#110 Kazaam Is So Bad That It’s Entertaining And So Entertaining That It’s Good.

If a 7 foot genie appears in front of me and offers three wishes, the first thing I’m asking for is my 93 minutes of life spent watching Kazaam back. Or am I? This is often considered and quite possibly one of the worst films ever made, but it’s so dreadful that many folks enjoy it in a strange way. The cult classic, so bad its hilarious type thing is what a lot of us feel for this movie. It’s the story of a boy named Max who comes across this genie named Kazaam (played by Shaq) who has made a boom box his habitat. Anyway, he gives the boy three wishes and a bunch of ridiculous shenanigans take place. At eight years old, we didn’t necessarily realize how terrible the movie was but was it actually that big of a disaster? I mean Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most popular athletes of the 90s and he has a great sense of humor and can be very entertaining. In addition, we can watch this movie today and laugh out loud. We may be laughing for all the wrong reasons at scenes that weren’t intended to be comedy but it still holds some entertainment value. Upon reflection, it’s actually hard to decipher and know what to make of this 90s kids flick. A lot of 90s kids don’t know if we love or hate this film but the theory that something can be so bad that it’s entertaining and so entertaining that it’s good has Kazaam as it’s prime example.

90s kids, which 90s wish maker do you prefer: Kazaam or Genie from Aladdin? Leave your answers and comments below.


11 responses to “#110 Kazaam Is So Bad That It’s Entertaining And So Entertaining That It’s Good.

  1. My vote is for Genie. Although I may be biased, as Aladdin is one of my all time favorite movies. Also, he had the unfair advantage of being voiced by Robin Williams. I was a kid who liked Robin Williams (and comedians in general) far more than Shaq (or any athlete short of Michael Jordan, who I was legally obligated to worship as a kid of the ’90s.)

  2. As awesome as it would be to have Shaq (or at least a look-alike) as a genie, Genie takes this. Really, it’s the shape-shifting ability that does it for me.

  3. Genie all the way. As for Shaq, I always found myself enjoying him in Steel way more than in Kazaam.

  4. Candy rains from the sky. What more could a film need to be a success?

  5. Aladdin Genie

  6. Definitely Genie. Sorry, Shaq, but you got nothing on Robin Williams. And “Never Had a Friend Like Me” is a much better song than green-egg-and-ham-it.

  7. Gnna have to ride with Genie on this one.. once Shaq got his freedom he seemed to get a little unruly in the film, If i can recall, doesn’t he start to get real famous as a rapper and start to lose his powers? Yeah.. I wouldn’t want a genie as clumsy as that who is easily manipulated into doing what others want Im sticking with Genie.

  8. cult classic? this movie is not a cult classic!!! you guys want a real cult classic then watch THE ROOM!!

    P.S. Genie all the way!

  9. Mind blown: The kid from Kazam is the PCH gang leader in Veronica Mars.

  10. Unless Shaq is going to hook me up with some Laker tix, Genie is the guy I want granting my wishes. I mean, how many wishes did Alladin get for free? And Genie can tell a joke and sing a mean song. Genie ALL DAY!!!

  11. I kept referencing Kazaam while watching Shaq’s new show on TruTV lol, it just seemed so right

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