to the ring in a coffin. I donno why I though that was so cool when I was a kid….kinda creepy now that I think about it.
Goosebumps or Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark? This is a secret I’ve never told anyone before but I was extremely scared of both of them. Neither.
Fruit Gushers, Fruit By The Foot or Fruit Roll-ups? GUSHERS! I forgot about those until I read this question. How’d they make them so juicy???!!!?
Better leader: Tommy Pickles or TJ Detweiler? Easily TJ Detweiler. Think of how many ethnic, gender, age, and socioeconomic boundaries his leadership succeeded in despite of.
Biggest bitch: Angelica Pickles or Helga Pataki? Angelica Pickles.  If I ever saw her I would kick her in the balls and run.

More Mike Posner at: MikePosner.com, Twitter, Facebook
More Things 90s Kids Realize at: Twitter, Facebook 


42 responses to “Mike Posner Questionnaire.

  1. this is hilarious…..posner has the ill shit. http://www.freemikeposner.com

  2. as if i needed to be any more in love with mike posner

  3. Hahahaha this made my day.

    Biggest bitch: Angelica Pickles or Helga Pataki? Angelica Pickles. If I ever saw her I would kick her in the balls and run.

    I love you.


  4. This is why Mike and I will be married someday ❤ yumm.

  5. HAHAHAHA!!!!
    Mike is awesome, that’s why I’m such a fan of his. He’s so relatable & his music is awesome! Plus, I seriously just laughed out loud to almost all of his answers 🙂

  6. LMFAO. I totally cracked up reading this. Mike, you make us love you even more! ❤

    P.S- I agree about gushers (they were the shit!), and don't underestimate Batman cuz he has no real super powers! :p

  7. I love Mike Posner, his music, and his personality. This just confirmed how much I love him. Mike, go play at OSSSUUU! The Buckeyes all want you…including me and the girlsss.

  8. Thanks for the link to this cool site Mike Posner! + Recess is just aight… there are so many better cartoons than Recess. #nooffence

  9. 3 cheers for Recess and good music!!! AND THE 90s! We had it all

  10. Come on Mr. Posner Super Nintendo is way better!! And dont be a ninny Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark wasnt that bad!

  11. Mike Posner is sick! And just reading this makes him even more awesome! ❤

  12. This was amazing!! I recess soo much!! that show was all day long no joke. And I’d challenge Mike Hot-as-Hell Posner to a duck hunt match anyday of the week :]

  13. “K’NEX….They were like Legos for elitists.”

    HA! I literally snorted my drink when I read that.

  14. haha Mike Posner…i do not think you know how freakin’ awesome you are. Loved the Angelica comment…i agree 100%. I made it to your Myrtle Beach, Sc & Chapel Hill, NC show 🙂 you’re awesome in concert..im blown away by your talent!!!

  15. C’mon Mike, they weren’t bell-bottoms. They were called flares and they were the SHIT!!!

    AWESOME interview!

  16. Easily the greatest thing that I’ve ever read. Recess was the shit, Angelica Pickles was the worst, Changes was and still is a phenomenal song, and Daphne from Scooby Doo was a babe. Haha. Mike Posner, you’re a pure dream.

  17. Easily the greatest thing that I’ve ever read. Recess was the illest show out there, Angelica Pickles was the worst, Changes was and still is a phenomenal song, and Daphne from Scooby-Doo was a babe. Haha. Mike Posner, you’re a pure dream.

  18. I still have my K’NEX; they’re in my closet. Nightcrawler is my favorite X-Men due to me playing as him on the X-Men game for the Sega Genesis. He’s blue, and he can teleport, what is there to not like about that?

  19. Kassi Lawson

    Gushers! Good choice!

