Where ISN’T Waldo?

CLICK ON IMAGE TO MAKE BIGGER.If you find ’em, write who you see in the comments section!


15 responses to “Where ISN’T Waldo?

  1. I’ve got Doug and Tommy

  2. doug, tommy, gerald…

  3. Sonic the Hedgehog
    Tommy – from Rugrats
    Gerald – from Hey Arnold!

  4. Doug, Tommy, Gerald, Sonic and Mario! 🙂

  5. Mario, Doug, Tommy, Gerald and Sonic

  6. Mario (Super Mario)
    Gerald (Hey Arnold)
    Tommy (Rugrats)
    Sonic (The Hedgehog)

  7. Mario(Super Mario Bros.) – top left
    Gerald(Hey Arnold) – top right
    Sonic(the Hedghog) – centre
    Tommy Pickles(Rugrats) – bottom left
    Doug Funny(Doug) – bottom right

  8. Tommy (rugrats), gerald( hey arnold), Mario (Super Mario bros), Doug funny, Sonic the hedgehog!

  9. Mario was the hardest to find!

  10. 1. Doug
    2. Tommy Pickles
    3. Super Mario
    4. Sonic The Hedgehog
    5. Gerald Johansson

  11. DallasEmily Cozine

    Doug Funnie
    Tommy Pickles

  12. DallasEmily Cozine

    Just found Sonic!

  13. Saw a Smurf!

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