#111 Sonic The Hedgehog Games Were The Fastest Paced Activity Of Our Childhood.

Sega’s Sonic games were the only real competition to Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise. Many tried to emulate what they were seeing elsewhere but the makers of Sonic constructed a game faster paced and more aesthetically pleasing than any other platform had produced. The spiky, blue hedgehog not only became a beloved game franchise but was the mascot for Sega. There was even a short time in which Sonic dethroned Mario, who at the time seemed untouchable. Why was he able to? Because Sonic games were the first to be a ridiculously speedy game that moved quickly and had high drops, slopes, loop-de-loops, running and jumping in each level. The levels had enemies scattered all over the place so you had to adopt the “be quick, but don’t be in a hurry” motto to prevail. We know the Sonic series was good because even when they brought in Tails’ obnoxious ass in Sonic The Hedgehog 2, the game was still brilliant. Tails was one of the worst sidekicks in existence. Or perhaps it was the fact that the game’s rival, Mario had one of the all time great sidekicks in Luigi, which set the bar higher than Tails could reach… Which is really unacceptable since Tails had flying abilities. Either way, the blue hedgehog in red sneakers changed the pace of video games as we knew them.

SIDENOTE: Anyone remember the music that played when Sonic was drowning? HOW THE HELL is a kid supposed to do anything with this panicky, alarming tune playing. Take a listen to the link below and ask yourself if there is any task you can accomplish with that type of jingle going on simultaneously.


21 responses to “#111 Sonic The Hedgehog Games Were The Fastest Paced Activity Of Our Childhood.

  1. I have a new ringtone, thanks.

  2. I like Mario but, my favorite will be Sonic. Time to get my Genesis out of the closet.

  3. as a child, when I heard this, I knew I was screwed

  4. I would franticly try to get out and go crazy with the controller

  5. I loved sonic. Today, when I teach my younger sister to please move away from dress up games and play sonic and/or mario, it’s very nostalgic for me…

  6. That drowning music never failed to completely paralyze my thumbs, every single time XD

  7. Thanks to this game and that music I hate any and all water levels.
    I even get bored swimming after about five minutes…which may or may not be related.

  8. That blue ball cooked the screen!

  9. God i hated the damn sound. Instant panic, trying to find a damn large air bubble or when you were on a platform moving slowly towards the surface and you start trying to jump just to break the surface to stop that tune and save your life.

  10. I play this on my Wii now and it still brings back memories of frantically trying not to drown.

  11. Ahh, Chemical Plant Zone. My favorite stage music as a child, yet also the birthplace of one of the scariest theme songs of my childhood.

  12. Time to break out the Genesis!!

  13. I was playin Sonic 2 on my PS3 today.. and man I hated tails for loosing me a few choas emeralds in the special stage.. and I had the exact same thought on the music in the level after Chemical Plant.. like how much faster I was at finding those bubbles of air..

  14. It gives me the anxiety…

  15. To this day that song gives me chills.

  16. when this played all I could do is sit there with my brother and scream WE NEED AN AIR BUBBLE GET AN AIR BUBBLE… while whichever one of us was playing at the time would mash the controler helplessly.

  17. i was didn’t mined. i could beat sonic and mario in a day if i was bord, still can.

  18. This is my favourite post so far! So true! I lost my head when that music started. So satisfying if you managed to get to a bubble for that “BWARP!” sound.

  19. F Zero, then Wipeout XL. With a little bit of Armored Core in for generous flavor.

  20. When ever I hear that noise…

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