8 Tasty 90s Treats That Didn’t Survive The Test Of Time.

Which of these treats did you enjoy? And is there anything missing from the list that you think it worthy of a mention? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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102 responses to “8 Tasty 90s Treats That Didn’t Survive The Test Of Time.

  1. You left out Pop Quiz colored popcorn – came in three colors and you never knew what color yours was until it popped.

  2. @Bill OMG That popcorn!!! Yessss!

    Also, TMNT cereal with the really funky tasting marshmallows.

  3. backtothenineties

    i remember in 98 or 99 the Handi Snacks people did one with graham crackers and apple sauce. i liked it, though now it sounds REALLY weird. and the ninja turtles ice cream things with the bubble gum eyes? there were power rangers ones, too! and and and there were these cheese curl things that had something in it that would turn your tongue blue. and…

  4. Does anyone remember Bonkers? Those were my favorite growing up, they seriously went off the radar. I still see some of the cereals but not the oreo ones, those jumped ship too which is definitely sad.

  5. Ms. Fabulosity

    I love the list but you forgotten my fav ever…flint stones push up pops they were the best!! Oh yeah and ring pops, I was “engaged” many times in elementary school when we had them☺

  6. They still make fruit stripe gum. You forgot Dunk-a-Roos.

  7. Surge is still sold in Norway under the name Urge. Apparently the drink was first released in Norway as a test product, and was then released in other countries, including USA in 1996, under the name Surge. What’s even better is that a new variant called Urge Intense has been released, which is an energy-drink version. If was Surge was liqiud crack, Urge Intense is liquid metaamphetamine 😉


  8. Fatty McButterpants


    PS- I have Rice Krispie Treats cereal in my cabinet right now.

  9. you can still buy Rice Krispy Treat Ceral, it was my absolute favorite as a kid, my mom would NEVER let us buy it 😦

  10. I hear French Toast Crunch is still sold in Canada last time I checked.

  11. What aboutt Dunkaroos, Clearly Canadian, and that weird drink (I think it was called Orbitz?) that had floating crap in it?

  12. Dunk-a-roos… Cant believe you missed those!

  13. Sweet Jesus those Turtle Pies were fucking nasty. I can still taste that not-vanilla glop in the middle *shudder*

  14. dunk-a-roos and ring pops still exist, and ring pops are still fairly common. there is a little store in boone, nc that sells all the good 90s candies-ring pops, pop rocks, baby bottle pops, lollypop paintshop, ect. also, beanie babies.

  15. TMNT pies had what I think we can all agree on is the worst slogan for any product ever, particularly a food product: “Fresh from the sewer to you.” I can’t even think up a distant second place nominee for that award.

  16. KC Masterpiece BBQ Chips. Strangely specific and yet my sister and I could not get enough of them. They had to be these BBQ chips as no others compared at the time.

  17. I LOVED the Doritos 3D! My favorite was the spicy jalepeno flavor….Mmmm, I can almost taste them.

  18. Dang. Now I want some Oreo Os.

    I also remember Grapeade flavored Snapple. That was good.

  19. Dunk-a-roos are still sold in the dallor generals in pa. I found them a few years ago and still buy them as a must have snack in my house for the kids. I was so excited when I found them bc they were gone for awhile.

  20. backtothenineties

    Pizza Hut flavored Doritos. loved ’em.

  21. What about Mondo?

  22. OMG Butterfinger BB’s i used to love those!! and doritos 3D, oreo o’s I completely forgot about those wow!!! what a throwback lol

  23. Oh and does anyone remember the oreo cookies that turned your milk blue or red those were so cool. My sister and I used to only want them to dunk them in the milk and watch the milk change color, we didn’t even care about eating them lol

  24. They still make Rice Krispie Treats cereal.

  25. What about PB Crisps

  26. omg…oreo cereal, butterfinger bbs, fruit stripe gum? my childhood ❤

  27. i’m pretty sure you can still find zebra stripe gum.
    wonderballs should be on here!

