#106 Danny Tanner Is Not Who You Thought He Was.

For years it seemed that Bob Saget’s character Danny Tanner on Full House was the perfect father. The poor man’s late wife, Pam died from a car accident with a drunk driver and Danny was left to raise D.J., Stephanie and Michelle by himself. We saw him discipline, care for, talk to and unconditionally love his three daughters which put us under the impression that he was a family friendly, genuinely nice man. One of the other experiences we had with Bob Saget was when he hosted America’s Funniest Home Videos. Even as host of that series he seemed like a G-rated dude. Apparently Bob Saget is one of the greatest actors of that decade because boy did he have us fooled. While we were thinking Danny Tanner was a superb father who loved his daughters and was obsessed with cleaning and having a spot free home, we didn’t realize the dirty potty mouth that he had on him. Let it be known that Bob Saget is about as far away from his Danny Tanner character as he can possibly be. What’s the biggest difference? Saget curses. And when I say curses, I mean he says every bad word in the book and he says them often in his standup. It’s amazing to see for the first time. All you knew was Danny Tanner from Full House and one day you randomly see that same man talking about performing oral sex for drugs in the movie, Half Baked.  Or you see him playing himself and paying for “escorts” on Entourage. Or you could simply catch one of his standup acts in which you’d hear him cuss like a sailor. Regardless of how you found out, it’s safe to say you were shocked to find out that Bob Saget is not for kids.

Below is a video featuring Saget singing a song titled, “Danny Tanner Was Not Gay” during a stand up.

WARNING: This video has footage of Danny Tanner cussing and it WILL ruin your childhood:


19 responses to “#106 Danny Tanner Is Not Who You Thought He Was.

  1. I thought this was going to be a post on John Posey, the guy who originally played Danny Tanner in the unaired pilot. But Bob is such a good actor that he had that guy killed and convinced the whole Tanner family he was the real Danny. Or maybe John Posey just sucked in the role. I haven’t decided yet.

  2. Haha this is so true. Bob Saget is the man. He is great in Entourage

  3. His roast on comedy central very nearly ruined my childhood

  4. I couldn’t shower enough of the gross ruined-childhood-memories feeling off of myself after I watched Bob Saget’s standup. i felt dirty for about a week, and was scarred for months! But the Danny Tanner song was f-ing hilarious!

  5. I always wondered… being that Danny was Jewish and his late wife was Greek… They had 3 blonde, English looking children…. I think Joey was hittin that hahaha

  6. Lmao @ amber

  7. I noticed a few months ago that he played the girl’s father in Dumb and Dumberer. You know, the guy who walks into the bathroom and… yeah, him.

  8. I would say this completely ruined my childhood, but this related video already had me halfway there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ocj_sGKFOIA

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  10. When he played danny tanner he was acting when he do comedy he’s bob saget not danny tanner you can’t judge a man because of acting real life two diffrent things just because he curse doesn’t mean he’s bad person judge book by cover

  11. This changed my personality about Bob, I can’t belive he said those words, now when I watch Full House, I will remember this, thank u Bob!!! >=[

  12. Well, Bob this song is really funniest song I never heard it. I need to stop funny words your just like actor Danny Tanner the guy he got killed a whole Tanner family who was a Full house on the nick and nite. John Posey very serious. And you repeat a word and you fuck is bad word I don’t like the word serious for the day. I try I need to stop.
    Elizabeth Roll
    Young wife

  13. what happen that is bad im waching full house right now

  14. wow u just lost a fan cuz you need to ask Jesus Christ to forgive you, i thought u was a great guy turns out your not . im ot watching anymore movies or that show anymore

  15. I always wanted you to be my dad when I was younger but now, I hate you.

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  17. I know not who this Bob Saget fellow is, but I will clean his filthy mouth out with a bar of soap and make him watch Steel Magnolias twenty times while I play the banjo.

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  19. Yes and now it seems like you were the drunk driver who killed your wife.

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