#107 Scrooge Was Beyond Greedy.

Being the richest duck in the world wasn’t enough to keep Scrooge satisfied because he was constantly trying to increase his funds on Ducktales. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious or wanting more, but this guy did have a vault filled with gold and wads of cash so he wasn’t exactly in need. Upon reflection it’s somewhat disappointing that McDuck was more concerned with his heaps of money than his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie. The only defense that can be made for Scrooge’s obsession with his finances is the fact that there actually were a few villains out to get him, all for different purposes.

VILLAIN #1: The Beagle Boys — A group that plain and simple, wanted to jack Scrooge’s boatloads of money by any means necessary. If they weren’t in prison they were out attempting to rob Scrooge.
VILLAIN #2: Flintheart Glomgold – This guy wanted to steal Scrooge’s title of “Richest Duck In The World”.
VILLAIN #3: Magica De Spell – A female duck who wanted to take Scrooge’s “Number One Dime” (the very first dime he ever earned). It’s debatable as to why exactly she wanted the dime so badly but it seemed as if she thought possession of the dime would somehow result in her being wealthy.

So, while Scrooge did have good reason to be concerned about the safety of his funds, his obsession with money was a little much. I mean, the only exercise he got was when he swam around in his gold. Regardless, Ducktales (a-woo-hoo) is one of the best Disney Cartoons ever, if you didn’t like it – go duck yourself!

**In addition to being greedy, Scrooge was pretty stingy. At one point he went back in time just so he could use an expired coupon. C’mon now, trillionaires shouldn’t penny pinch.


9 responses to “#107 Scrooge Was Beyond Greedy.

  1. Scrooge McDuck is the 1%.

  2. Could be wrong here but I think Magica De Spell wanted the dime for the luck that came with it

    • She needed it to forge an amulet that could create untold riches. Sheesh, people, don’t you know anything? 😛

      • Gristle is absolutely correct. She first went to Scrooge to get any dime that he had touched, she’d collected dimes touched by all the richest people in the world and was going to use them to forge a luck amulet, but when she learned of one he’d had since before he became wealthy it became her obsession to get it.

  3. What Ducktails and no mention of Webby Gail ? My daughter’s favorite from long ago! She was a pretty good role model for a duck woo ooh !

  4. She wanted the dime because she needed the first dime earned by the world’s richest man/duck. Can’t remember what for. But it was explained.

  5. With Scrooge, it’s like your rooting for the bad guy sometimes.

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