  28. Wonderballs 😦 Those were so cool!!!

  29. 90smusicandbeyond


  30. I loved Raviolios. I don’t know if those are still around or not…

  31. Nickelodeon Slime Ice Pops. Tastiest thing of my life. http://ct.mywebgrocer.com/legacy/productimagesroot/DJ/7/28237.jpg

  32. Does anyone remember the things that were like Squeezits but had jello in them instead of juice?

  33. OMG how did I not realize they stopped making French Toast Crunch. I really wish I never saw this because at this moment I can practically taste it in my mouth…and will now be forever sad.

  34. Im from Canada and they still sell french toast crunch here, but what i really miss is the golden graham cereal bars! They were delicious!

  35. They still make fruit stripes

  36. First off, congrats for an awesome site. Def a great trip down memory lane, (for better or worse lol) anyway, I wanted to mention a drink not on the list and its Orbitz. The clear drink in the cone shaped bottle with the little colored balls “floating” in it. My best friends and I used to stockpile those, they were so good. (or so I remember).
    Keep up the good work with the site.

  37. Wonderballs!! The chocolate round ball with the mystery disney character candy inside 🙂

    • MAN, I LOVED THOSE! I remember when my mom would let me get them and I couldn’t wait for the prize inside! WHATS in YOUR wonderball?!

  38. I miss French Toast Crunch.. SO. BAD. I loved getting the Disney Wonderballs, just for the thrill of seeing which toy I would get. I completely forgot about Doritos 3D, but I used to always get the travel canister of those.. drove my mom crazy to buy “that can of 8 chips.”

  39. What was the name of the pizza flavored chips that came in assorted flavors????

  40. wonderballs!

  41. Does anyone remember Burple? It was a powder similar to kool-aid that came in a plastic container which accordioned open. You added water. Yum.

  42. I always look for Rice Crispy Treats cereal every time I go grocery shopping, I can never find it though!

  43. Yea, there is still French Toast Crunch and Dunkaroos here in Canada… I’m actually about to start a business where I export/import candy and snacks you can’t get so if anyone’s interested, I’ll send them on down 🙂

  44. don’t forget the different color ketchup.It came in green and purple….

  45. I remember Mr. Green SoBe soda. It was the best thing ever. Also wonderballs, and crispy m & m’s.

  46. They still make fruit stripe gum and mars bars. At least they do in Texas. I miss the Ouch! gum.. I used to keep the tin the gum came in. I was also a HUGE fan of 3D Doritos. They should bring those back. Oreo-O’s were also good. OH! Does anyone remember fruitopia? I think Minute Maid used to manufacture it.

  47. this still exists in Switzerland 😀

  48. and what about Hubba Bubba gum rolls… do they still sell them? I loved to eat them

  49. i loved that different colored ketchup! they first started having it a burger king. one thing not on the list is alphabits cereal with marahmallows! soooo good and fun to play with lol.

  50. Oh man, does anyone remember Nesquik cereal? It was pretty much Cocoa Puffs, but with even more chocolate in smaller pieces of cereal. It was definitely my favorite cereal growing up, only to go away from every store I went to. Also, Oreo cereal is ❤

  51. Wonder Balls

  52. The WONDER BALL!!!! And candy cigarettes…

  53. Bubble Jug, thats all I gotta say 🙂

  54. Cookie n cream Twix

  55. O.M.G! That French toast Cereal!!! I loved that!!! And i’m still super sad that i can’t find it anywhere… It was my favorite cereal and always will be… 😦 RIP French toast cereal lol.

  56. You forgot to mention another candy that was part of the 90’s, the Magic ball or otherwise known as the Wonderball.

  57. Wonderballs were the best!!!!
    They still make Fruit Stripe gum!!!

  58. They use to make this popcorn that turned all different colors… Pink blue green… I can’t remember what it was called but my sister and I would eat it and zone on some ren and stimpy…

  59. Marathon candy bars and Lik-em-Aid (aka Fun Dip). Marathon Bars were a NOT a product of the ’90s though, I remember those when I was a kid (some 30+ years ago).

