7 Ways 90s Kids Got Scared.

What else scared you that isn’t on this list? Leave your thoughts and opinions in the comments!


19 responses to “7 Ways 90s Kids Got Scared.

  1. blair witch project was NOT scary. I remember watching when i was like 7 or 8 and i was bored. Everything is legit though

  2. **everything else

  3. I STILL own the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”… and it STILL scares me sometimes

  4. I wasn’t even allowed to watch “Are You Afraid of the Dark” because it would scare me soooo much!! My parents couldn’t deal with me not sleeping since I was soo terrified of what might be lurking in my room.

    And I totally even forgot about “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” until you posted this. Thanks for the reminder!! Will definitely be Amazoning that ASAP!!

  5. no AUTOSAVE!!!

  6. 90smusicandbeyond

    I remember being too scared to fall asleep that night after seeing the pinball machine episode of “Are You Afraid of the Dark”.

  7. I forget the actual title of the movie but it was one of Ernest movies, and it was something about a boogie man who would come get you from under your bed at night. No lie I used get a running start from my bed room door and leap to my bed so it couldn’t reach out and grab me.

  8. Ok looked it up it was “Ernest scared stupid” and it was a troll and and ancient cure but regardless it scared me to the point that I would attempt to long jump into bed for about a year or so lol.

  9. Scary stories to tell in the dark scared the shit out of me. It was those pictures (which half the time didn’t even relate) but those mofos were horrible

  10. Scream being an original horror movie is right, with double emphasis on ‘original.’ It revolutionized the horror genre and gave (the genre) the ‘spoof’ element that’s being reused/reraped throughout the next decade.

  11. Scream being an original horror movie was right, with double emphasis on ‘original.’ It changed the horror movie industry and gave Hollywood the idea to spoof other horror movies, keeping them smart and fun, just like the original spoofer, Scream, was very much so.

  12. “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” wasn’t always scary, but there were several episodes that just scared the living crap out of me. As an adult, they’ve become some of my favorite episodes, but they were nightmare inducing as a child. “The Tale of the Night Shift” with the vampire in the hospital was pretty terrifying simply because of the scene when the vampire traps the nurse on the roof and then says “I’ll drop you off the roof and lick up what’s left.” That’s pretty friggin’ dark for Nickelodeon. “The Tale of Midnight Madness”, yet another classic Dr. Vink (with a vuh-vuh-VUH!) episode, where Nosferatu climbs out of the screen was pretty freaky, but the one that became my absolute favorite was “The Tale of the Ghastly Grinner.” Not only was the Grinner creepy, but it was an episode all about comic books, which was awesome.

  13. I thought the Goosebump series were pretty scary

  14. Wait, no one mentioned Unsolved Mysteries or Rescue 911? Those shows were terrifying!

  15. Man! I loved those scary stories to tell in the dark books! I actually still have them! Awesome! And i had almost every Goosebumps book known to man, but i gave them to my little brother some years ago, i totally regret it… And also, why don’t they play Are you Afraid of the Dark on that 90’s cartoon channel? 😦 I loved that show!!!

  16. Haha ok so idk if this was 90s or not I think it wa maybe early 2000s cuz that’s when I grew up (born 1997 so ik I’m not a true 90s kid but I did have a bunch of older friend’s and remember 89% of this stuff) but anyways I had this power puff girl VHS when I was 3 or 4 and at the beginning there wa a commercial for the cartoon “grandma got run over by a reindeer” and that used to scare the crap out of me cuz I thought that it would happen to my grandma on Christmas since she lived by herself lol

  17. I think I watched the cartoon version of Tales from the Crypt ;o and I watched a bit of Are You Afraid of the Dark before freaking out and changing channels 😀 but now that I’m older I realized some of the episodes aren’t that scary. Probably because they have happy endings and I spoiled the plot for myself before watching. x3 and then there was Freak Stories if anyone remembers that. Probably not scary for most kids but for me some of them scared me o-o

  18. I love all of these shows.

  19. You forgot to mention the book series “Fear Street”, also by R.L. Stein. It was aimed for tweens & teens, but had a little more of an edge than Goosebumps.

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