Goosebumps Books That Would Scare The Crap Out Of Homebodies & Introverts

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Now, a while back I made some Goosebumps covers that would scare the crap out of adults, which included titles such as Return Of The Check Engine Light, The Monday Morning Alarm Clock Of Doom, The Cop Who Drove Behind You For Miles, and The Curse Of The Undone Laundry.

Today, I’d like to present some more covers, though these are geared specifically towards driving fear into the souls of homebodies and introverts. I feel like there are so many possibilities and routes to take here, so I covered some worries that I think most of us can relate to, but I encourage you to share the things you dread on a Goosebumps level in the comments.

Brace yourself before scrolling further, folks, it’s about to get scary as heck.


SmallTalkMySoberistAdventure TheHorrorAtHappyHour Version2AltThePartyWhereYouOnlyKnowLikeTwoPeopleTheEpicFunNightYouPassedOnSpooky.


One response to “Goosebumps Books That Would Scare The Crap Out Of Homebodies & Introverts

  1. Fantastic pictures! Great use of 90s nostalgia and contemporary digital culture. I miss the 90s…Goosebumps was great!

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