-Born in 88.
-Avid watcher of Nick Toons.
-Have seen every episode of The Fresh Prince in it’s entirety, multiple times.
-Played Power Rangers with friends for 20 hours a week, every week from ages 7-9. (
For majority of the hours, I was the Red Ranger… If you watched the show you know he’s the leader, thus, I had the most responsibility.)
-Used phrases like “da bomb” and “that’s bad” throughout the 90’s.
-Mastered the art of blowing into a cartridge.
-Owner of dozens of VHS movies.
-I perform a daily prayer for the poor kids who are stuck with subparΒ television such as “Drake & Josh”, followed by a moment of silence, in remembrance of eliteΒ TV, like “Kenan & Kel”.



142 responses to “About

  1. Hey man your website is awesome.

    I was born in 1991 i am now nineteen and this brings me back, thank you, your doing great work here.

    p.s. i was more the green ranger then i became the white ranger

    thanks again

    • Simply put: Thank you for this site.

    • yo man great website every single one of those things besides maybe 3 took me back to the good ol days of the 90’s. One time I gave a speech calling Space Jam the greatest movie ever and claimed it won multiple academy awards haha

    • This is an awesome thing you are doing!! I was born in 85 and everything I’ve looked at is so spot on! Def miss some of the shows, they will always be the best

  2. I was originally the gold ranger before there was one on the show. they took my idea and i havent received my royalties at all >:-( After that got boring i became the Orange ranger and my Zord was a Velociraptor haha im a genius. i was born in 83 and if i can help in anyway let me know somehow.

  3. Hi, I have to say that you have done an outstanding job on this website. I was born in ’88 and I just love reading all of your articles. Your work is funny, and I enjoy reading it so much. I love cartoons so much and am now a writer because of it.

    I can’t wait to see what else you are going to put up next. Nickelodeon and Disney channel sucks so hard now (they will have one or two good shows every blue moon)…I will never let my childern watch crap like that. I would hope to find all re-runs, dvd’s, vhs and etc. of all the things that I grew up on first.

    I also have a big brother so he kept me well educated and inform all the time of the great things of the past.

    p.s. I always wanted to be the kid to go on that show GUTS…I would have kicked so much butt…LOL

  4. Sweet site from one 90’s kid to another.

  5. Funniest blog I’ve read in a long time. I to was born in ’88. I miss the the 90’s so much i might cry.

  6. great site man. born in ’89. Shoutout to scholastics book orders was GENIUS

  7. Awesome blog. Born in 82. Pretty much everything you’ve said is spot on, especially your first sexual thoughts ever being the Pink Ranger

  8. Your website is the best thing ever.
    ’89 and I was the Green Ranger even though I’m a girl.
    I feel so bad for the kids growing up today; not only did Nick not suck in the 90s we also had the boon of old school cartoon violence via the original Looney Tunes and Popeye.

  9. Tick, I was also Orange Ranger after being Gold Ranger before there was one!

  10. Boomshakalaka! This blog is da bomb!

  11. ’93. a little young, but still enjoyed the 90’s. Does anyone else remember pogs??!!

  12. Great stuff dude. I was born in ’87 and definitely miss a lot of the old shows and games, which is why I married a girl who still owns an N64. Have to say though, Nickelodeon became dead to me when “Face” showed up and Nick Junior starting taking up the majority of the mid- and late-afternoon time slots. Worst. Idea. Ever.

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  14. Born in ’88. Made my day browsing your blog.

  15. Dude, your site is the first one where I have laughed non-stop while reading the whole thing. I’m a ’91 kid and I miss all this stuff, I have all the Fresh Prince seasons on DVD and watch them religiously. It’s the same as on TV except I don’t have to deal with commercials. I was the red ranger until there was a green ranger…I realized that he was the one that was getting the ass now. PS for all you guys that didn’t know, the green ranger is an MMA fighter now and he’s undefeated it’s pretty funny. But anyway props to the site, keep up the awesome work.

  16. Hey- You are the “Da Bomb” and absolutely hilarious. You hit the nail on the head numerous times in this countdown. Thankyou for bringing back such great memories from my childhood!

