#104 We Have To Watch Hocus Pocus Yearly.

Hocus Pocus is to Halloween what Home Alone is to Christmas. Easily one of, if not the greatest Halloween movie ever made, Hocus Pocus focused (wow, see that little rhyme right there?) on the story of a teenage boy named Max who hates Halloween. Unintentionally, Max resurrects three witches, aka the Sanderson Sisters. The plot thickens and Max has to face danger in order to protect his sister and battle the witches with the assistance of an immortal black cat and his classmate/crush. It’s almost as if we must watch this every year or it isn’t officially Halloween. The critics bashed this movie but it’s developed quite a cult following regardless. As a kid I didn’t notice it but for a children’s movie, this really pushed the envelope. I mean witchcraft and hangings are what the movie kicks off with which is pretty intense if you’re a youngin’. Still, watching it now also allows you to appreciate several lines and parts that are as hilarious now as they were during our youth which is what makes this film so timeless. Also, isn’t it remarkable how good Sarah Jessica Parker looks in this movie? It is from 1993 so she was much younger then, but the 28 year old Sarah Jessica was quite the looker. Aside from her attractiveness the film offers entertainment, laughs and most importantly, Halloween Spirit.

SIDENOTE: I am not a cat lover in the least bit but I feel like I’ve shed a tear or two (or eighteen) over the years watching Binx die. I know his soul was finally freed and he could be with his family and all that jazz but still, that ending scene got me every time. 


21 responses to “#104 We Have To Watch Hocus Pocus Yearly.

  1. YES!! I wrote about Hocus Pocus in my blog….they need to release a Special Edition DVD!

  2. Amen to that. Thachery Binx was so awesome. The zombie is pretty cool too.

  3. Hocus Pocus is and will probably always be my favorite Halloween movie. How do people not watch this incredible movie? I always get the chills when SJP does her “Come Little Children” song.

  4. I look forward to this movie every year!!! Love it!!

  5. Never is there a year I don’t watch this movie around Halloween! I’ve loved it since I was little. 🙂 I’m always sad when Binx dies too. I love the Come Little Children song too. Such a cute move!

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  6. Yes! A special edition release would be sweet! The Come Little Children song is awesome and I sing along to I Put a Spell on You cos Bette Midler rocks. Had a total crush on Human Thackery Binx.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this movie. Watch it every Halloween! 🙂

  8. What about the other big Halloween movie of the 90’s?! It ain’t Halloween without the Nightmare! Come on. =)

  9. Come Little Children is my favorite part of the movie.

  10. I loved Sarah Jessica Parker’s character. She was just so delightfully dizzy.

  11. Seriously….Come Little Children freaked me the hell out….Seriously.

  12. I loved Hocus Pocus so much when it first came out, I watched it so many times. I’m bummed that I forgot to watch it this Halloween.

  13. I was shocked to find out that the kid who played thackery binxs is Timothy McGee on NCIS! yeah same kid!!!

  14. it’s tradition! every single year… love that time of year when i know i can catch hocus pocus on tv at least once.

  15. Reblogged this on Lost in Transition and commented:
    This movie made my childhood. I recently got a copy as a gift from a friend and MUST watch this every year. SJP’s song gives me chills every time

  16. Don’t forget to add Halloween Town!!! I loved that show (and the movies)…. side note – The Little Vampire was ok too… but nothing compared to Hocus Pocus and Halloween Town…

  17. you don’t have to go very far to see Binx again, just watch NCIS lmao 😉 But, about the movie being a yearly ritual, I totally agree. It’s so true!

  18. and remember that it takes a virgin to light the black flame candle..haha..Binx waited 300 years for that shit apparently

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