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  1. Awesome blog man! I look forward to hearing more 90s realizations!

  2. I love your blog! I know almost EVERYTHING you’ve posted!

  3. This is pretty amazing, you remember things that I had totally forgotten about. I especially love your banner. Rescue 911! Stick Stickley! You’ve got to post about Linda Ellerbee and David The Gnome

  4. Oh, and Yikes pencils

  5. thank you for this so much man… like foreal its like going through a time machine…

  6. You should put something about the Dallas Cowboys,Chicago Bulls (I know you already mentioned Jordan), and Garfield (comic and tv show). I am sure there are more things i am forgetting

  7. This website is morphenomenal. Thank you for fulfilling my insatiable hunger for 90’s nostalgia : )

  8. Does anybody remember that cartoon comicbook style show KaBlam.

    How about the Darkwing Duck, Pepper Ann, Dexter’s Lab,The Wild thornberrys, Cow and Chicken, Rocket Power, Beetle Juice, Tales Spin, Tiny Toons?

    Sailor Moon, how I loved this as a child…now that I am older…I realize that Sailor Moon was horrible (Don’t belive me, watch it again from the beginning. When they transformed they wore no mask, same hair style, voice, their leader wasn’t really qualified to lead just because she was a princess, blah, blah, blah) I really loved it because it was nice to see females at the heros. I even had a Sailor Moon Lucnh box in elementary school. (A hard picnk plastic old school one that came with a drink container)
    One cartoon the should bring back is Daria. She looked better than her blonde hair sister when you saw her without those glasses

  9. Fucking blew my mind

  10. This is literally honestly one of the best blogs i have ever come across. thank you thank you thank you!

  11. You forgot about the Land Before Time. I mean the original ones. His parents dying was my first traumatic memory…

  12. Breaking news: This website is gold.

  13. I have a few suggestions for posts. The pink ranger had braces, Skye(puzzle place) was actually asian, and cartoon network had lenient standards.

  14. Gak, Ecto Cooler, Pogs, and “Squeeze-Its”/Mondos!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Awesome site, I feel like you’re my soul mate, and our brains are hard-wired to each other.

  15. …AND LASER TAG!!!!

  16. Dude ecto – cooler was the best amazing.

  17. Hey! I LOVED your site. It was definitely fun to remember some of my fave shows. I remember that even my mom liked (and approved of) Doug, so even if my siblings and I had watched enough TV for the day, she’d still let us finish watching Doug. Other 90s faves were Mystery Files of Shelby Woo and the Baby Sitters Club books. I also made my father go on a wild goose case around NYC looking for Nerds candy.

    Keep up the great work! I’ll def be returning back.

  18. can you do one on all the science shows or educational shows! 😀

    Bill Nye the Science Guy
    Mister Wizard
    Beakman’s World

    hahaha. just some ideas. 🙂

  19. mighty ducks…gordon bombay….classic

  20. this is really awesome and brought me back
    you guys should mention slip and slides, backstreet boys/nsync, the big comfy couch and animaniacs

  21. But what about the pokemans! I see nothing about the pokemans!!!!!! GREAT FRIGGIN SITE MAN!

  22. Outstanding website. Freaking outstanding. A few things I thought I’d see:

    – A specific mention about ‘Stefan’, not just Erkel.
    – Something about Donkey Lips. I loved that guy
    – Garbage pail kids…I told my younger cousin about GPK the other night and it was very tough to explain the horrendousness of it all
    – The State! Best sketch series ever!

    In general…incredible! Bravo,

  23. This is awesome, great blog.

  24. This whole site is amazing but missing one classic thing:


    TGIF was nice and all but come on SNICK was the greatest thing ever.

    (johnny) Bravo to you,

  25. ShampooBanannaLand

    American Girl dolls and books, Lisa Frank products, gel pens, light up shoes, jackie chan, Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    Yes, girly…but I’d like to see what you have to say about these.

  26. Ive looked at this blog twice now, so many things I forgot – and that I didnt know! Uncle Phil = Shredder!! That explains alot! haha! Heres some more forgotten ….stuff:

    Earthworm Jim on Mega Drive
    Monster in my pocket
    Mackie 6
    Original Shaggy! -Mr Lover lover
    Snake boards
    Goosebumps – the series
    Garbage Pail Kids

  27. Man i’m sad now, brings back mems

  28. Oh. My. Gosh. I am obsessed/furious with this blog! Obsessed because you obviously know what you’re talking about. Furious because I didn’t think of it first.

    In a world where 80’s nostalgia reigns supreme, you have created a website to help us 90’s kids usher in a new wave of pop culture memories. God bless you, sir.