  17. I was the yellow ranger…i’m a black girl, so the years that she was asian really threw me off, she should have just stayed black

    • YES!!!! ABSOLUTELY LOVED the books. ABSOLUTELY HATED the tv show. Who ever casted Cassie is blind (and I should have been Cassie).

      I actually wrote to K.A. Applegate when I was little, and she wrote back!

    • I’ve read every Animorph book. I still own all of them. More than 60 of them. HOW COULD RACHEL DIE!

      Also, this blog is the best thing ever.

  18. amazing blog.

    Artie – I give you a massive thumbs up for reminding me of those Scholastic Book fairs that came to schools like a traveling circus…. It always made us so excited to buy books, yet nobody read any of them – a total waste of our parent’s money.

    Great Success!

  19. This is awesome.

    A great collection of my childhood is right here. Thanks so much.

    One thing that’s missing though are some of the PBS shows. I learned all my classic literature from Wishbone. Zoom was fantastic. PBS was the precursor to Nickelodeon for me.

    Anyway, keep searching through that time capsule of the 90s.

    • omg, wishbone!! I was born in ’90, and I totally wanted a wishbone dog. Also, made for tv disney movies (including but not limited to): brink, johnny tsunami, stepsister from planet weird, the 13th year, zenon (they replaced raven in zenon the zequel-about as subtle as the vivian banks replacement lol), and disney programming such as So Weird (Fi’s mom had an incestuous relationship with her real-life dad? blew my mind). spice girls. nsync. not being allowed to see titanic (too young) but loving the celine dion song and not knowing why. m2m. savage garden. bbmac. lizzie mcguire. hilary duff and lindsay lohan’s real life feud over aaron carter (damn, that was in 01). the 90’s version of escape to witch mountain (apparently i really had a thing for erik von detten! haha) ah so many things. can’t wait for you to cover them. this site is awesome

  20. LOVE IT!
    I’m actually an 80’s kid (born in ’79) but was in Jr. high and HS during the 90s. I watched the hell out of Doug, Rugrats, Ren and Stimpy, Fresh Prince…lovin’ this page!

  21. This page is Awesome!! brought back so many childhood memories, born in the 90’s so there were about 2-3 things i didn’t remember but i definitely enjoyed reading this. hope to see more soon, THANKS!!

  22. Born in ’84 I relate to nearly everything you’ve listed as I too was babysat by the television and the S/NES. Thank you for doing us all a service.

  23. haha oh man i just read all 71 realizations in one sitting! it really brought me back through my childhood the thing about rockos modern life was so true man i loved that show but now i die laughing at the adult humor. and i had a realization of my own! when i was a kid i though guts would be the hardest thing to do in the world and now i realize that anyone shoulda been able to run the show on guts

  24. Born in ’84. Dope site. Just spent an hour watching Legends of the Hidden Temple runs on YouTube because of it. Thanks a lot, ass!

  25. Born in ’87. I really do feel bad for kids these days (wow I sound old). I never knew how good we had it until I heard about all these strange ADHD inducing shows on Nick. I don’t even think they have Snick anymore!

    I find it amazing that we all managed to watch so much tv, play so many video games, and still go outside and act crazy.

    Great memories man. Love the site man, and keep up the good work.

  26. Amazing site dude!! It’s fantastic!! I was born in 91 and it totally reminds me of the good old days!! My 6 year old brother watches Disney and Nick now, and it’s ridiculous! He thinks “Spongebob” is good TV, and is IN LOVE with Hannah Montana. Poor kids today don’t understand really good TV.

  27. I was linked over here by a friend, and oh my goodness am I ever glad! I’ve just read through the entire list in one go, and I’ve probably made my neighbors think I’m a nut for laughing. There were one or two yelps of ‘Oh, that ain’t right!’ in there as well. Born in ’84 here, and wow, nearly all these brought back amazing memories! My sisters, myself, and every kid in my class at school were crazy over TGIF, for one thing. I always wanted to be the girl on Captain Planet from the Soviet Union–when it still was the Soviet Union–and I thought it was the coolest thing ever to be able to stay up till *gasp* 9:30, 8:30 central to watch Are You Afraid Of The Dark? πŸ™‚ I actually quoted a Boy Meets World episode in an improv sketch once, and the guy I was acting opposite caught the reference and said so after the scene! He turned to me and went ‘Boy Meets World, last night.’ XD It was the murder mystery one, which was always my favorite!

