#100 Disney Ruined Doug.

This is an issue that has been eating away at the nostalgic hearts of Doug lovers around the world for over a decade; and now, it’s time we release those feelings of disappointment and frustration. In 1996, Disney took Doug and changed things in a way that ruined the pure excellence Nickelodeon had previously created. It wasn’t just the fact that the new Doug had stupid, long sleeves and full length pants instead of khaki shorts. There were 10 specific differences that irked millions of us and they are listed below, in no particular order:

1.) Disney’s Doug had a new, whistling theme song that paled in comparison to the original.
2.) Disney’s Doug had 9 strands of hair, instead of 8. (OK, I’m nitpicking and it was for trademark purposes, but still.)
3.) Disney’s Doug added a new younger sister to the Funnie family. Her name was Cleopatra and she served no real purpose.
4.) Patti got a new haircut and a tan. The short hairdo gave her a prepubescent boyish charm that made Doug go more Gaga than Lady over Ms. Mayonnaise.
5.) Roger Klotz became rich in Disney’s Doug after living broke and in a trailer park for 3 seasons on Nickelodeon. Why would we want to see the character that we hated for all those episodes suddenly be rollin’ in the dough?
6.) The lightning bolt on Skeeter’s shirt became a zero and they changed his look up enough to make us notice and be aggravated.
7.) Every episode of Disney’s Doug was full length 22 minutes while Nickelodeons Doug was split into two 11 minute segments.
8.) The Honker Burger where Doug & company hung out on Nickelodeon closed down.
9.) Connie Benge lost like 50 pounds and was skinny on Disney’s Doug.
10.) Last but certainly not least and probably MOST bothersome of all, Disney’s Doug decided to BREAK UP THE GREATEST FICTION BAND OF ALL TIME, THE BEETS. Like we discussed in realization #69, The Beets created some brilliant songs that were better than a lot of un-animated, real life artists that exist today. This change by Disney is unacceptable and unforgivable.

In the interest of originality, it’s probably best that networks try creating their own, unique cartoon series’. However, if they insist on buying the rights to a classic, please don’t make unnecessary changes. How would they like it if Nickelodeon bought the rights to Ducktales, made Uncle Scrooge poor, changed Louie McDuck’s shirt to purple and created a new theme song that isn’t nearly as catchy or awesome as the classic, “Ducktales – a woo hoo!”? To answer my own question, they wouldn’t like it. In fact, they would hate it! So, there is a lesson to be learned in Patti’s short hair, Doug’s baby sister and the hefty bank account of Roger Klotz; be original, even if you can afford you buy your way out of it.


28 responses to “#100 Disney Ruined Doug.

  1. I never thought about how bald Doug was until you made the hair count comment…

  2. We were just talking today (while watching Rocko’s Modern Life) about how Disney ruined Doug. Aside from the Beet beef, I was always most bothered by Patty. They gave her a stupid hair cut and colour and a tan…threw off the colouring in every scene she was in. Depressing and dark. And they did something funky to Skeeter that totally ruined him.

  3. I never really watched Disney Doug, but that picture brings back bad memories. The longer sleeves, Patti’s short cut, it was doomed from the start.

  4. I did and didn’t have problems with the Doug show, with the original and newer one but never thought about how much it changed thanks for sharing man!

  5. I always thought the most obvious change was…HIS VOICE!! Disney Doug sounded so whiny!

  6. Nothing was worse than that awful movie they made!

  7. I’d like to make an addition to #10 and I seriously hope you take it to heart and maybe even add it: THEY BROKE UP THE BEETS IN THE FIRST EPISODE!! They didn’t wait for “rumors of a breakup” or even say “the artists are just taking a break.” Nope, it was told that they all hated each other, thought they were more talented than each other, and wanted more money to themselves. I didn’t like the first episode at that moment and it was, what, only 5 minutes into it?

  8. Let’s not forget about how stupidly ridiculous it was that Doug’s younger sister’s middle name was Dirtbike. dumb.

  9. I don’t remember Doug ever calling his younger sister by her first name Cleopatra in any episode. Her parents were inspired by what Doug wanted for Christmas in the episode “Doug’s Secret Christmas” (a dirt bike).

  10. Ok….while I was a HUGE Nick Doug fan. And not a fan of the Disney Doug…I still have to be the bad guy and stick up for them.

    First, as far as the character’s changes in appearance….they all got older…everybody’s look changes as you get older. You really have a problem with Connie losing weight? but thats small stuff and doesn’t need to be sweated. The big thing here is that they broke up the Beets. They had to. As you pointed out in realization 69 they were based of the Beatles. What happened to them? It was a necessary evil.

  11. Jimmy Fallon talked about the abomination that is the Disney version of Doug during the Obama expressions segment of his show. check it out.

  12. Was anyone else pumped to see the Doug movie, only to see it and realize that it sucked?

  13. As a huge fan (and former cast member) of Disney, Doug was an abomination and crapped all over a great part of my childhood. changing all of the character designs of Doug was like if they tried to make a classic character like Mickey in his red shorts all “hip” with the style of times or something…oh wait, they did that too…

  14. I knew this would suck the moment I saw the first commercial. Seriously, what is it with their hair?

  15. That whole argument of what if some company bought Ducktales was bought out was a silly one cause it would NEVER happen. Disney is VERY good at keeping their stuff under lock and key. It’s not their fault Viacom/ Nick wasn’t, so way not take advantage and buy it.

