#108 Good Burger Is Only For 90s Kids.

First and foremost, I’d like to take a moment to remember how awesome the bright orange VHS tapes that Nickelodeon put their movies on were…. Ok, moment over. Based off of the hilarious All That sketches, this full length film version was so enjoyable to 90s kids around the world. Good Burger is the story of Dexter, a young man whose relaxing summer is ruined when he crashes his mother’s car and finds himself employed at Good Burger alongside Ed. Across the street from Good Burger, a new competitor called Mondo Burger is opening, offering F’N GIGANTIC burgers for low prices. Dexter, Ed and the folks at Good Burger suspect something fishy and hi jinks ensue. The reason this movie is almost strictly for 90s kids is because most older people wouldn’t enjoy a movie made for children, starring characters they aren’t familiar with, and the youngins born too late don’t appreciate Kenan & Kel or know much about classic 90s Nickelodeon. For those of us that grew up in the greatest decade ever, Kenan and Kel provided us with more laughs than just about anyone. We had seen a hefty amount of All That which made The Good Burger skits and the fantastic comedy duo that Kenan and Kel assembled, household names. This cult classic has funny lines, ridiculous moments and Carmen Elektra in her prime – what more could you ask for? Whether it was the stealing of the ice cream truck or the mental institution scene, this movie delivered 90s kids with fond memories and more importantly, 95 minutes of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell in action.

What were some of your favorite moments, quotes or memories of Good Burger/Kenan & Kel on All That? Leave ‘em in the comment section.


32 responses to “#108 Good Burger Is Only For 90s Kids.

  1. Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger can I took your order!

    Obviously.. Haha

    • I saw this movie on TV and it was pure garbage. It pissed me off to watch it i was so annoyed at the terrible “jokes”.

    • HA! thank you for doing that! I scrolled down to this comment section thinking “well someone’s gotta do it, right?” and there you were! lmao

  2. Look! I’m Grape Nose boy! Bloobidy bloodiby bloodiby bloodiby bloodiby….

  3. I remember watching good burger after I got my tonsils taken out. I couldn’t eat anything yet and the Mondo Burger assembly line scene made me cry. I never wanted a burger so bad in my life before.

  4. Well when you put it like that I guess it was the greatest movie ever made. Kenan & Kel…funny writing…Carmen Electra…hell, even Abe Vigoda…lol.

  5. i… put the screw…. in the tuna… it was me! it was meeeeeee

  6. The funniest Keenan and Kel moment I can remember is in the show Keenan and Kel, they were rushing off to somewhere, when Kel enters the room with a painting. He turns it around to show Keenan and says “Hey Keenan look, I bought a painting called Sad Turtle!” The painting was off a cartoon-ish turtle crying. Keenan in a huff yells “Kel! This is no time for unhappy swamp creatures!” Hilarious.

  7. “you’ll never be half the man your mama was!”

    I still quote it to this day!

    • well you’re quoting it wrong. It’s just “You’ll never be the man your momma was.” no half. sori boi

  8. Incidentally, this year for Halloween I saw someone dressed as Kel in his Good Burger outfit. The fact that someone remembered it after all these years made my day.

  9. “I don’t remember what my dad looks like either, but at least i get to see him everyday”
    -Ed xD

  10. “You better watch your butt, man!!”
    Kel: “Uhhh…okay…” *attempts to watch his butt*

  11. I believe it was, “Strawberry Jacuzzi!”
    Also the video!
    “Just hanging out/ just having fun/ we’re number onnnnne!/ I’m a dude/ he’s dude/ she’s a dude/ we’re all dudes/ hey!

  12. I enjoyed the part where they cooked the hamburgers.

  13. strawberry jacuzzi!!!

  14. Lol have to say one of my favorite scenes in the movie is whenever Ed and Dexter are on the roof of good burger and Dexter gives Ed a yoyo I think? or it could be the other way around and they go into this sappy story about how the yoyo is important and reminds Dexter of his dad.. then out of no where Ed is like “I never ‘had a dad, but atleast I get to see him every day” then theres like an awkward pause.. dont know why but this part always made me laugh i guess because Ed was just so stupid..

  15. I LOVED that the Nick video tapes were bright orange! Amazing.

  16. welcome to good buger home of the good buger can i take your order

  17. This was the first movie I saw in theaters.

  18. Do you think you can get me to a hospital? I think i broke my ass.

  19. Keenan and Kel: “I loooooooooooooove orange soda.!

  20. Early 90’s > Late 90’s

  21. orange soda…. that is all. 😛

  22. Who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda! I do! I do! I do-oo!

  23. Honestly, the greatest part of this movie was a cameo from George Clinton and P-Funk

  24. Good burger is the best movie ever!!! and very hilarious too;-)

  25. my lil bro likes them and he is 14 so he’s a 90’s baby not a 90’s kid. i show him old shows all the time. even my older brothers kids like it. there 4 and 6

  26. Gotta love :oh,water,oh,water,oh,water,ok let’s go
    : what about your water?

    I loved that song,its called were all dudes,by less than Jake feat. Kel Mitchell. Still have it on my device to this day!

  27. i actually didn’t know who the two guys from good burger were before good burger. i saw them in a bit from sabrina where she asked a magic crystal ball what would happen if they won the lottery, wackiness ensued.

  28. Not only for 90s kids.. my 9 year old LOVES the movie

  29. I grew up in So Cal’s East San Gabriel Valley. A couple towns over, I think in Covina, a crazy construction project got underway. In only a week or two, it was built- Mondo Burger from the movie Good Burger. I don’t know what else they shot there from the movie, but the Mondo scenes were all there. I’m telling you, the place was HUGE. Just as it appears in the movie. I think they sold burgers out of it for a few months before it shut down, and the facade went to hell fast. In less than a year, it was torn down.

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