    *ahem* I’ll stop going all goofy here, now. Grinning like a fool, anyway.

  28. So so so much fun to read all these. Can’t wait to read more!!

    PS- I did an entire powerpoint presentation on Salute Your Shorts when I was a senior in high school. It was fantastic. =)

  29. kids of the 90’s. this is the greatest website ever.

  30. Born in ’83 and I love your site! It’s a great trip down memory lane … kids these days have the most ridiculous shows and the cartoons are all shoddily drawn. Plus, you haven’t even touched on the books that we read – Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew, Sweet Valley High, Hardy Boys, the Calvin and Hobbes comics … !!

    Keep up the fantastic work!

  31. born in ’85 this blog so brings me back! i really miss all these shows! ha dont forgot HEY DUDE! haha

  32. ShampooBanannaLand

    This blog is superb! I was born in the 90s and I loved reminiscing through your posts. They are legit and I look forward to reading more.

    I know you’re a guy, but how about some Jelly Shoes!

  33. ’87.
    and it’s always gonna be the green ranger for me.
    he always got the best stuff… the green uniform, the Dragon Dagger, the DRAGONZORD, Kimberly, AND he got the chance to be the bad guy for a bit.

    also one thing that i found out recently: Rita Repulsa was super hot, and quite possibly shaped my taste in women long before i knew what was happening… y’know… down there

  34. one more thing, i don’t care if Kenan’s on SNL or in movies nowadays. he will ALWAYS be the chubby black kid from All That.

  35. Thank you so much. I was born in early 90′ and think about how awesome those times were every single day.

    Those status updates are fucking hilarious!

  36. Oh man. ’86er right here and I currently teach 9th grade. Yeah, all my students are 10 years younger than me and born in 1995 and 1996. I make references to Corey and Topanga or Doug and say things like “da bomb” or “cool beans” and they look at me like I’m some sort of freak. If only I could put Lord of the Flies and parts of speech on hold and educate them on the wonders and glories of the Nineties. Fantastic site!

  37. I remember being in love with Johnny Bravo at 3 years old…

    I was born in the 90’s so I may be a bit young, but I was always the Pink Ranger.

    Your website is what we meant when we said “cool beans.” It’s lovely.

  38. Here’s a realization. In the 90’s tattoos were scary. Only bikers, rockstars, and extreme badasses had them. Our heroes like Michael Jordan didn’t have tattoos. But almost every single guy in the NBA has one now. Just look at Kobe from #10. Probably most of us reading this have at least one tattoo. Do you ever wonder why our generation reversed our ideas on ink? The answer lies in another great Nickelodeon show that featured two red-headed brothers, The Adventures of Pete and Pete! Little Pete had that dancing girl tattoo on his forearm named Petunia. It started to subliminally change our opinions of tattoos. First off, it was cool because it was on a kid our age. Second, it was probably the first time we say a non-threatening character on TV with a tattoo. Think about it next time you see someone with a sleeve of ink.

  39. Stumbled across this and read it all in one sitting! This is so true but Jelly Shoes were da bomb. And so was Wishbone and Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

  40. Great site. You brought back a lot of memories.

    Here’s a great article about what it means to be a Nick Kid.

  41. born in 92 and i remember like 98% of this stuff! good job

  42. Remember Roundhouse?? I am obsessed with this blog. I can’t express my gratitude enough!!! What I wouldn’t give to curl up on the big orange couch this saturday night watch snick and eat gushers. The good ol days. Instead I’ll be watching Home Alone for the 19,000th time and ordering and plain cheese all for me. You’re da’ bomb!

  43. Staying awake for two days straight. Power Rangers in the morning Rugrats/Goosebumps at noon and So Weird/Are You Afraid of The Dark in the evening.

