Who Was The Best 90s Leader?

ATTENTION ALL 90s LOVERS, this is the FIRST of a new segment, called: “The Best Of”. It will allow us to interact with one another while we debate the greatest of different categories. We’re starting with “best leader” and here are the top 8 candidates:

Tommy Pickles (Rugrats)
TJ Detweiler (Recess)
Jason the Red Ranger(Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers)
Tommy The Green/White Power Ranger (Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers)
Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
Zack Morris (Saved By The Bell)
Ash Ketchum (Pokemon)
Arnold (Hey Arnold!)

Vote on the poll (open for 1-month) and leave your opinions, arguments and creative comments. If you’d like to make an argument for a candidate who isn’t listed above then feel free to bring them into the discussion. SHARE THIS with your friends on Facebook & Twitter so we can come to a majority conclusion as to who was the BEST LEADER OF THE 90s!


31 responses to “Who Was The Best 90s Leader?

  1. I know it’s pretty late into the decade, but I have to say Ash Ketchum was the best ’90s leader. A lot of my fondest childhood memories revolve around Pokemon.

    • I’m sorry, but in no way should Ash be named the best leader…the tagline, “Gotta Catch Em All” was removed from the show because Ash was soo bad. I think my friend tallied that (during the first and good season) he only really caught 31 Pokemon, not including the multiple Tauroses.

  2. I could argue Tommy, Ash, or TJ, but here’s the deal;
    Tommy, once he grew up, lost most of what made him a great leader and turned into kind of a douche.
    Ash, I love Ash, don’t get me wrong, but he couldn’t even keep Togepi to himself when Misty, imo, stole it from him.
    But TJ, TJ man, all i remember is unrelenting cool and confidence radiating off of that guy. He may have made one or two ‘bad’ decisions, but he was able to reach beyond the social stratifications that were elementary/middle school recess.

  3. First thought would be Tommy Pickles but i would have to agree that TJ takes the lead.He was fearless and never gave up ,Honestly he was kind of a Bad-Ass!!

  4. I’d say Arnold. Tommy and TJ only really helped their friends while Arnold was leading his negihborhood/town to help everyone, ake the world a better place, etc, etc… Plus TJ just got on my nerves. haha

    • How can you say TJ only helped his friends? Did you not see the movies or any of the episodes in which TJ helped the whole city/town and later the world? He’s the reason (if cartoons are to be believed) that we still have summer vacation!

  5. What about Kidvid from Burger King Kids club? You can’t beat that outfit! http://www.progressiveboink.com/archive/bkkidsclub.html

  6. It was a toss up between TJ and Arnold, but while Arnold was a god leader, it was only some of the time, other times he was chasing girls or just hanging out with Gerald, whereas TJ was the Leader of his gang in almost every episode, and sometimes leader of the whole playground.

  7. Seriously, how is Leonardo not just running away with this? He was the best leader out of those listed by a mile.

    • I had the same thought, but I also think TMNT is more of an 80’s thing that rolled over into the 90’s. I was (and maybe still am? Did I admit that) obsessed with Ninja Turtles and Leo, but I barely ever watched Recess. Then again, I was born in ’86 v. ’89 or ’93 like my sisters…who were huge Recess fans.

      • Well, they did have the awesome TMNT movies that came out in ’90, ’91, and ’93 (Very big part of my childhood). Even though the cartoon may have been more 80s, the movies were totally 90s! I was born in ’90, and – even as a girl – was a turtle for Halloween by age 3. Recess didn’t cross my radar until much later, and even then, the Turtles still held the majority. Sister was ’94, same with her. Leo should totally have this! D:

        I’ll admit to the obsession though. 😀 Too much Nostalgia not to.

  8. TJ! Come on! He actually rallied people and helped them out. Tommy, on the other hand, was an independent spirit, always out for himself. With TJ, there was team work in his group, but in Tommy’s group, they were all his lackies.

