#103 Helga’s Parents Were Horrible.

Helga Pataki was a crazy, stalker when it came to her obsession with Arnold, but in her defense she had a horrible life and a family that was dysfunctional enough to have a Lifetime movie based on their living situation. Helga’s father, “Big Bob” was a douchebag pager salesman who paid her little to no attention. The guy clearly loved his other daughter, Olga more than he did Helga. While Olga was “little miss perfect”, that’s no reason to put Helga and her unibrow on the backburner. Helga’s mother is hilarious when watching now because she was obviously, ALWAYS hammered! This woman was slurring her words while she constantly made and consumed her spiked “smoothies” before falling asleep in the most random of places. If that wasn’t enough, she had a license revoked and was required to do some type of community service at one point which sounds a lot like Mrs.Pataki earned herself a DUI. Being part of a family like this would be tough on any 4th grader but does that really justify Helga’s actions (harassing Arnold, bullying her peers, creating a gum sculpture of his head, etc.)?


19 responses to “#103 Helga’s Parents Were Horrible.

  1. I always kindof liked Helga, as a character. Sure, she was nuts, but she didn’t put up with a lot of bullshit. When I was a kid I admired that, because I got walked all over by my peers.

    • I don’t like anyone who likes Helga. Just ’cause you go walked all over by your peers, it doesn’t give you the right to model yourself after her.

      • “It doesn’t give you the right to model yourself after her”… pretty sure you have the right to do that if you want…

  2. Haha this was a great realization, especially about Helga’s Mom. Her Dad always reminds me of the Wonder Years Dad.

  3. This realization is long over due. I was rewatching the entire season the other day and this show will seriously make you sad. Helga’s home life is enough. Remeber her first day of kindergarten? Depressing.

  4. I have to agree, helga is way more popular than olga on t.v. I mean she has a lot of fans (helga does) but I think olga is much more or a stuck-up-s.o.b. hogging up the attention, I mean who does she is!?! oh and one more thing, OLGA is one Stuck up S.O.B!

    • Olga really isn’t that stuck up. She only acts like that because of her douchebag father. When Helga admits that she changed Olga’s grades out of jealousy, Olga actually reveals a humble side by saying in a nutshell that her popularity isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and that she sometimes wants a break from the spotlight.

      “I have to perform all the time for my parents like some sort of wind-up doll. I get really sick of it.”

  5. I have to agree with you J. The episode where Helga saw the pyschologist and she opened up and you saw when she was in kindergarden no one payed attention to her that was sad. Another sad episode was where Helga and her mom were on a road trip and she told her mom she was a bad mom and toward the end you realize when she said she didn’t know certain things about her mom that they don’t bond at all. What I love about Hey Arnold was yes it was a great cartoon but it also taught you things. Arnold would always help his friends or if Arnold needed help he had his grandma and grandpa give him advice. You also learn that bullys are usually bullys cause they don’t have a good homelife and Helga is an example of that.

  6. Wow great observation about Helga’s mom. I didn’t realize she was a lush back when I used to watch!

  7. She makes a bloody Mary and asks Helga for help. Haha. So messed up.

  8. No, it doesn’t justify Helga’s mistreatment of her classmates just because her home life is pathetic. After all, bullying causes people to make enemies with other people. I should know as it happened to me.

    • I agree helga’s hard life doesn’t justify her actions but if you don’t have anyone to teach you how to safely channel that pain how would you know what to do? We have to remember they are 9 year olds, still learning. Seems like she battles with her actions often, as shown in several episodes of her asking herself why she does the things she does.

      • it makes no difference what age they are. they deserve to get punished for whatever bad things they did. if helga ever gives me crap for whatever reason or reason, i’d kick her ass without a second thought. and if anyone tries to defend her, i’d make that dickwad my next victim.

      • oops. i forgot to put “no” between “or” and “reason.” but anyway, helga deserves to be put in prison for all the bad things that she did. if that happens and i see it, i;d laugh my ass off.

      • dang, i meant “i’d” and not “i;d.”

    • It might not justify her bulling, but she is still a tragic character who sadly people can relate to. Whether it is having a sibling who steal all the attention, parents who just don’t give a fuck, or having a unrequited love people can see little bits of themselves in in her. Also she may be mean but I really don’t see her as a bully their are way worse bully’s then her, and a lot of what she did seemed more like pranks. She obviously never did anything to make her friends completely hate her… When I had bully’s I hated them and I sure didn’t want to talk to them at all!

      • excuse me?! how is she not a bully?! i’ve seen her early kill arnold and lila!

        she is too a bully. hell, she’s been doing that for too long of a time. and just because you have a crappy life, it doesn’t give you the right to give other people crap. treating others like shit will only make them antagonize you.

        even though i have a troubled past, i can never EVER relate to helga because i’ve been bullied a lot. by sympathizing with bullies, it will only give them permission to take advantage of you,

        like it or not, helga should be in prison because of the crimes that she committed.

        if you sympathize with a bully so much that you become his or her accomplice, be prepared to have your ass thrown in jail with him or her.

      • i meant “nearly” and not “early.” my bad.

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