    Life needs to get back simplicity a.s.a.p

  44. ’81, here which makes me barely a 90s kid, still a great site for old fucks like myself πŸ˜‰

  45. This site is absolute gold, sir. Long live Power Rangers.

  46. born in 92, i just read this entire blog in the last half hour. AMAZING! feeling so nostalgic πŸ™‚ i always wanted to be on legends of the hidden temple (although i was scared of the temple guards). rugrats was my shit. kids today have no idea what old school nickelodeon was all about! currently watching all that on netflix. THANK YOU FOR THE TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE! xoxox

  47. This site is fantastic. I was born in ’92 and this brings back so much. Thank you for this!!

  48. I was born in 88 too and I can remember all the same shit. Only thing you’re missing in Ninja Turtles they were still around I was a big ass Turtle fan until I saw the pilot episode of Power Rangers by chance that one day.

  49. Born in 89, I had a pink powerranger pog. Remember POGS? The little round cardboard things with pics on them, i had a bajillion of them! Definitely had a crush on the white ranger. Just recently got the original Power Rangers movie with the OOOoze, never got to see it as a kid, now when I watch it I can only make fun of it. I thought those teens were soooo cool back in the day >.<

  50. What about Sailor Moon? I know that wasn’t really a guy thing, but still. Some guys played Tuxedo Mask, didn’t they?
    And what about that awesome show Uh-Oh on Nickelodeon?
    And POGS!
    And walkmans!

    Even though I feel old reading this site, it’s awesome.

  51. Awesome list. Totally agree about TGIF, it makes me sad for Fridays this decade.

  52. Oh man, born in ’92 and this website just pulls at my heartstrings. I’m so glad you made this. Some of this stuff I laughed so hard at in remembrance that I started to tear up. But man Nick, Snick, the WB, and Toonami. Those things ruled my life.

  53. [this is here only because I forgot to subscribe to this site]

  54. You sir, are just plain awesome. That is all. πŸ™‚

  55. Cool site, you took me way back. I now have a huge craving for some dunkaroos.
    I was born in 83, I remember the X-men cartoon was the first show I would have intense debates about after each episode.

  56. Love this site! You should write something on the PBS show Zoom and how the concept of a boy band was not weird in the 90s but actually just the opposite. And definitely don’t forget about Kablam! =)

  57. Born in ’96 (hence my name hahaha). I’m 15, a little young for some of this, but damn most of this brings back great stuff. GELLL PENSSSSS. and don’t forget about boy bands, aaron carter, non-trashed Brittany Spears and ZOOM!!! Oh my god, I miss so much of this stuff. Thanks for the memories, man

  58. Born in 1986.

    I was the yellow ranger (because I’m a chinese girl and that was my default role? I secretly wanted to be the pink ranger but I didn’t want to rock the boat). We played every day at recess circa 1992-1993. I owned the VHS of the pilot episode.

    This website is a barrel of monkeys. Thank you.

  59. Awesome blog! Now i’ll have more things to brag about to my younger cousins that believe their generation is the best. I’m sorry, but nothing beats running around my house yielding my pink ranger costume and some silly string chasing my dog who in my mind was always Rito Revolto.

    Another fond moment: the era of wazzzzzuuuuuuuuuuuuupppppppp!

  60. Born 87
    Have also played Power Rangers with friends for more than 20 hours – lol.
    Obsessed watcher of Nickelodeon (back in the 90s)
    I still make a statement with “Da BOMB” in it.
    LOL – loooove this site.

  61. born in ’88.

    -my first exposure to boobs was watching Titanic with my older sister
    -the first time I played Crash Bandicoot, it changed my life
    -Mighty Ducks & The Sandlot will always be the greatest sports movies ever
    -Shaq as a genie coming out of a boombox?? WTF was that?
    -I still want to go to Space Camp

  62. I was born in 1989 and this website is great. There was a link from collegehumor.com to here. Thank you for making it.

  63. This solely just kept me amused for three hours.
    My friend, thank you for contributing to my insomnia.
    I do think you should add something about sneaking and watching MTV’s Spring Break, I know a majority of us did it.
    Party on bro.
    ’88 Represent.

