#112 Step By Step Used The Brady Bunch Formula.

Divorced woman with three kids meets divorced father with three kids and they all merge into one big, happy family. Genius, ain’t it? Obviously the creators of Step By Step (day by die, a fresh start over, a different hand to play) knew how successful The Brady Bunch was with this same blue print so they took it, made some modifications to better fit the times and ran with it. In fact, they won the battle of endurance, running with that concept longer than the Brady Bunch itself did. Believe it or not, Step By Step accumulated seven seasons (160 total episodes) while The Brady Bunch only lasted for five seasons (117 total episodes). The storylines on Step By Step incorporated many things we saw the Brady’s endure as well, such as the families combining and forcing the children to interact as brothers and sisters. It depicted typical family conflicts between siblings and your basic situations that kids and teenagers face during the process of growing up. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the characters of Step By Step and get a better understanding of what each one brought to the table.

Chrissy Snow
Carol: The edgy mother played by Suzanne Somers. She owned a salon that was connected to her house for part of the series.
Karen: Carol’s daughter who dreamed of being a model. Often shallow, rarely sensible.
Dana: Carol’s daughter who was intelligent but uptight. She was somewhat of a feminist and displayed hostility toward her stepbrothers.
Mark: Carol’s son who was a nerd to the maximum. He wore sweatshirts (with the occasional matching fanny pack) around his waist.

The laid back dad who owned a construction company. He balances out Carol’s uptight ways while she makes Frank a more responsible man.
J.T. (John Thomas): Frank’s son who was your typical slacker jock. Played sports well but failed at academics. He resented his new family members, especially Dana.
Al (Alicia): Tomboyish daughter of Frank who ends up being quite a feminine looking woman who pursues a career as an actress.
Brendan: Son of Frank, he was your typical carefree youngster but he randomly disappeared from the series after the sixth season.
Cody: Frank’s goober of a nephew who lived in a van in the driveway. He was rather eccentric and had catchphrases such as, “Dude!” and “No Way!” Definitely not the brightest bulb in the box.
How cheesy is this intro? Especially the green screened roller coaster shot. So 90s and I love it.


4 responses to “#112 Step By Step Used The Brady Bunch Formula.

  1. Step by Step was my show! I wish they’d still show the reruns on ABC Family 😦

  2. Hi Admin, it’s urgent. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can.

  3. I’m pretty sure Miller-Boyett was ABC’s family sitcom department. They did this show, Family Matters, and I’m pretty sure they did Full House as well. Between them and Carsey-Werner, that was pretty much every 90’s family sitcom.

  4. Where is their other kid that they had

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