Surprising 90s Voice Actors!

These have all been discussed in greater detail on the site!


5 responses to “Surprising 90s Voice Actors!

  1. just made a realization that HAD to be informed: Efrem Zimbalist Jr. played both Alfred Pennyworth of Batman Animated Series but also Dr. Octopus in the Spider-Man Animated Series

  2. cant forget bradd garrett of everyone loves raymond voices hulk hogan!

  3. Doug Funnie IS Philip J. Fry!

  4. Katherine Sweeton

    In one episode of Full House Steve Hale dressed up as Aladdin, when the family is at Disneylandd.

  5. Cool…. Don’t know which is more surprising, Uncle Phil as Shredder or Urkel as Sonic. Hearing them both in my head now. Don’t forget Casey Kasem as Shaggy from Scooby-doo and Robin from Super Friends. Also to note, Spider Man’s voice in “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” is the same as Bumble Bee in the Transformers (voice actor Dan Gilvezan).

    Here’s also a top 10 list comparison of 90s kids stuff and today’s kids stuff:
    (90s are really coming back as 90s kids are becoming 90s parents).

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