  64. Your website is awesome. The stuff on here really brings me back to my childhood.

  65. I LOVED your site. I couldn’t agree with you more on anything you brought up. However, you forgot about Saturday morning cartoons. I.e. Recess, The Tick, Animaniacs, Pepper Ann, Freakazoid, The Weekenders, Looney Tunes, and whatever else I’m forgetting. But yes, these were important shows you forgot to mention. Then you also forgot Gak, the Nickolodeon goo that was sold. Silly Putty, beanie babies, Skip-It…come onnnn

  66. Thank you so much for creating this site. It really takes me back to my childhood and appreciate the decade we call the 90’s. Also, no one yet has mentioned but i love the fact that the picture at the top of the about page is FEENY!!! That was one of my favorite shows growing up even though i didn’t understand a lot of what was going on since i was too young.

  67. Wonderful site! Glad to find a fellow ‘Nostalgian : )

  68. Hey I was born in ’89 and just read through your entire site! Brings back memories! Some I don’t quite understand, like Power Rangers.. I tried to play Power Rangers once with my little brother.. I kicked him in the head, never got to watch Power Rangers again..

    Does anyone remember Beetle Borgs?

  69. This site is amazing. I recently had to do a decades speech and was p/oed that someone stole 90s from me. Being a ’94 kid I’m gettn ready to go to college and am at tht place in my life where I’m reconnecting w/my childhood. This site was major help. I’ve found that I don’t wanna grow up, but must pass the tourch to mu younger siblings whose fav movie is…something new and dumb. HELLO when I was little I loved the chipmunk adventure and tht movie with the toaster. Classic.

  70. perfect, absolutely perfect.

  71. Born in 87 and this is a great site! So glad I found this. I haven’t read every realization yet but they all bring back good memories so far! I really miss pogs haha.

  72. Born in ’88, you are too much. This is so funny I laughed out loud. Great writing.

  73. 93′ so im boarderline here but i kinda gave up on tv when “drake and josh” became nicks big thing. Does anyone remember The Jersey on Disney? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jersey

  74. Hey, 87′ here, and while I can’t recall the Stick Stickly address, I do remember the jingle for Scruff McGruff the crime dog (Scruff McGruff, Chicago IL 60652 And help take a bite out of crime). I also distinctly remember not having Disney because it used to cost extra and they did those one week previews of the channel and it was the best thing ever.

    I still insult people with “Yeah yeah, Oscar Myer even, a weenie!” And occasionally answer the phone with the phrase “Bird bird bird, bird’s the word”

  75. I was born in 1990, and this is one of the most entertaining websites I’ve ever read. Awesome work!

  76. I was born in ’92 and I enjoy reading your work. Always nostalgic! Keep up the awesome work.

  77. Just spent like an hour and a half reading through this entire site. LOVE IT.really made me feel like I was a kid again.You hit the mark on every one of these! One thing I didnt see on here was Wishbone and ZOOM. ZOOM was kinda gay-even I knew that as a kid, but for some reason me and the majority of kids my age back then watched it all the time. Anyways, keep up the good work!

    • Born in 1988:

      “Blind Date and Undressed were best at sleep overs… but only if you turned the volume down!”

      “Disney Channel cable previews were god sent!”

      “Sabrina’s boyfriend and Ben Stiller’s wife were on Hey Dude (along with some pretty racist Native American Imagery)”

      “Three things Coach Bombay and Co. Taught me:
      A. Goldberg needed some tums, bad..
      B. Colombe Jacobsen (the Maine girl-goalie Julie) was the girl that every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to bang.
      C. Thanks to the hot icelander assistant coach we will forever remember that greenland has ice, while iceland is green!
      D. Ducks stick together!”

