#22 Uncle Phil Is Shredder

Yep, you read it right!  Shredder’s voice on the animated series should sound familiar because it’s actually Judge Phillip Banks. If you watched both the Fresh Prince & Ninja Turtles  and you never realized this, you are NOT alone!  Just now discovering that Uncle Phil is the diabolical Shredder is what I’d imagine finding out … [Read more…]


Nowadays when you want to look something up, you type into a Google search box and there are billions of search results at your fingertips. Sometimes, before you even have a chance to finish typing the words, it correctly guesses what you’re seeking and autofills in the rest of the phrase for you. Finding information … [Read more…]

#89 Tiger Handheld Games Were Not Da Bomb.

Let’s be honest, there were a lot of things in the 90s that SUCKED, yet we still have love for them. Tiger handheld games are a prime example of one of those sucky, beloved items. Simple controls, bad graphics and repetitive gameplay isn’t much BUT it was enough to get by on those painfully long summer … [Read more…]

#2 TGIF Was The Bees Knees

TGIF’s 1995 lineup of Family Matters, Boy Meets World, Step By Step & Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper was marvelous (Dinosaurs was also in there at some point). Never again will a late night schedule be good enough to keep you home on a Friday night. I believe this is why so many of us get … [Read more…]

#1 Doug Was Whipped

Doug Funny put an undeserving Patty on a pedestal. That’s right, Patty Mayonnaise is arguably the most overrated piece of cartoon ass that I’ve ever seen. Doug was always willing to do anything Patty wanted at the drop of a dime and I never understood why. I know it’s difficult to judge a cartoon by … [Read more…]