#118 Miss Trunchbull Is Terrifying.

Matilda is a classic book and film from the 1990s that entertained – but also disturbed us. The specific character responsible for our discomfort was the physically intimidating, demented, aggressive Miss Trunchbull. This woman, who resembled anything but one, did a number of things that are typically prohibited in schools. Let’s take a look at some of her disturbing deeds.

Shoving Kids In The Chokey: My deepest fear for a good portion of my childhood, was being forcefully placed in a Chokey-esque room. With its snug dimensions, and nails & glass shards sticking out of the walls, The Chokey takes the cake for teacher-student brutality… Speaking of cake, let’s move on to her next action.

Making Bruce Bogtrotter Eat A Massive Chocolate Cake: Chocolate cake, from a filthy, revolting looking old lunch lady whose sweat and blood went into it is not appetizing. We wouldn’t eat a slice of this thing, much less the entire confection. To top it all off, after Bruce endured this chocolate-y torture, she smashed the glass plate over my man’s dome. Never has eating such a delicious treat looked so unappealing.

Throwing A Girl By Her Pigtails: Poor Amanda Thripp. The Trunchbull called this young lady’s mother a “twit,” then threw her long distance by her little blond pigtails.

These are just a few of her habitually inhuman acts. Not to mention the fact that in all likelihood, she murdered Miss Honey’s freaking dad, before taking his home… And his chocolates. Those precious chocolates always made my sweet tooth tingle. So much so that I always got aggravated at Matilda for only taking two pieces, instead of the whole box!


18 responses to “#118 Miss Trunchbull Is Terrifying.

  1. YES.

    Also, don’t forget that Miss Trunchbull is abusive; when Miss Honeydew was little, she killed her daddy and then broke her arm!

    And the scene when Matilda is sneaking around the Trunchbull’s home is the most terrifying moment in a children’s movie, BAR NONE.

  2. “The apple never ROTS far from the tree!”

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  4. Oooooh! A real fuzzy cup of pure nostalgia, that was! Anyone knows where I can download the movie Matilda anywhere?

  5. Mind Blow for everyone: The actress who played Miss Trunchbull also played the horrible Aunt Marge in the movie adaptation Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

  6. thewanderingcoyote

    You haven’t updated since July 23rd. Have we realized everything there is?

  7. You are just mean to kids so much about we make a story about you and make fun of you and a Bart to kids and why are you so evli.

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  10. You bet that Miss Trunchbull was terrifying. She was a feminazi to the max. Hell, she was was worse than Helga Pataki of Hey Arnold!

    Three things that I hate about the Trunchbull are her hypocrisy, her failure to be dead serious, and snobbishness. Therefore,Id; really love it if she actually got killed.

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