  78. I know it only ran for 3 years in the 90’s, but the Wonder Years and the saga between Winnie & Kevin was the best show to watch. They actually replay reruns now on a show called the HUB & i tivo every single episode πŸ™‚

  79. I’m an ’87 baby and thus had a firmly 90s childhood. I just want to give you props for this website because I’m pretty militant about how awesome the 90s were and how great it was to be a child during that time. Probably the last great decade to be a kid since we’re getting the best of both worlds and the generations after us are miss out on so much! But anyway… you are very thorough and I love that. WWF, Nicktoons, Disney, Dunkaroos! Basically everything I loved. I commend you! Keep it up. You’ve got an avid fan here πŸ™‚

  80. i was born in ’93 and i still knew everything you were talking about. i love looking at 90’s stuff when everything was basically the shit. you write all of your posts really well and they are hilarious.
    i guess everyone is saying their ranger too. I was always pink haha

  81. i was born in 93 and i remember quite a bit from the 90’s but i don’t remember everything, and i didn’t really have cable for the most part so i missed out on most nick and disney channel shows except i do remember watching ren and stimpy when i DID have cable. some things you talk about i just recently got into. LOL, but i always did love power rangers, even in the 90’s (especially in the 90’s when they were actually kewl. great blog, man. keep up the good work and keep us reminiscing.

  82. i just stumbled across your blog and i love it! thanks for doing this, it feels like a walk down memory lane during each post πŸ™‚

  83. I love this blog. Not only is it funny and entertaining, but it really takes me back. I felt like I had just stepped out of a time machine when I finished reading it in its entirety. It makes me nostalgic for the old days (I was born in 88 too). This blog has also inspired me for my next screen printing project – we have to create a piece that is self relevant, that expresses something about us. I had no ideas before but once I read this blog, I thought the nostalgia for the 90s would be a good thing to do, so right now I’m playing around with the idea. Afterall, the 90s represented my childhood and would make a great piece. So thank you for taking me down memory lane and inspiring my schoolwork πŸ™‚

    And PS: I was the Pink Ranger. Sadly, though, come Halloween time, all the Pink Ranger costumes were gone so I was the Green Ranger. As luck would have it, the week of Halloween, he lost his powers and became the White Ranger, but my mom had already made the green costume, plus they obviously couldn’t have released the white costume yet because he had just lost his powers. So Halloween night, every house I went to with kids told me, “You know he’s the White Ranger now?” and I got so irritated because I knew that had happened, but just like every other Green Ranger out there, I didn’t have the time or ability to update the costume.

    I think they did that on purpose. They aired the episode around Halloween time just to give all us Green Rangers a hard time Halloween night.

  84. This site is the shit!

  85. THIS IS THE BEST BLOG IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. YOU MAKE ME WANT TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS. I also read the whole website in one sitting and – for the first time ever – actually wished I was a kid again. I gave up watching TV when I was like 15 (in 2000) cuz it started sucking so hard. Thank you for this, and PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD keep it coming!

  86. I have never subscribed to a blog until I read yours. I was born in ’92 and I remember pretty much everything u mentioned. Brought back lots of memories and gave me good laughs. I look forward to reading more, keep it up! One thing, you should mention something about the ’90s music, thats a big thing too πŸ˜‰

  87. born n ’89 n mannnnn dis took me bak down memory lane! i went thru dis entire site n agreed wit EVRY SINGLE POINT u made!!! dis iz great stuff rite here

  88. you need to put up the pink power ranger if you were a girl , because she was the prettier one πŸ™‚

  89. beripicker345

    I’m no 90’s(I was born in 2000) kids,but I gotta tell ya,I wish I were!I mean don’t get me wrong,I like some of the new stuff today,But Nick rewind on demand and the nick at nick lineup have got my back!I really would like it if one of you guys could put up a list of old stuff compared to the new stuff today?Or even make us 2000’s kids a website like this.:)Sorry if I’m asking to much,or invading you guys “territory.”But I JUST LOVE THIS WEBSITE!

  90. LOVE this site. I was born in ’82 and you’ve brought back so many awesome memories. I also put all my friends onto the site. They LOVE it as well.

  91. I’m an 88er as well, and spent most of my childhood watching nick and disney… this was amazing.. ahem excuse me, da bomb.

  92. 90’s kid straight up!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I didnt realize how old i was getting till i jumped on here.
    This made me cry. I love everything on here. I wish someday you can add cowboy bebop and trigun on here too someday. I love this blog. Best wishes.
    The 90s were THE BEST YEARS OF my LiFE!!!!!