    Things to consider: I appreciate your affinity for Space Jam. (I am singing the theme song out loud as I type). I feel confident that awesome sports-related kid movies ended as soon as the new millenium hit. Mighty Ducks, Rookie of the Year, Little Giants, Angles in the Outfield, etc. Perhaps you could devote an entry to one or all of these cinema classics. Or maybe just an ode to Thomas Ian Nicholas of Rookie of the Year, A Kid in King Arthur’s Court, and American Pie fame.

  29. Do you come up with all of these realizations yourself, or do you take suggestions? I wanted to suggest that the new state farm guy is like a Hispanic/Italian version of Dawson leery, but creepier. Do you create the Facebook statuses in a design program, or create the accounts to make the conversation?

  30. Great blog. You should also include the Discovery Zone, Laser Quest, or anything related to 90s birthday parties.

  31. Bernard the Elf from The Santa Clause is the guy in that show Numb3ers, was in Walk the Line and Superbad. Blew my mind,

  32. Damn Now I realize we’re getting Old. Haha

  33. This is absolutely tremendous, thank you so much for taking me back in time. I’m a Norwegian, but i lived in Philly for two years as a 3rd and 4th-grader, and I can relate to almost everything you’ve written about. I guess it just shows how much of an impact these things had on our lives. Fantastic.

  34. In regards to Realization #38, I was never a contestant on a Nick game show, but in 2000, when I was in 4th grade, my family went to Universal in Orlando and I got slimed. I must say, it was pretty awesome. I got to wear a special slime suit. And it tasted like green apple!!

  35. Luke Skywalker from our parents generation was the Joker for ours.
    Also Ghostbusters will forver be remembered by our generation. SLIMER!!!!!! what happened to our generation? Its like this modern world has lost something valuable and it won’t ever return.

  36. Anyone know how to get the RSS or ATOM feed so I can subscribe via Reader?

  37. Here’s my realization: Magic Eye Books were WAY better than 3D TV and movies will ever be, and no glasses required!

  38. this is absolutely incredible, you sir made my day. i find it incredible how true everything you say is and that you actually remember alot from the 90s. keep up the good work and i hope to see more posts in the near future. keep up the good work


  39. WE ALL WANTED TO BE POWERRANGERS!……(and bang the pink one)

  40. hey man. Sweet observations. I was just hoping you could do an article on the SEGA CHANNEL. My friend had it when i was like 10 and i wouldnt even want to hang out with him when i went to his house. all i wanted to do was play the months load of games he had from his cable company.
    thanks. Keep um comming.

  41. This website is hilarious! Definitely brought me back. Another thing that was great about the 90’s was the abundant supply of ZooBooks!

  42. invader zim 4 evar!!

  43. I think crazy bones was a big part of the 90s as well

  44. I love this site, it’s hilarious! you should mention how filmore was like the law and order of our generation. and post something about the show recess too

  45. Love the site! anxiously awaiting commentary on Gargoyles the cartoon. For those of us with geeky parents that watched StarTrek:TNG it was our little in having so many voices done by the same actors our parents loved.

  46. This list NEEDS Toonami.

  47. I just needed to say that I love you. For making me remember. YES.

    I love you.

  48. William Satterfield

    Did everybody forget about the show Street Sharks?

  49. Born in 1988:

    “Blind Date and Undressed were best at sleep overs… but only if you turned the volume down!”

    “Disney Channel cable previews were god sent!”

    “Sabrina’s boyfriend and Ben Stiller’s wife were on Hey Dude (along with some pretty racist Native American Imagery)”

    “Three things Coach Bombay and Co. Taught me:
    A. Goldberg needed some tums, bad..
    B. Colombe Jacobsen (the Maine girl-goalie Julie) was the girl that every girl wanted to be and every guy wanted to bang.
    C. Thanks to the hot icelander assistant coach we will forever remember that greenland has ice, while iceland is green!
    D. Ducks stick together!”

  50. “Brand New Jansport Backpack = Time to go back to school”

  51. Born in 88′ and would like to say:
    1. Thank you
    2. Skip-it (“the very best thing of all, is that there is a counter on this ball…”)
    3. Sock-um-boppers
    4. inability to match pattern OK if worn with combat boots.

  52. Dude your site is amazing! Freaking awesome stuff.

    Here’s some more ideas…

    Squiggle Pens, Nickelodeon Gag and Foam, The Wonder Years (Fred Savage was a dick in the older episodes), Nickelodeon TV Land at 9 or 10, MTV’s Singled Out, Real World Debut, PB Crisps (PLEASE TELL ME SOMEONE REMEMBERS THOSE!!! THEY WERE AMAZING!), Spider Man cartoon (Venom Episodes in particular), aaaaannnndddd…. Rap Rock music started in the late 90s! Worth mentioning!

    Amazing site! Bookmarked! Keep up the good work!

