What is your favorite memory as a part of the All That cast?
First off that it’s in the 90s era. I think it’s funny how the 90s are a bit vintage now, but I am proud to say that I was apart of a show that made the 90s what it is. Everyone remembers All That like I remember Rugrats. Being on All That was a dream come true and sharing that with my mother Brenda who passed away a few years ago meant the world to me. My memories meant the world to me and I hoped everyone enjoyed the show just like I did. I met so many great people that are now successful and it was truly a blessing to do a show that was in a lot of people’s households and that made people smile and laugh is all I could ask for.
What character from the 1990s would you like to hang out with the most? Zack from Saved by the Bell because, hello — he was a cutie… and I loved Joey Lawrence. O-M-G, hotness.
What 90s series would people be surprised to find out that you watched? None, I watched them all… Maybe Frasier?
What is your proudest video game accomplishment? Beating Super Mario 3.
Who was your 90s celebrity crush? Joey Lawrence or Jordan from NKOTB
What 90s songs/musicians can be found on your iPod? Daft Punk, TLC, Monica, Brady, Usher, all of them being on All That, I met most of the artist that are hot now back then. I wish I could share my personal albums so you could see the pictures.
What 90s activity robbed you of the most hours of your life? Nintendo and making string bracelets at camp.
What 90s actors/actresses inspired you most? Claire Dane. She has had such a great career and we went to the same high scool. PPAS NYC….
What cartoon character is most like you? The cute bunny from Tiny Toons. I am short, sassy and full of energy just like her.
Do you still watch any 90s television? Of course, I love my 90210, Melrose Place and Family Matters, as well as Saved by the Bell. I loved My So Called Life — I signed the petition to keep it on the air. Can’t believe it was on for such a short time.
On Saturday mornings, what was your breakfast cereal of choice? Honey Nut Cheerios – by the way, I did a commercial for Honey Nut Cheerios in the 90s.Check out my Youtube channel (AlisaReyesForever).

90s Cartoon: Tiny Toons, Rugrats and Ren and Stimpy
90s TV Series: All That, Step by Step, Boy Meets World, One World on TNBC, I played Marci.
90s Movie: Forest Gump and Boogie Nights.
90s Musician: Daft Punk
90s Song: TLC-Creep
90s Toy: Super Soakers, Treasure Trolls. I still have mine. It has yellow hair & it totally gives me good luck.
90s Shoe or Clothing: High top sneakers and Bell Bottoms. Even though they are from the 70s, I wore bell bottoms on All That.
90s Book: Men are from Mars Women are from Venus.

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2 responses to “ALISA REYES INTERVIEW.

  1. I think you meant Brandy* and it’s Claire Danes* 🙂

  2. OH MAN the major takeaway from this is that the One World theme is now stuck in my head! Alisa was lovely back then and stunning now. GREAT CHOICE for this interview.

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