6 Biggest A**holes Of The ’90s.

What a-holes do you think belong on this list? Who was the biggest 90s a-hole in  your opinion? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


14 responses to “6 Biggest A**holes Of The ’90s.

  1. Sid Phillips (from Toy Story) definitely deserves a spot on that list.

  2. I think Ren and Brain were big time dicks. Sure they had to deal with partners that were short-bus certified but still, no need to be so smug about it. Also, any kid that wouldn’t let that Silly Rabbit have any Trix . . . assholes. Not cartoons but Geoffry the butler on Fresh Prince always had some slick shit to say like c’mon man, you’re the help, why didn’t they just fire him??? Plus he was always looking for bribes and could never keep a secret!!!

  3. Ren? from Ren and Stimpy????

  4. Well there’s Nappa, from DBZ, who immediately comes to earth and wipes out an entire town with the British “up yours” gesture.

    Janet Perlstein from Magic Schoolbus. She hated learning. On PBS.

    Lord Zedd (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). Gives the last letter of the British alphabet a bad name

    Mr. Burns. Sick dogs on visitors and is cool with plutonium leakage.

  5. Sorry man, but dog was a major pain in the ass. Catdog was a little past my time, but I remember seriously hating dog.

  6. Tori A. Rodriguez

    Gaston, Governor Ratcliffe, Sid (toy story), Lyle VanDeGroot (george of the jungle).

    Gaston: You don’t mess with a smart girl, or a beast who (on top of 10 years of pent up anger-management issues and who thinks he has nothing to loose) can rip you to shreds with his bare hands NOT needing to use his claws. AND he is NOT handsome, he is obnoxious, fights dirty(not in the fun way), and frankly got what was comming to him in the end.

    Ratcliffe: Firstly, he was ugly inside and out, meaning he was a horrible mean person. He came there looking for gold that he was gonna attempt to keep to himself. When one of his sailors fell overboard in a storm, he didn’t bat an eye. He didn’t care at all when his dog ran off and was lost. When John was locked up, his first thought was “hehe, I get to kill some people and torture the rest into telling where the gold is mwahahahahaHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!”. THEN he tried to shoot the Cheif when his guard was down after he surrendered, YOU DON’T DO THAT.

    Sid: Now to remind you, we were kids when this came out, to us toys were the Holy Grail. Sid mutilated toys. The second we saw this, Sid became Public Enemy #1 in Kidland. He STOLE HIS SISTER’S DOLLS and TORMENTED HER WITH THEM!!! I was 1 year old when this came out, obviously it was a couple years till I saw this, but I wanted to smack that boy! He was a greedy psychopath in training.

    Lyle: He caged the Apes. He wanted to buldose the jungle, therefore George’s home. He kidnapped his EX-fiance. He sabotaged George… Lyle was bad… but only an Honorable mention.

  7. Lol at this. I thought about Buzz the other day. Sometimes Angelica and Roger make my butt itch watching it on “The 90s Are All That” block!

  8. ahahah i love how vince mcmahon is down flexin’ in the corner there… like a true asshole.

  9. Cruella de Vil isn’t from the 90s; 101 Dalmations came out in 1961.
    Yes, I nitpick. No, I won’t stop. 🙂

  10. Frieza: HE Attempted genocide.

  11. Who’s that chick to the right of helga and what is she from?

  12. I would disagree with the order where I think Cruella is much more evil than them two kids… I mean, to a certai extent, they’re kids. She wanted to KILL PUPPIES!
    DALMATIAN PUPPIES! Possibly the cutest things ever.

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