  9. TJ Detweiler, hands down.
    Tommy Pickles created more problems than he did solve them. Arnold only lead sometimes… He did more than solve problems, he sat around often etc etc. Also, Tommy was a way better Power Rangers leader than Jason… jussayin’. As much as I love the originals…

  10. some dude from pr

    dude, Zack Morris was hitting Kelly Kapowski that by far is way better than leading whatever the other guys were trying to lead

  11. TJ is not a good leader, its not hard to lead when you have the smartest, strongest, and most athletic helpers at your disposal.

    Arnold had to deal with a great big ball of shit for talent, and help even the mentally disabled like stoopkid, monkeyman, and pigeon man

    • Having the ability to influence someone stronger, smarter, and athletic than you does show qualities of a great leader.

      It’s like how Captain America can lead the Avengers amongst gods, genius, and rich playboys.

      Thus TJ is a leader.

  12. Have to agree with Eli on TJ compared to Arnold. Arnold pretty much helped the whole community, classmates, neighbors, family.

    I’m throwing a wild card in there: Danny Tanner. Danny lost his wife, battled a cleaning addiction, and had to run a house with a brother-in-law, best friend, three daughters, and Kimmy Gibbler and her stinky feet stopping by everyday. Jesse and Joey were barely any help, especially in the early seasons. I loved Full House but living there would’ve drove me insane, kudos to Danny Tanner for holding it together for all those years.

  13. Aw, come how, how does Leo not have this?! I MAY have picked Arnold second, because (as has been mentioned) he was always helping out EVERYONE in the community instead of just his group of friends.

    But Leonardo and the Turtles were out fighting supervillains like the Shredder and the Foot! Saving The World > Escaping Your Crib.

    I’m sorry, I LOVE Arnold and I was Jason/The Red Ranger when I was four, but Leo wins this one hands down.

  14. Sonic The Hedgehog, he led a group of his friends to take down robotnik.

  15. Ok, all great arguments, but could anyone be a better leader than Tommy Pickles when they were babies? Let’s see T.J. be a better leader when he is only a year old. Tommy could lead both T.J. and Arnold if they were babies. Now once Tommy “Growed Up” then I would give it to T.J. all the way. But as a Baby, Tommy was awesome. He had Reptar…

  16. Yup, voted for Leo, and tommy and TJ are valid leaders too. Ash tho, in all honesty was a shitttttttttt leader. The only reason we put up with him is because pokemon was f***ing AMAZING! Ash was just a whiny bitch who couldn’t cook, refused to evolve his pokemon, had a pikachu that seemed to have some “retarded-region-reset” button (there’s no way u go from being able to beat a dragonite to losing to a pidgeot), got his group lost all the time and refused to hook up with the variety of pretty girls he spent (from what we could tell) months traveling with. I’m sorry for those who are Ash lovers but as a pokemon enthusiast, and the average male, I can honestly say Ash was a bitch, plain and simple.

  17. I came to leave my vote for Tommy Pickles, I always thought he was a great leader given his limitations, and I find out nearly everyone had the same thing in mind. I’m shocked.

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  19. Badass costumes? Check. Starting out as one of the team’s strongest enemies? Check. Randomly taking over as leader without question upon breaking his spell? Check.

    Tommy Oliver, hands down.

    But aside from the poll choices, I choose Kid Vid from Burger King.

  20. I clearly enjoyed Rugrats more than Hey Arnold, but Hey Arnold just seems to catch the lifestyle more it seems.

  21. I remember TJ being the Danny Ocean of 90s cartoons. He was awesome!

  22. I’d say Ash just cause… Pokemon. but yea I wouldn’t really even categorize him as a leader and he’s not the brightest of the bunch and rather selfish.

  23. My family didn’t have cable when I was growing up, so I wasn’t a regular viewer of Nickelodeon. Still, whenever I caught a rare episode of Rugrats when I was out of the house, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why it was so popular. It seemed like a show made for toddlers or kindergarteners, yet older kids were smitten with it anyway. To me, watching Rugrats was about as enjoyable as eating a soggy bowl of corn flakes.

  24. Tommy Pickles. Hands down, no question.

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