  16. Boy, I thought we would get some legitmate reasons over why it was supposedly ruined, like if the writing was bad, or the characters misinterpreted, not a bunch of nitpicks over the cosmetic differences. Seriously, only two of those reasons are understandable.

    I’ll be really glad if someone who watched both could give a PROPER list between the two, but for now I am only validated that fanboys aren’t worth going to for information.

    • Well, I always felt that there was an innocence about Nick’s Doug that made the characters so likeable and down-to-earth. On top of that, in spite of the character heirarchy, I felt that the storylines were balanced. There was a beautiful simplicity to Nickelodeon’s Doug. It made no attempts to be trendy. The changes Disney brought about weren’t just cosmetic in nature but also went right down to the pulse of the show. The status changes in some of the characters started to express themselves in more storylines related to status, trends, overuse of Quail Man storylines and an overall lack of “community” that Nickelodeon’s version possessed. IMO, Disney took characters that already existed and made what felt like a completely different show. Too many characters changed in well….character! To me it would be the difference between listening to laid back indie rock and mainstream pop music. Disney’s notorious for being overly commercial and this is just another example in my eyes. I think the comparison between the two series goes to show that less is more.

    • You’re excatly right man. This list is a pretty silly list of how “Disney ruined Doug.” I will say based on what I remember from both verisons of the show, that, yes, I do feel the Nick verison was better, due to overall better writing and truthfully I am not a big fan of Doug overall. But saying “Disney ruined Doug” for silly reasons like Doug having one more hair, Connie losing weight, and Skeeter having a zero on his shirt instead of a lighting bolt is just out and out absurd.

      • actually, connie losing weight, just like the sides of judies head no longer being shaved in the new version is a nice demonstration of how these nice sorta unique characters were dumbed down for mass appeal

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  18. Their assault on Doug (I forgot about Doug, going to watch it on youtube now you have reminded me of it) was nothing compared to other things they have raped and bastardised. Winnie the Pooh was a beautiful, quinisentially English creation that was increibly deep and full of insight into the world and social issues, packaged within a charming childrens series of tales. Now disney have it, it is about a childs toy, with an irritating voice and terrible animation. Andd these people have more influence on the development of the future generations. That scares me. When i have children, they will be banned from Disney, rather they watched Eraserhead and violent east-european pornography than a disney film.
    Glad i was never a big Star Wars fan, their next victim. Fuck Disney!!

  19. I like Disney’s Winnie the Pooh up until “Pooh’s Grand Adventure”. Granted, I only had a passing association with the original tales. But even the new Pooh stories have at least a little bit of insight into social issues, for example, in Springtime With Roo, Rabbit is upset because nobody is doing Easter the way he wants, and Roo takes it to heart. He draws a picture of Rabbit smiling, and shows it to his mom. Kanga states “Rabbit looks happy,” and Roo replies “That’s because I drew him that way.”

    That’s a pretty deep moment for a Disney children’s video. I could identify with that, remember how I felt at the target age. And the animated Pooh stories are full of insightful stuff if you look hard enough. I’m sure the original is better, but the new isn’t ALL bad.

    As far as Disney’s Doug is concerned, I will admit that I liked it, and the movie, even (“Bought a ticket” is one of my favorite movie quotes. The “true love scene” was… nice… hehe) I didn’t grow up with Nick’s Doug (though I’d seen enough episodes to like the show and know the characters) as we didn’t have cable then, so I didn’t have as much of an attachment to it as most of you do. Being around the same age as Doug when the show started airing on “One Too”, I really identified strongly with all the changes that took place in the first episode and onward. It reflected the change and transition that was taking place in my life.

    Eh, that’s what Disney’s Doug meant to me. I just felt I should express that the show did mean something positive to somebody in this world.

  20. I think I’ve been waiting for this article because I still think back on how much the show changed, even though I haven’t seen Disney’s version in, like, 10 + years! It wasn’t just the look, but I’m surprised that Disney’s version dealt with such serious topics like eating disorders and whatever.
    (I heared that they had an episode with Doug getting “The talk” and that they actually said the word sex, but I have not seen the episode.) Kinda a shame, because I can remember watching Nick’s version when I was about ages 5-9. I can’t see any little kid watching Disney’s version and understanding it, much less actually enjoying it. Which is just ironic. Thanks for writing this article, it was pretty good.

  21. Patty was always tan.

  22. why cant everyone be happy there there are more episodes to watch? if it makes you happy those episode are almost imposable to find.

  23. I do think the basic storylines would have been the same had nick just renewed it. In terms of going to a new school, etc. Still, the only solid disney doug episodes are the ones written by the original staff. That’s maybe less than 10 out of 65 though. It sucks so much had to be changed for copyright issues (dougs hair, patty hair,etc). oh well. I still want a dvd set. lol

    Nickelodeon made a mistake letting Jim and his company go IMO. He spent….close to 10 years producing/creating other Disney children properties? With all various degrees of success. I imagine if Nickelodeon hadn’t let him go, he’d still be churning out solid shows for them. too bad.

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