#116 Rescue 911 & Unsolved Mysteries Made Us Paranoid.

There were the unrealistic fears that 90s kids got from reading Goosebumps & watching Are You Afraid of The Dark; then there were real-life terrors. Nothing provided more genuine paranoia than Rescue 911 and Unsolved Mysteries. Hosted by the great, William Shatner, Rescue 911 featured reenacted stories (on rare occasions, real footage), covering things from child accidents, to drug overdoses, to my personal favorite – home invasions. I was always fearful of this and I believe it’s a direct result of the sh-t I saw on that show. If you want to reminisce on how intense it was, just take a look at the intro below.

Unsolved Mysteries often came on directly after Rescue 911 and it provided no relief on our already stressed minds. This was even scarier because it covered other types of things, such as UFOs, ghosts, conspiracy theories, kidnappings and other stuff that led to restless nights. I don’t know why, but these two series’ really made me channel my inner Chuckie Finster. Seriously, I all but turned into a ginger with glasses. Check out the video of Unsolved Mysteries below as well, it’s such an eerie intro, but still epic after all these years.


16 responses to “#116 Rescue 911 & Unsolved Mysteries Made Us Paranoid.

  1. i totally saw the Black Ranger on America’s Most Wanted playing a murder victim!

  2. I am still scared to hear the Unsolved Mysteries intro and I am 30ish….I feel the same way about America’s Most Wanted now….LOL

  3. Black Ranger(Zack) was played by actor and martial artist, Walter Emanual.

  4. Heck yes, Rescue 911 was terrifying! I couldn’t not watch when it was on; like a car wreck, literally in some cases. I was already a neurotic kid, but this show added a half-dozen new phobias to my list. The little girl who was shot, the one who fell onto gravel and was transported via helicopter, the woman half-conscious in a burning house talking to the dispatcher, begging for help, the two children struck by lightning, sitting on the stairs while severely burned… eww ewww ewwwwww! I was both terrified and morbidly fascinated by that show whenever it came on. Unsolved Mysteries was eerie, but it never gave me the out and out terrors like Rescue 911 did. Gah!

  5. Is it weird I remembered the ENTIRE Rescue 911 intro once I heard the music? All the images in order.

  6. I vaguely remember Rescue 911 but I know it also freaked me out lol. Unsolved Mysteries was creepy but you didn’t know whether or not to believe it, but with Rescue 911 it was all real so you had no choice but to be scared haha.. so now we’re all just paranoid adults.. awesome.

  7. I can barely remember Rescue 911. Used to watch it with my grand-parents but its kind of faded on me.

    But the theme song to “Unsolved Mysteries” used to scare the living hell out of me. I remember I’d always run out of the room whenever I heard it. Such a creepy theme. Now that I’m older, I can appreciate how fun the stories were. My favorite ones are the ghost stories. The way they filmed the reenactments was eerie as hell. The new version with Dennis Farina sucks. They don’t even make new reenactments; they just reuse the old ones and the old stories.

  8. My mom MADE ME watch these, and I am 200% sure it was so she could scare the shit out of me. I never once acted up or gave my parents trouble. Thanks, Shatner. Also, I blame all my “someone will crawl through my window at night” paranoia to these shows.

  9. My mom MADE ME watch these, and I’m 200% sure it was so she could scare the shit out of me. I never once acted up or got in trouble. I also blame all my “someone will crawl through my window at night” paranoia to these shows. Thanks, Shatner.

  10. I remember as a 90’s kid, spending many a night terrified sat up in my bed with the light on because of these two very shows. I had a crippling fear of being kidnapped and killed, or worse. I also stopped speaking to the cashiers who would smile and offer me candy and just shunned the treats. I blame my terrible people skills on my irrational childhood phobias :<

  11. I used to watch Rescue 911 as a kid…I think, anyway. And I don’t necessarily recall being freaked out by it. But on the other hand, it would explain a LOT about the paranoia I’ve grown up with, in hindsight…

  12. In relation to both these shows, William Shatner was a more comforting host than what Robert Stack was. Robert’s intonations were INTENSE. They stayed inside your mind, and never left.

    In the head to head between both hosts though, Robert was the F-ing Man. Because he made it impossible for people to forget him on that show.

  13. I am so glad I am not the only kid who was traumatized by watching these shows. I couldn’t help but laugh at some of these comments cause that was totally me. I can totally relate with all of you.

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  15. I had just hit my teen by the time Rescue 911 started ( and loved the intensity of the show), but Unsolved Mysteries used to creep me out. They covered all sorts of creepy things (including Spontaneous Human Combustion, I believe), and I’d be thinking about those things while I was trying to sleep. It reminded me of watching the show That’s Incredible!, in the early 80’s.

  16. AWESOME!!! I remember my sister, dad and I would watch these shows when my sister and I were children. Takes me back 🙂 I miss the 90s. Baywatch too.

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