  60. I just sent an email to Nabisco asking about the oreo cereal because I am genuinely distressed and seriously craving that cereal…

  61. Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid and Nestle Quik Cookies ‘n Cream

    • My mother in law gave us 100 (no joke) packets of purplesaurus Rex for our wedding! She had saved them all those years. Amazingly, they didn’t go bad. we’ve been married 7 years and just finished the last one. My favorite ever flavor of kook aid! People said you could mix grape and lemonade to get the same taste- no. Nothing will ever taste the same as genuine purplesaurus rex!

  62. I remember Burple, and Tongue Splashers in a paint can, and Atomic Fireballs, and Ecto Cooler… my kids love Fun Dips now too, plus Rice Krispies Treats cereal, and Bugles (my brother and I used to put them on the ends of our fingers and chase each other around like we were dinosaurs). I used to get a Crystal Pepsi and a Cheetos Paws on the way home from school each day and watch Batman… dang.

    • Oh – and my college actually still had Surge on fountain until 2007, when they remodeled the cafeteria (in MI). We all missed it when it went away. It screamed “SURGE!” every time you got a soda.

  63. Man I could have sworn I had Oreo O’s somewhat recently.

  64. oh man to.this.day i still crave and miss the wonder days of those few, tasty, grandma-sneering bowls of rice krispie treat cereal. i ate it with my brothers when my mom bought it back when… and always chose it as my ‘favorite cereal’ or ‘favorite childhood food’ in middle school.. high school.. today even! even though last time i had was in fourth grade. great site, positive, colorful words, addictive :p

  65. oh man to.this.day i still crave and miss the wonder days of those few, tasty, grandma-sneering bowls of rice krispie treat cereal. i ate it with my brothers when my mom bought it back when… and always chose it as my \’favorite cereal\’ or \’favorite childhood food\’ in middle school.. high school.. today even! even though last time i had was in fourth grade. great site, positive, colorful words, addictive :p

  66. I walked into my favorite cigar store a month or so back and saw they had fruit stripe, I was like HOLY CRAP THEY STILL MAKE THAT! FUCK YES!

  67. bring back EVERYTHING!

  68. pepsi blue

  69. Mars Bars didn’t work in the USA?

    I wasn’t aware of that! But then our Milky Ways in the UK are different from yours. Mars is like the Coca Cola of chocolate bars over here!

  70. i thought they had stopped making dunkaroos and i saw them at the store the other day and flipped out but my little brother told me they never stopped making them.

  71. Lemon Ice Gatorade anyone?

  72. I still mourn the loss of 3D Dorito’s.

  73. On this list I’m only aware of French Toast Crunch and the mars bar. I never noticed FTC is gone and is there something about the mars bars that I’m missing cause I still see them around oO or am I missing something? lol

  74. I remember I would always collect my Hubba Bubba containers, they made for good coin holders. lol

  75. Josta! So delicious with a super cool panther right on the bottle…

  76. My friend Jones from work reacting to receiving his favorite cereal as a gift, french toast crunch. He hadn’t had it since he was a kid. A friend of mine brought him some from Canada, best REACTION EVER.

  77. Original Mars bars are smaller and had a creamy white marshmallowy filling. I just picked some up in Dubai recently, they still make them like that there. SO much better.

  78. My boyfriends seems to remember something called “PB crisps.” Apparently he’s been wanting them forever and they don’t make them anymore. He’s a couple years older than I am, so this maybe have been late eighties, but I’m pretty sure it was 90’s. I’ll wiki it.

  79. *my bad, it was milky way, not mars.

  80. FruitStripe gum is still around. You can find it at any Dollar General. What really needs to be on this list is Snapple Elements drinks. They were delicious and amazing and slowly disappeared. Very sad.

  81. Doritos 3D really needs to make a come back!

  82. Surge is back! You can order it exclusively through Amazon!

  83. I wonder if they still sell Ouch! Gum…. I loved that gum so much.

  84. All i want is oreos that change the color of your milk haha if captain crunch can do it for Halloween why can’t oreo bring it back. Wonder balls! And 3-d doritos. The second french toast crunch came back i went and bought like three boxes!

  85. Hubba bubba bubble jug!

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