  93. Your website is amazing. Born in ’86.. Some of my favorites were Boy Meets World, Hey Dude, Clarissa Explains It All… GOOD times!

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  95. F-yeah, let’s hear it for the 90s! I was born in 87, almost 88 (December birthdays are odd) andI just stumbled upon this little gem of yours this morning. I thought you should know: you have made me very happy. πŸ™‚ This is simply the best; chock full of things from my past that I’ve never completely forgotten, and never will. Thanks to you, my childhood doesn’t seem so distant anymore.

    Also, I’m a chick, and Power Rangers was one of the few games I actually got to play the part of a chick in. Although I always wanted to be the Pink Ranger and my bitch of a cousin (whom I usually played with) always made me be the Yellow Ranger. This is why I played with a boy in my class who offered to share his Cheerios with me if I would play Power Rangers with him…I finally got to be the Pink Ranger. Pink Ranger FTW.

  96. Hii I love your blog
    its soo true ii think the shows kids watch these days are all crap and will never live up to the 90s standards πŸ™‚
    I was born in 92
    I love watching Arthur & Sailor Moon (I know you didn`t mention them)
    rugrats also scared me a bit back then πŸ˜›

  97. This is the most amazing blog ever.
    I was born in 95, I know, I’m sooo young.
    I was always the blue Power Ranger even though I’m a girl. When I even mention all the shows I used to watch, kids nowadays get so defensive. They don’t even understand the comparison. Looking at this site makes me wish I had a time machine, I thank you greatly.

  98. i am a true 90s kid. I was born in 1979. I got to spend my teens in the 90s. The best years of my life. No texting, the internet was born, great movies and tv, not to mention the awesome music. I am proud to say, I LIVED THE 90s.

  99. Dood! I was born july the 6, of 1990. I just turnt 21 like 3 weeks ago yet, i felt the nostalgia of mi yunger years. thanks so much for posting this blog i read everything today and subscribed.

  100. o yea i forgot to say before i went out about age 15 or so getting into trouble as most yung black males did in the 90s, i was the red ranger. (too bad i found out he’s a gay porn star now…

  101. I love this blog so much. Thank you for giving us 90’s kids a place to revel in nostalgia!

  102. Name (required)

    I’m a 90’s kid and all, but I still love drake & josh lol. Mostly the early episodes where josh was still fat. those were great

  103. Born in 86′ and your forgetting a lot. Clarissa Explains it all, Hey! Dude, David the Gnome, and so much more. How about the music? Barbie Girl, I heard that song like 20,000 times a week when it came out. The macarena. spice girls (eww), But man keeeeeeeep this going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE 90’S ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  104. Huge fan! Keep it up!

  105. This blog makes me smile πŸ™‚
    Born in ’92 and proud of it!

  106. I just noticed that there were many awesome 90s kids shows where the protagonist broke fourth wall and talked to the audience through the tv (Saved by the Bell, Clarissa Explains it All.) I wonder if this is why we millennials love the fake documentary style shows (The Office, Parks and Rec…)

  107. I too mastered the art of blowing into cartridges at an early age! LMAO, I remember the good old days. Cartoons like Ren and Stimpy and Rocko’s modern life. Fresh Prince was “da bomb”! I’m definitely a fan. Power Rangers was cheesy as hell, but I loved that too. Oh yes, Keenan and Kel takes me back…. What about ALL THAT, or KABLAM? I love me some 90s Nickelodeon! Good post πŸ™‚

  108. Born in ’88, as well. I was a MAJOR Nickelodeon girl in the ’90s (Rugrats, Doug, Clarissa, Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Hey! Arnold, All That, Legends of the Hidden Temple, What Would You Do?, GUTS, Ren and Stimpy, Rocko, Alex Mack, Salute Your Shorts, Nick Jr., and the list goes on and on), so I think your site is supremely awesome. TGIF and Snick were weekly rituals of mine back in the day, too! I have older siblings, so I also watched a ton of mid-’90s/early ’00s MTV. Singled Out, Road Rules, Daria, anyone?
    Also, the best part of being sick as a kid was watching Nick Jr. all morning long, am I right??