  20. I`ve laugh out loud all the time while I was reading this questionnaire, this is to much, it´s great knowing that we have so much in common xD
    And “Biggest bitch: Angelica Pickles or Helga Pataki? Angelica Pickles. If I ever saw her I would kick her in the balls and run.” it´s hilarious It´s like I saw you doing that.
    I have you on facebook and I always try to post you ❤ if you read this please leave me a post on my wall yesterday was my birthday, it would be the greatest gift ever ;P find me for Konytanza Valdés I´m from Chile! =)

  21. It`s so funny I laughed out loud all the time while I was reading this questionnaire, we have so much in common xD
    And “Biggest bitch: Angelica Pickles or Helga Pataki? Angelica Pickles. If I ever saw her I would kick her in the balls and run.” I can picture you doing it, it´s hilarious, you`re great.
    I have you on facebook, please, please if you read this leave me a post on my wall, yesterday was my birthday 2nd May, it would be the best gift eveeeeeerr ;P find by Konytanza Valdés Leyton, I´m from Chile! =)

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  23. Kick her in the balls and run!

  24. Great answers. Brings back memories w/ my brother who was all into video games, especially Super Mario Bros. & Duck Hunt, and of course I played them w/ him occasionally. OMG I can hear the sounds of the video games echoing back from those days in my head now. Make it stop! Haha And the TMNT were cool. Especially loved the Tupac mention. I was/is into his music. LEGEND!

    Mike Posner…super cool guy who’s super funny…on the reg.

  25. Eagle Eye Cherry – word.

  26. Such a funny, cute and uber talented hunk. Oh what a dream! Best thing I’ve read in a while; gr8 job! Loved how, despite growing up in a different country, I KNEW what he was talking about and agreed with most of his answers 🙂 (e.g. Tupac and Nirvana are to him what The Backstreet Boys are to me.) And “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” WAS scary :O — Glad I wasn’t the only who thought so 🙂 KEEP THESE COMING!

  27. Daphne is the one on Scooby-Doo who wears purple (but you got that already)… and the cartoon is older than you. I watched it growing up & I’m an 80s kid. 🙂

  28. Courtney Wood

    How completely down to Earth! Great answers! I ❤ Recess too, but King Bob, really? Def TJ as he was the man with the plan and pranked the Great King Bob!

  29. Sabrina Jamil

    mikeyyyp is the best. only celeb who’s real. #1fan

  30. Ahhhhhahahahhaha! That was awesome. I have to agree with you about Angelica, there. And yes, Recess was the best.

  31. Ah come on! Tommy Pickles was a BABY and had everyone eating out of his hands. I will, however, agree on the Sega Genesis v. Super Nintendo debate. Mario Brothers topped out at Super Mario Brothers 3 on Nintendo, and Sega had Ninja Turtles! How many times did I kick Shredder’s ass?

    So many times.

  32. Today morning itself i visited his site (http://mikeposnerhits.com/2011/05/03/new-mike-posner-questionnaire-with-things-90s-kids-realize/) ….. check out guys you will enjoy reading his answers … 😀

  33. I thought I was the only 90’s kid who loves eagle eye cherry- save tonight.

  34. Harry Potter is a 90s book. Yeah, it finished in 2007, but she officially created and told the stories to her kids all through the 90s and published the first book in 97, which is why the entire series is based 90-97.

    And Scooby Doo is from the 70s, maybe late 60s. My mom told me she watched that show growing up. And most guys i’ve talked to have said that definitely sexiest female cartoon character is Jessica Rabbit from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?”. And I know, that’s 88, but still it’s close enough. Need a reminder? http://www.fanpop.com/spots/childhood-memories/images/216194/title/jessica-rabbit-photo Katy Perry dressed up like her recently for a rewards show too if you are wondering.

  35. hahaha that dude’s awesome

  36. YO, Mike Posner. Sweet answers for the most part. I’m with you on your love for Recess and gushers. Home Improvement is also one of MY favs (my family is from Detroit and my dad was in Tim Allen’s dorm their freshman year at WMU). Your answer to the “Mufasa’s death” question had me laughing out loud at my computer and I can get behind your 90s music references. I’m assuming you’re a pretty big 2Pac fan considering how many times you mentioned him in this questionnaire and how often he’s your twitter background. That being said, you confused Tupac’s mother’s name, Afeni, for his middle name, which is actually Amaru. Tupac Amaru Shakur. Hopefully you see this comment so you don’t mix that up in future interviews. Love you, love your music, love you live (saw you at all of your IU shows), you’re welcome, @BJSCHELTER

  37. Fresh Prince is awesome!

    Ha Ha Ha! Still laughing from Fresh Prince.

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