  53. This site is incredible. Just incredible.

    Ideas: Nick Arcade show, HotWheels Road Beasts, Super Soakers, Nerf Guns, and how unhealthy Surge was.

  54. I’d like to personally thank you on behalf of myself and all of my friends who grew up during the 90’s. This blog is an excellent reminder of how much T.V., video games, movies, and even products have changed over the years. But more importantly it’s a loving tribute to our childhood that’s both funny and informative. I’ve cherished these memories for years and it’s heartwarming to know they live on in the heart of every kid who woke up on saturday mornings to watch cartoons with a big bowl of cereal and an innocence that had not yet been corrupted like today’s youth.

    Thank you again. I’ll continue reading as long as you continue writing.

    • i totlaly agree with your notion of the innocence of our generation-its like i get the impression that kids’ minds are in the gutter now. probably it was bc our parents minded what we watched-i mean there were so many new things coming on ( technology movies, shows, fashions and what not) that our parents had to make sure we weren’t being exposed to innapropriate stuff (my parents didn’t let me have internet until i was 14). i realize today that kids are watching reality tv crap that is just banging their brains-and ppl are just not as creative as they were in the 90s- btw do u remember teens used to go to SCHOOL dances instead of dance clubs?

  55. I. love. this. blog. Thank you so much for doing this.

    I have a realization too. McGee on NCIS was Thackery Binks from Hocus Pocus.

  56. don’t forget the Book It! campaign!!! Free personal pan pizzas from pizza hut!!!! THAT’s why you wanted all those scholastic books!!!! (i know that’s why I wanted them….)

  57. hey man
    love the site
    i think you should make a post about how awesome the hip-hop in the 90s was
    i mean, we witnessed both 2pac AND biggie rise and fall
    not only that, but we saw Jay-Z and Nas blow up too
    not to mention Diddy’s bitchass (before he was diddy. you could probably do an entire post just on that guys name! lol)
    let these young mofo’s know what it was like before all the “youngs” and “lils” that plague hip-hop nowadays

  58. Clarissa explains it all is responsible for making girls want to sneak boys into their bedrooms!

  59. LOOOOOOVE this site!! read the entire thing in one sitting with some of my friends, brought back some great memories!!! just thought you all would find this interesting, and would probably be just as excited as me:
    here’s hoping we can watch online too for those of us who dont get teen nick!!!

  60. You should do something on the JumpStart educational games. I remember a lot of other kids playing those growing up.

  61. You need to talk about Recess and Wishbone.. I feel like that was some classic 90s television right there. Hands down, best decade ever. I feel bad for those that missed out on it; yet sometimes, I don’t.

  62. Awesome blog! I love being a 90s kid and this blog makes me happy! Would you mind checking out my blog, below, and possibly help me get some viewers? Thank you- Liz.

  63. I LOVE this blog! You gotta help me out, though. My friends don’t remember Weinerville on Nickelodeon and that show was so bizarre, does anyone remember it – humans turned into puppets w/ Mark Weiner? And Boney the skeleton-dog dude?!

  64. I have to tell you about a significant 90s realization, and I don’t think you’re gonna like it. At the end of GUTS, kids were not actually allowed to take home their prize, a piece of the aggro crag. There was only one piece of the aggro crag, and that was just there for show. True story. Although, I don’t know if this is the kind of truth that needs to be revealed on your blog, seeing as though its pretty disturbing. GUTS may be hardcore, but its also based on lies and the disappointment of children.

  65. I have a little suggestion to anyone who also watched PBS as a kid,
    In Arthur, D.W. was and always is voiced by a boy.

  66. Anthony Spiteri

    Man did you grow up next door?? I was born in 86 seems like we had identical childhoods.. Dont forget the ghostbusters and some Conan the barbarian

    Great Blog man, Ill def keep up with it.

  67. Great blog!! Don’t forget about the Mouse Trap game board! and when Steve was still the guy from Blue’s Clues.. who was actually a girl! Makes me smile looking back at these memories. Thanks for letting me take a look back at the past 🙂


  69. Who else mourns the end of Nickelodeon Magazine? I read every issue cover-to-cover from 2nd grade (the first issue I got featured Joseph Gordon-Levitt, when he was still a kid on 3rd Rock from the Sun) through middle school.

    Also, Star Wars Special Edition anyone? We got to be the second generation of kids in 20 years to see that in theaters and want every Star Wars toy in existence.

  70. Wow! You have no idea how happy I was to run across this fantastic website! I can relate to almost everything that is posted, being born in 1992. If you could post about Legends of the Hidden Temple that would be the most awesome thing ever! Or maybe if you had a video of it somehow? So many great things from the 90s to be remembered… great website!