  109. Love everything about this website except for one thing. WHY hasn’t there been any love for Hercules: The Legendary Journeys? That and Xena made Saturday afternoons totally awesome in the 90s.

  110. I’m more than a decade older than you are, so I’m clearly an 80’s kid, but didn’t realize in my teens/early 20’s how you kids were viewing the 90’s. You sure seem to have an amazing outlook on a decade that had one of the worst recessions to start the decade, costing me part-time jobs when those with Bachelor degrees were taking them! Well, that’s another story, the 90’s were still a good decade to grow up, because you’re right, the junk on today wouldn’t hold a lick to those from 15 to 20 years earlier.

  111. Ok so this may sound strange but I an desperately trying to find out the name or even just someone that remembers this.. I was born in 89 and probably saw this video before 96. It was an animated video and had to do with a cat( I think) being almost accidentally baked into a pie but gets saved at the last minute. Thoughts?

  112. 1986er here.
    1) The Sandlot is the greatest movie of all time.
    2) I still rock the Space Jam soundtrack on cassette tape
    3) first CD I ever bought was the All That Soundtrack (musical guests anyone??)
    4) I was the Skip-It queen of the playground.
    5) My first email address was coolbeans007@aol.com
    6) Anyone remember Gullah Gullah Island?!?
    This site is da bomb-diggity

  113. I was born in 92, The 90s was the best era ever. I miss the 90s
    “God please bring the 90s back” I want the good times back

  114. Oh one more thing “Clarissa Explains it all” was my show

  115. I was born in ’92 and I found myself shouting “YES! YES!” at every one of your entries. Sheer nostalgia.

  116. I was born in 1993 and I was 1990’s kids and 1990’s music stuff for me and lots of 90’s music at iPod Touch and Grant likes Kurt Cobain and I was Nirvana/Green Day stuff for My nineteenth birthday on 27th of May this year! and Grant is an adult NOW!!! and Grant likes Green Day Dookie and Grant likes Nirvana Nevermind and Grant is no longer a teenager in 27th of May 2013 and bring back grunge fashion of 2010’s and Grant was 90’s Are All That on Facebook last year and Grant was wearing Nirvana Smiley Face t-shirt and 1990’s candy stuff at Amazon.com is shipping to the United Kingdom and Grant was reading Lost in the 90s by Frank Anthony Polito books for My 19th Birthday and Grant was reading Things 90’s Kids Realize books for My 19th Birthday and Grant likes 1990’s throwback and Grant likes 1990’s flashback and Grant likes 1990’s nostalgia.

  117. Woo for 88’ers!!

    This has to be the best thing I’ve seen all month.

  118. It’s cool and everything, but my cousin born in 2000 showed me this site. There should be a restriction against everyone who didn’t have apart in the 90’s.

  119. bumble ball in the 90’s toy!!

  120. I was also born in 88..so this site hits me in all the right ways. Thank you endlessly for this!

  121. I’m not a 90s kid. I was born 1999. But, from my experiences, There is definitely one thing that guy should add to about. Agreed that SpongeBob is the WORST Nickelodeon show of the 90s, like all the other 90s kids. Why do so many people hate on SpongeBob. A majority of the 90s kids probably think it’s also the worst cartoon ever made, and also ruined Nickelodeon.

  122. Blog flipping is much like the rule of real estate where you may acquire or build a property with the sole intent of improving it and selling it to new owners for a profit.
    Check the signature option to append a sentence to the end of each blog post.

  123. I just missed being born in the 90’s, so I was pretty young when Drake and Josh was on. Still, I LOVE that show, and you gotta admit; it’s SO much better than what Disney and Nick have been putting on the screen lately. But, in my opinion, the movies, music, etc. was SO much better in the 90’s!! Wish I was a 90’s kid xD

  124. Just out of curiosity, why didn’t you allow my first anti-Helga comment in your website?

  125. “Six issues for 9.97.”

  126. Greetings! I know this is kind of off topic but I was
    wondering if you knew where I could get a captcha plugin for my comment form?

    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

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