  71. Hey dude great site. You should throw some google adds up on here and make some $ as well. I’d still look at the site even with adds.

  72. Awesome site. I laughed my butt off the entire time. I’ve been talking about most of this with my friends the entire year, and now I’m happy I have a site I can send them to to enjoy along with me. Although, I was surprised that you didn’t mention the amount of sexual innuendos in Hunchback of Notre Dame by Disney. First time watching that as an Adult with my older sister, we freaked out, asking the entire time “This is in a kid’s movie!?” Seriously, look at the song Hellfire. It’s completely charged with erotic lyrics and such. Also, I’m waiting for something about beanie babies, the original webkins, and something about Jurassic Park (I honestly know people who have had no idea what I was talking about when I brought it up, just because they weren’t 90s kids).

  73. Two words: Koala’s March. There was NO other cookie/candy that was so delicious to me as a child (other than Dunkaroos, but you guys mentioned that one already) and they were hard to find, but when I opened my lunchbox and saw Mom and Dad had put one of those little hexagon boxes inside? It was a GOOD day!

    Um, though I’d mention that because I don’t know anyone other than 90s kids who know what the hell I’m talking about and I only found the name recently.

  74. GREAT web site!! to bad we cant get the world to revisit these days!

  75. I realized Mario Lopez used to be cool in Saved By The Bell

  76. There’s a song called Go Back ft. Oncue by Chriss Webby which basically captures the glory of the 90’s better then Ash could catch any Pokemon.
    “It’s Chris Webby man, and I’m a product of the 90’s.”

  77. Who remembers: YAK-BAK?!? And all the great SNES/Genesis games based on Disney movies? Toy Story, Lion King, Aladdin were amazing and crazy difficult on some levels.

  78. I came to the realization the other day that I miss some of the cool foods designed in the 90’s that completely outmatch anything on the market today. Remember the special bags of popcorn by Pop-Secret, where the popcorn would come out in a certain color? I remember blue was ungodly over-represented.

    Also, whatever happened to Squeeze-Its? Remember when they were marketing it so that each bottle had a different personality based on it’s flavor? For some reason the grape/purple bottle looked like it was on steroids.

    Finally, one of the things I miss the most is the line of toys in Happy Meals which would transform one of the Ronald McDonald characters into a certain McDonald’s meal. Whoever came up with that marketing ploy was a genius.

  79. Great blog, but I think you can expand your content by discussing music videos.

  80. i might be in love with you. just kidding, but kind of not. amazing blog, and absolutely hilarious commentary about everything. keep it up!

  81. anyone remember crazy bones? or how about sailor moon?

  82. Y’all please tell me you heard about the 90s marathon on TeenNick starting on Monday! It’s hosted by Stick Stickly!

  83. Thank you for this awesome blog. So many good memories form the 90’s! A few things you can add are some of the awesome yet educational shows from PBS:

    Wishbone (I learned more literature here than in school)
    Puzzle Place
    I can’t remember, but there was a big blue couch and a puppet that read stories? Big comfy couch or something?
    You already mentioned the greats Carmen San Diego and Bill Nye the Science guy. And of course when we were younger, Sesame Street, Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Lamb Chop, and Reading Rainbow. I have no idea if the kids today are getting such great, educational yet fun shows that we did growing up. I only know Sesame Street is still on…

    And how about those 2 shows featuring some of people would would become late 90s/early 2000s icons or big stars today? Mickey Mouse Club (Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, Ryan Gosling, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Keri Russell) and Kids Incorporated (Fergie, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Mario Lopez).

    Just realized a lot of my good 90’s memories are of TV, haha. Anyhoos, there’s a vast amount of other stuff I can think of, but I am sure you will come up with lots of other great posts. Looking forward to your book! Born ’85 and proud of it!

    OOH, just thought of one more thing: Slip-n-slides!!! We used the Crocodile Mile in our backyard during the hot summer with all the neighborhood kids. So much fun.

  84. I just spent an hour going through your whole blog.
    I fucking love you.

  85. What about when toys actually came in cereal boxes? Not discounts to cds and books. Or when McDonalds had the actual happymeal/mighty kids meal box, or the burger king crown? I remember ripping the box to shreds trying to tear on the dotted line premade into doors and windows to create my little doll house. Is cardboard too expensive now?

  86. They are bringing Figure It Out back on Nick! And they tried to pass it off as a new show on the commercial. Can’t fool us 90’s kids!

  87. You are so funny! I actually considered getting a twitter account so I could “re-tweet” you (I realize how lame that makes me sound, but I think I said it right… I was redirected to your account from thoughtcatalog). Anyways, you are hilarious, and if I ever decide to get twitter, I will probably re-post everything you say like a creep! On another note, the 90s will forever be the best decade so thanks for this!

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